05 February 2008

Sex Equals To Love

According to Masao Usui...
Sex is............

  • an expression of love
  • the duty of a spouse
  • emotional nourishment
  • excitement or temptation
  • a way of control, manipulation or selfishness

According to Masao Usui, a Japanese writer has described sex in a very interesting way in his Raging Hormones, Cupid's Untold Secrets book. I've read his book and hey! Is that how a man describe love?

Sex = Love
Love = Sex

I truly agree that when it comes to love, the only thing that fill in a man's head is sex. Sex... sex.. sex... what else? (Tell me if I am wrong)

I still remembered I'd a male friend who had just broken up was desperately wanting the 7th girlfriend to fulfill his sex desire (this was what he told me before in MSN). I was stunned of course listening to his confession. He added, a relationship without any intercourse will not last even at his age (20). Did he think that we, the girls are the sex machine? @_@
Or anyone here think the same too?

While I was reading Usui book, I've come across with this survey (created by Masao Usui)

The Survey

  1. Is it possible for a man to fall in love with a woman without having sexual intercourse with her? 100% yes
  2. Can having sex make the difference between falling in love and not falling in love for you? 100% no
  3. If she did not have sex with you, would you still love her? 100% yes
  4. If there's a woman whom you do not see yourself loving, and she has sex with you, would you fall in love with her? 100% no
  5. If you're dating a woman you've no significant interest in and she has sex with you, would this make you feel that she's special? 85% no, 15% maybe
  6. If you're dating and using her just for sex, what is the longest time you would date her? 20% one night, 40% one month
  7. If you were to date just for sex, but you have to date her X number of months before she can have sex with you, how long would you date her? 40% less than a month, 40% not more than 3 months, 20% not more than 6 months
  8. If you were dating a woman for sex, what are the chances you could fall in love with her? 50% unlikely, 50% VERY unlikely
  9. If you're dating a woman who is special but she does not have sex with you, does this make her more appealing or less? 100% more
  10. If you're dating a woman who is specail and she wants to wait for marriage before having sex, would you wait? 65%yes, 35% maybe
  11. If that means dating her for X number of months without sex, how long can you wait? 100% more than twelve months
  12. How long would you feel if the woman you marry has previously had sex with another man she loved? 15% bother a little, 85% bother a lot
  13. How would you feel if the woman you married had sex with the man she had dated previously 15% bother a little, 85% bother a lot
  14. How would you feel if the woman you married never had sex with another man? 85% very good, 15% bother a little
  15. Would you prefer woman you marry to have previously had no sex partners, or more than one? 90% no partners, 10% one or more partners
  16. Do you feel there is a difference between being in love and being in lust? 100% yes

What do you think about this survey?
I think it has showed us something. A sincere and true relationship doesn't need sexual intercourse to strengthen the bond between unmarried couple. If a man is really, truly, madly in love with a girl, he can wait for a long time for sex. Man knows well between love and lust, and he will not ask you to prove anything or give you ultimatums (as Usui has told us).

Next, this survey has proven that virginity still means a lot to women.... and men too although we're in modern world right now. Majority of the men (I think in Asian country) prefer their partner who has never had sex before to be their wives.

Let me correct this:

Love ≠ Sex
Sex ≠ Love
Woman ≠ Sex machine!!!

Feel much better now..