10 February 2008

You Shouldn't Date If You're Ugly

You shouldn't date if you're ugly.
Isn't that sound so mean?

If you've read my previous post on Sex Equal To Love, you might realise that I'm reading Masao Usui book. For your information, I've found something interesting!

On average, males fall in love faster than females. Guess what? They just need 3 minutes to fall in love while the females take 3 months before the brain release love hormone.

How will this happen?

A research has been carried out and has found out that the medulla oblongata control all our instinctive thoughts and action. It secrets powerful emotional chemicals that result in aggressive behaviours and the urge to hug someone. So, the bigger the size of your medulla oblongata, the faster you will fall in love.

Interesting points:

Men fall in love based on appearance and because of appearance doesn't change that much, men stay in love longer much longer. While the women on the other hand fall based on what she think the man 'could be'. As the result, men usually disappoint women when it comes to expectation, women fall out of love much faster.
(Raging Hormones, Cupid's Untold Secrets: pg: 29-34)

Well.... serious???

I mean, men prefer the cover more than the content?
I believe not 100% of them I guess.
I need an answer from my male friends here. Anyone wanna argue or agree with Usui's point?

If men prefer his partner to be like....

Jessica Alba

Maria Sharapova

Cameron Diaz

If the concept is true,then I will be single for the rest of the of my life since I'm just curryegg...*sob*

And there will be a sudden increase in the plastic surgery service.


There wouldn't be true love anymore, isn't it?
Well, no one should stay at home no matter how you look like!

You've your own character and everyone is unique. So, no one should be labeled as U-G-L-Y because I don't like the word. As I've stressed out that confidence in oneself is always an importance element in order to stay happily ever after, so smile. Don't worry be happy. Some tricks for make-up, clothing and finding a suitable hairstyle will bring out your personalities. So, no worry.

A person with brain is always more attractive compare to beauty.