30 April 2007

How To Be Popular?

Finally, I have finished reading my novel - How To Be Popular. It's from Meg Cabot who has phenomenally successful "The Princess Diaries". It's a great book,about a teenager's dreams-Steph Landry. Steph wants to be popular more than everyone else. She has been unpopular girl since five years ago, when she split that red Super Big Gulp over her friend, Lauren Moffat's white D&G miniskirts. She wants to get in the crowd in no time using her secret weapon from her step-grandmother, Kitty. Guess what? An old book called "How To Be Popular".

I'm not doing the synopsis of this book but to share the secret of how to be popular with you. I'm not sure whether it'll work or not. Wanna give it a try? Let's go! XD

Before that, let's check your popularity: What others think about you.
      • Do they know who your are? If so, how do they treat you?
      • Do they make rude remarks about you-behind your back or to your face?
      • Do they ignore you?
      • Do other include you in their outings and activities? inviting you to social events or occasions?
Try to determine the answers for yourself and give yourself the popularity rate.
Next, look at yourself.
      • Do you like yourself?
      • Do you love the way you look?
      • Do you happy with yourself?
Before you want others people to like you, you've to love yourself. I'm serious! This is what Andrew Matthews told me, from his "Being A Happy Teenager" book. lolx..

What you should do when meeting with people?
      • Always SMiLE to everyone. (Secret weapon!)
      • Show genuine interest in others and what they have say.
      • Remember that a person's name is the sweetest and most important sound to them. (do it often)
      • Be a good-listeners who encourage others to talk about themselves
      • Be sincere to people. (Don't use them!)
How to make others like you or interested on you?
      • Respect and polite to others
      • Put yourself in others' shoes and think of the feelings of others first.
      • Generous with their time and talents
      • Cheerful and outgoing.

As what I have observed from this book, it doesn't indicate that people with good looks will be on the popular side. NO! Honestly, it's more on your personality. If you can make others feel happy and enjoy being with you, then you are in the popular side. Maybe it doesn't matter with the popularity. Being ordinary is better, sometimes (less gossip). However, I don't mean to be popular like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jay chow, Lee hom or etc.. Just to make people notice us or like us. So, these tips might me useful- to increase the circle of friends? yup!

So, you can just try it and let me know whether it works o not? And remember the secret weapon from this book :

SMiLE... :D

Girls cool or Guys COOLER?

"Being guys are so cool, don't you think so?", I suddenly popped out a question to my boy friend when we were doing our window shopping.

"What? I think girls are cool!", he answered me back with his surprising look. "You know what, you can get free ride from your boy friend and free meals during dates. And you can get loads of cool presents from me! What else do you want?", he continued, adding some points to support his statement.

"But I don't get them for free! I pay you with my love. And hey! I massage for you! Besides, I did give you nice presents!", I answered him back, staring at his two dark brownish eyes. "Guys just pay money while girls pay love", I added.

Why girls are cool?
(His points)
  • Fashionable
  • Get free ride from guys
  • Get everything paid during date by her boy friend (meals, stuffs..etc)
  • Being pampered and loved
  • Get discount easily in any shops (sounds true?)
His conclusion : Girls don't have to spend money during dates.

Why Guys are cool?
(what I think)

  • Eat whatever they like without watching their diet (*some)
  • Love by family. (especially Chinese)
  • Smarter- (Actually i don't agree with this but sometimes, it's true. Just look at Einstein, Newton, Archimedes achievements.) Guys play a lot but still can score good grade/work well. *Unfair!*
  • Spend lesser than girls
  • They have the freedom to flirt but no one ever blames them (imagine if we girls flirt, people will call us bitch or whatever. *Unfair!*)
  • They are the leader. They have good skills in socializing. They're born with it.
  • No pregnancy/ no period (they don't have to feel the pain)
  • Guys have no problem during break-up. They can get rid of their disappointment and sadness easily. (unlike girls, we take a longer time compare to guys!)

Well, he may sound true but girls, will you totally agree with him? Honestly, we girls spend more than guys even if we are not on a date. Before that let me point out what are girls usually spending on.

Girls spend for
    • Clothes (since we are so-called fashionable)
    • Shoes
    • Cosmetic
    • Accessories (earrings, necklace, hair pins..etc)
    • Hair ( Hairstylist depends on us for his/her income. They charge us more than guys! Example: Girls: RM20 Guys: RM10 *unfair!*)
    • Shampoo, hair conditional - We spend a lot. Average - 500ml a month for long hair)
    • Sanitary pads/pantyliner (which is so expensive. Guys should know this!)
I still can list a hundred of them. Anyway, I think they are enough so far. Or do you have any better points for me to add on? haha.. girls I believe you have. So guys, do you still think that being girls are cool? Tell me if I'm wrong.. ;D

28 April 2007

Family problems

I was on the phone with my friend just now. We were discussing about our family problems -parents. Lately, both of us have problems with them. I mean, they(parents) are the problems. Why?

My problem:
My parents keep on arguing recently. The main issue is because of financial problem. My mum is the bread-winner for my family. She works day and night to support my family. My dad has stopped working since 3 years ago and I'm still a student. I can't help her in this, instead burden her even more. I need money to further my studies.

Now, she is so frustrated with her work and this family. Often, she is so stressful and emotional both at work and home. I feel so bad that I can't help her and I'm so disappointed with my dad, sometimes. He should help the family. He still can work. Now, my mum is so mad with my father and often quarrel with him. I'm depressed and emotional whenever they quarrel. I couldn't do anything to help them instead, I just lock myself in one room, praying, hoping they can stop immediately.

My friend's problem:
She feels like there is a gap, BIG gap between she and her parents. Of late, her mum starts to work in a new company (her mum had stopped working for sometimes) while his father is too busy for his work. She felt like she is being neglected and no one cares for her now. They rarely meet now although they stay under the same roof accept at night and Sunday. There is a lack of communication among them and she feels so alienated in the family.
She needs love and care from them not just for material needs (money $$$).
P/S: Parents should know this!

Family problems are normal and often happen. I believe everyone of us has faced it before (or maybe now). I never blame my parents for this. I know it's hard to build up a family and I appreciate their effort. But sometimes, I hope they can try to understand me more and take care of my feeling not just shouting and yelling one and another. I'm scare and worry here! @_@

Communication is crucial to strengthen the relationship among the family members and I know it. I need to practise it too! I told my friend to try to find a good time to speak with her parents about this. Problems are hardly solved unless we voice them out. If not, no one will ever notice our problems.

Good luck to us!!!

26 April 2007

Never been trapped again, Salesman!

I was cleaning my stuff just now. My mum had warned me to clean up my table before dinner. Sigh... I'm so lazy. As I was cleaning the table, I found out an old receipt. It was my hair salon receipt- the shop that I never want to enter anymore.

I didn't like to critize people. Who am I to criticize people? Anyway, it's not about their look or their personality. It's about their service. Last December (2006) was my first time doing a perm. It was an accident. I never thought of doing a perm until I'd entered a hair saloon, somewhere in Penang Island. Jane, Ting and Hui were with me at that time. We were planning to get a new look together after a stressful exam.

As we were strolling around, we passed by a hair salon. We got to know that the owner of the shop was a famous hair designer and he'd appeared in a newspaper before. (they cut out the article and pasted it in a book to be presented to the customers) Because of his achievement, we were attracted and decided to have a cut. We wished to ask for the prices but the boss didn't want to answer until we had a sit in the salon. We waited for almost an hour and finally it was our turns.

Junior cut : RM 15
Senior cut : RM 30

I took the senior cut (the boss). I thought RM 30 was fine and I still can effort it. Anyway, I was wrong. It turned up to be RM207.00 instead! I should blame myself for this. He was not only a hairstylist but a salesman too. He offered me a good hair shampoo at first. Then Japanese perm (oxygenated chemical) , and finally hair treatment.

  1. Shampoo = RM3
  2. Japaness perm (oxygenated) = RM130+20
  3. Senior Cut = RM 30
  4. Treatment = RM 20

I was totally trapped. He kept on saying that "This is good for your hair. You don't want to have a damage hair after the perm right?". "Curly style is suitable for your face shape miss. I'm honest!". I didn't know how to resist all those offers as I was too innocent. I just accepted. *Blame myself* :(

At first, he promised me everything will be finished within 30 minutes but he lied. He took 1 hours and 15 minutes. In these 75 minutes, I could see how he serve other customers. My friends and I had witnessed it.

-------------------------- The boss and a lady conversation ------------------------

"Hello, may I ask what is Japanese perm and how much does it cost?", a lady who passed by his shop asked him at the counter.

"Miss, are you going to do a perm in our salon?", the so-called-famous hairstylist asked.

"I just want to ask for details", the lady replied politely.

"Miss, we're very busy here. We've so many customers in a day and everyone is waiting for me to serve them. I'm leaving them just to answer your question? I'm not a fortune teller. I can't answer every question from anyone. I don't have time, miss. Did you see my achievement in the newspaper?", he answered impatiently.

And the conversation went on. They started to quarrel and not long after that, the lady strode out the shop angrily with her friend.

----------------------------------------- the end --------------------------------------

I looked at my friends. I knew they heard it too. The boss was so rude to his customer. He was so proud with his achievement. I didn't think that the lady was wrong. We have the right to ask. Anyhow, we are the people who pay for his salary. I knew, he was busy but couldn't he just answered politely to his customers or asked his staff to do the answering job? He will turn his customers off and did he realise this? There are hundreds of talented hairstylists out there who provide better service.

Since then, I swear that I will not enter the shop anymore. First, they were rude and secondly, they were dishonest. They hide the real cost to trap people. The feeling was so pain when it was the time to pay the bill. I was shocked at that moment with my eyes opened widely. "RM207??!!", my heart was shouting at that moment. I was not the only victim. My friends too. They'd given RM30 each one of them as deposit for the next hair straightening appointment. Anyway, they didn't go there anymore.

My receipt

I've learned my lesson and will be wiser now. I'll not be tricked again. I hope you've learned from my mistake too. Don't be trapped like me! I wonder am I the only person who faced this kind of problem or did you too? I hope we can discuss about this together.

Err... I loosed to Sushi!

I'm addicted to sushi!!! I feel like wanting to eat sushi now, again..... :O
We just went to sushi bar last Thursday and yesterday, we went again. Oh my God! I'm not wholly to blame for this. My boy friend tempted me first!

"Curryegg, octopus! Sushi! Yummy...", he whispered to me when we were watching 'Meet The Robinsons' in a cinema.
"Sushi!?? Again??", I asked him in a surprising tone. He nodded quickly. My stomach was roaring at that moment. I didn't want to waste much of his money. We are still student. I knew us very well. Whenever we enter a sushi bar, we will forget the cost of each different colour of sushi plates. We'll take anything that can reach our hands. Things are wonderful at first but soon, turn up to be a disaster at the end of the billing section. Normally, we eat around RM 50++ :(

Thinking about the cost, I gripped my little belly and starred at him and said
"NO SUSHI for today OK?". I tried to hide my hungry stomach from him. He didn't know my stomach was playing hard rock!!! I wanted to prove to him that I could resist his temptation. Without much words, he grabbed my hand and we continued watching the movie (cartoon).

Visit here.
(This website is cool. It's all about this movie. Some cool games and wallpapers too.. :P)

The movie was nice. There are moral values in it:
  1. Never give up in anything that you're doing until you've succeed
  2. Love your family. (They are the closest people in your life)
  3. Care for the people who are around you (especially Friends!)
  4. Share your happiness with others.
  5. Support each other.
  6. Forgive and forget one and another.

After the movie, we discussed what to do next. My stomach started to groan again, reminding me that I was starving!

"How about we find a place and have our lunch?", I suggested.
He agreed and we wandered around the shopping complex and search for food court.

While we were busy chatting, suddenly my heart pumping very fast. The Sushi King restaurant was right in front of us! What on earth was happening? Our legs had brought us there! He looked at me happily and I knew I'll fail this time. I knew it and I knew it..!!! It was so true!
I smiled at him and finally shouted, "Let's go!"

Do you see what did my bf do? He tempted me! Errr.....!!!! o_O

My favourite dishes:

Chuka Iidako (I love the most!)

Chuka Chinmi

Chuka Kurage

Soft Shell Crab Temaki


Deep fried scallops

Prices for each different colour of plates:
      • Blue - RM2
      • Beige - RM3
      • Pink - RM4
      • Red - RM5
      • Purple - RM6

24 April 2007

Great Interview Day

I just came back from an interview for counselling course and guess what? It was fun! I got to know some new friends. There were all Chinese and no other races- Malay and Indian. Em.. weird right? I think we've been categorized and put into difference sessions.

Anyway, that's not my main point. I've made a few new friends today! There were 8 of us who were waiting in the hall (Dewan Arif)- 7 girls and 1 boy. haha... Some were from Perak, Johor and Kelantan! And to my surprise, I met 2 of my tuition friends from IBM (Penang)! The world was so small! :P

This group of friends was incredible! Within minutes of being introduced, we were chatting away like old friends. Maybe to-be-coming counsellors are more friendly. hehe.. joking.. We were science students during STPM level. There were only two among eight of us who took physic and the rest were Biology students. (I'm the Bio student- mouse killer!!!)

The interview was supposed to start at two but it turned up to be at 2.35pm. Half an hour late. Sigh... Luckily I was the second candidate and I didn't have to wait for so long. If not, I'm not sure how many time I'll enter the ladies. lol... :P

I wore baju kurung for the interview today. I felt weird. I rarely wear it accept for special occasion. This is one of the formal custom in Malaysia for the female. (The photo below not the one I wore. Just an example) :D

We kept on chatting in the hall until suddenly a lady entered the hall and called...

"*Curryegg", the lady who was in charged called my name. I raised up my hand immediately and stood up. She ticked my name with a pencil and soon disappeared.

"Good luck! All the best!", my friends blessed me.

I smiled, waving at them and said goodbye.


The lady who called my name just now opened the door and asked me in.

I entered the room and the interview began. I was so nervous as this was my first time being interviewed in a formal way. Anyhow, I could answered every questions from the professor with no doubts. He looked fierce and strict at first but after awhile, he turned up to be very friendly. Fuhh... Luckily.. :P
Moral : Never judge a book by its cover

The interview went smoothly and ended after 15 minutes.
I'm free once again!. I don't have to worry for the interview anymore. It was over! Yippee!
All I have to do now is to wait patiently for the University feedback in these 2 months.
Wish me luck!

23 April 2007


Just a couple of hours ago, I took out my VCD collection and cleaned them. They were dusty. All of the cartoon are my favourite cartoon collection including anime. As I was cleaning them, "Anastasia" (from 20th century fox animation studio) had caught my attention and once again, I watched it. The story line is interesting and I never bored watching it.

Well, my dear reader, blogger and visitor, have you ever heard of the Mystery Of Anastasia? I just read some articles about her and it was interesting. I never knew that Anastasia existed! I thought it was just a fantasy story.

Anastasia Nikolaevna is the youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, the last Sovereign of Imperial Russia. On 17th July 1918, the whole family was killed by the forces of the Bolshevik secret police accept Anastasia (according to rumors). Since then, several women have claimed to have been Anastasia and Anna Anderson was the most famous among them.

Anderson's stories sounds to be so true at first. She created a life-long controversy and make everyone including her relatives to believe she was Anastasia. She went to the court since 1938 to fight for her identity as Anastasia. However, in 1970 she lost because she didn't have sufficient proof to claim the identity of the grand duchess.

The court was right. She is the fake Anastasia. She dead in 1984 and DNA a test conducted in 1994 on a her tissue sample . The DNA test showed that she is not Anastasia.

The mystery of Anastasia is intriguing. I hope the scientists will find the real Anastasia soon. And here is my favourite song of the Anastasia cartoon. I love the lyric. It motivates me to keep on tracking my dreams. I hope it can motivate you too.


Artist: Aaliyah
Song: Journey to the Past

Heart, don't fail me now!

Courage, don't desert me!
Don't turn back now that we're here
People always say
Life is full of choices
No one ever mentions fear!
Or how the world can seem so vast
On this journey...to the past

Somewhere down this road
I know someone's waiting
Years of dreams just can't be wrong
Arms will open wide
I'll be safe and wanted
Fin'lly home where I belong
Well starting now, I'm learning fast
On this journey...to the past

Heart don't fail me now!
Courage don't desert me!

Home, Love, Family
There was once a time
I must have had them too
Home, Love, Family
I will never be complete
Until I find you...

One step at a time,
One hope, then another
Who knows where this road may go
Back to who I was
On to find my future,
Things my heart still needs to know
Yes, let this be a sign!
Let this road be mine!
Let it lead me to my past
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
To bring me home...
At last!
At last!
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you


20 April 2007

Wow! Fashion Show!!!

TARC fashion show

I never went to any fashion show before and yesterday was my first time! My best friend, Irene had invited me to her show in her college and it was COOL!
There were a lot of beautiful, tall and sexy models that I couldn't take my eyes off. Sometimes I wish I can be a model. I can get a professional hairstylist, use branded make-up product, wear nice customs and get fully attention from everyone when I'm doing my catwalk on the stage. Ahhh.... Just like a princess.... haha... :P

During make-up

Well, being a model it's not easy. It's not only depends on your look or height or even your body figures. You need to have talents and hard work too. I know, most of us think that being a fashion model is easy. To be frank,


Here are some problems that I've found out:

  1. Can you wear a pair of 3 inches stiletto or even 5 inches and walk on the stage?
  2. Can you starve for a day?
  3. Can you receive millions of comments from the people below the stage?
  4. Can you deal with the shame when you've done something embarrassing while walking on the stage? (exp: broken heels, fall down from the stage, or accidentally tear off your customs)
  5. Can you pretend to be cool and professional in front of millions of eyes staring at you?
  6. Can you stop yourself from eating McD? KFC? Pizza Hut? (or maybe a week or a month?)

These are what a model must face. Can you make it?
Haha... Of course I cant. It's not easy!

This is Jack, Irene course mate.

I went to the show at 10am ( the show started at 2pm). Irene needed a hand to help her so I went there early with Eric. However she'd done most of the work. (she went there since 7am!) Wow, my dear Irene, "You're so tough!". Honestly, I really admire her. She is a courageous and determined girl who will do anything to achieve her dreams. Before this, she fought very hard to enter this course since her parents don't believe in her talents. The reason is job opportunities in Malaysia for fashion designer are very little. Facing those obstacles, she didn't give up, instead she kept following her dreams. Fashion designing is her passion and she knew it. Well girl, all your hard work in these 2 years are worth it. Well done girl! Bravo! I'm really proud of you.

Irene's model

Irene and I

With her model. The model is so tall! Gosh! I couldn't stand beside her.

In this fashion show, she choose Egypt style and her theme was " The Curse Of The Femme". I really love her design, elegant and seductive... Any company who is searching for a talented fashion designer, please contact me. hehe.... :D
And thanks for writing my name in your appreciation letter in your project. I'm really touch.
*hug hug*
Xia xia my best friends!

Updated on 1st November 2007

16 April 2007

Genting Highland!

Have you ever heard of Malaysia?

How about Genting Highland in Malaysia?

Well, I know that Malaysia is a small country and some might not know her well. And I even heard a joke before! In the past 20 years, Malaysia was still a rural country. Some people thought that people in Malaysia were staying on the trees! Uhhh? Oh no... It was totally untrue! We are not Tarzan... ;(

Please find out more about Malaysia via this link. Basically, Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religion country just like Singapore and Indonesia. We are having Visit Malaysia year this year in 2007 and you are warmly welcomed to Malaysia.. :)

Ok. Lets continue with my Genting Highlands trip.

I went to Genting couple of days ago with my family. It has been a long time I didn't go there since I stayed in Penang. Well, my parents and my cousin were planning to visit the casino but I still couldn't enter. If I'm not mistaken, ages below 21 are not allowed to enter. Em... So, we decided to go for a singing concert but guess what, the tickets were cost for RM157 and above (online booking)! Oh no... I couldn't go there. I rather go to Lee Hom's concert on last March.. sigh... Anyway, I'd missed my Lee Hom's concert. He's my favourite artist!

So, we canceled all the plans and decided to visit the pagoda instead. Have you ever heard about Chinese pagoda? It's a temple actually. I like the temple a lot because I can climb up the spiral stairs and see the beauty of the scenery. Before we reach the pagoda, mum and dad wanted to buy some fresh vegetables. There were plenty of stalls there. Once we reached there,my cousin tapped furiously at the car window, winking at me and gave me a mischievous look. haha... She saw the "No entry" door was opened widely. There was a large vegetable farm behind the door. You know what was that "winks" mean?

"Photography time!"

We tiptoed out the car,trying not to make any noise. The owner was busy entertaining his customers.

"Faster go into it!", my cousin whispered. We sneaked in while the owner wasn't looking. Well here were some of the pictures :

While we were busy snapping photo, we heard someone yelling at us. Oh no! The owner had caught us... My face turned up to be as red as the tomato. At that moment, I felt like I was being arrested by the police as a burglar. Luckily, the owner was a kind person. He was not asking us to stop taking pictures instead, he showed us a better place to take. Fuhhh.... :)

Soon, we thanked the owner and started our journey to the pagoda. The slopes had caused me dizziness. I sit motionless in the car, trying to close my eyes until I had finally reached the pagoda. Gosh! The place was cold! I felt like my blood stream had been frozen and caused my face to be as peel as the sheet. Unfortunately, the wind was so strong. I really couldn't move at that time. Lucky enough, I brought along my life saver, "The Jacket!"

After putting on my "life saver", I trudged against the strong wind to the pagoda. Sadly, the temple was closed. We were late for it. Sigh....
Anyway, we still can pray in other temples (just a stone throw). After paying our respect to the God, we were wandering around the place. To my surprise, most of the old temples have been renovated. Even new hotels were built!

We spent almost 2 hours there and overall, the trip was worth-worthy. I'd a great time there and are planning to go there again. Em... maybe I'll go to the theme park next time. "Space shutter!" hehe...

15 April 2007


I called May and Jane today. May was in the afternoon and Jane just a few hours ago. It was great to have a conversation with them since it had been a long time we didnt chat. I miss them a lot! May was busy with her assignment when I rang her this afternoon. We chat almost an hour! Oopss..sorry May. Anyway. thanks for entertaining this busy-body buddy. hehe... Hope to ice-skate with you and stc again.

On the other hand, Jane was busy with her work now. She has a lot of stories to share with me. There was an interesting story from her that has attracted to blog them here. She read a story from a chinese newspaper and it's sounds something like this:

--------------------------------------- Edited story --------------------------------------

*Angus came from a poor family. His father had passed away in an accident since Augus was just a toddler. He didnt left anything for his son and his wife accept an old wooden house. Since then, Angus's mother was the sole bread-winner for the family. She was the mother and father for her lovely son.

Life wasn't so hard in that few years until Angus finally went to primary school. Money were needed for Angus's school fees, books and writing equipments. She had to work for two jobs to support her family. Realizing the hardship and stress from her mother, Angus never complaint anything about his life. He was different from any other child. He'll not shout or yell or rant her mother to buy toys like other kids although he wished to have one. Instead, he felt grateful and thankful to what he had - that was his mother.

Few years went by and Angus was a teenager now. On one cloudy afternoon, Angus ran all the way home from his secondary school, showing his mother with his excellent final exam result and a scholarship awarded by the school. His mother was so proud with her son and her cheeks were soon, wet with tears.

"Mum, we haven't have any family photo since I was born. Can we go to snap a family photo in the town later? I can use some of my money from the scholarship", Angus asked his mother delightedly

"Well, my son, I dont have any nice clothes to put on", his mother answered in a sad tone.

"Ohh..Mum, you dont need them. You are beautiful just with your smile".

-------------------------------------- edited by me -------------------------------------

Ohh.. the story is so touching. Thanks for sharing it with me, Jane. Human should be grateful with what they have in order to be happy. Simple life can lead to happy life. Believe me. You'll keep chasing to buy the lastest handphones, or ipods or cars or clothes or shoes. You will never feel happy with what you have had and you'll keep on hunting with things that you dont have... This shows us why humans are materialistic. I hope this message has been passed to you. I suppose the writer of this story will be very happy.. :)

12 April 2007

Love Cookies!

Love Cookies!

I feel so lucky and happy when my boy gave me his cookies to me yesterday. Em...chocolate cookies!!! Yummy.. He baked them for me. That was the first time! Well, i should say that he made cookies with Ken, his friend. haha. Guy's hand-made cookies. lol... They were nice but just a bit hard. I shouldn't complain anything because I still cant bake a good cookies. Let me be the best cookies baker and I'm sure I'll give mean comment like Simon. muahaha..

Actually, I made cookies before too, em... 4 years before with May. They were sesame apricot cornflake cookies! (if i'm not mistaken). We made twice and honestly, they were nice. Hehe... just average. Anyway they were ours biggest success because we had made a mouth-watering and finger-licking cookies......for our family.. haha... especially my dear William. He was the one who ate the most. (Psstt...I think my family didn't want to let me down and pretend that my cookies were nice. So...sorry ya for the past 4 years. kekezz...) ;P

Thinking about my past, I miss the day I spent time with May and Jane. And hey! Irene as well! Three of them are my greatest friends and I'm really glad to know them. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't study in SKWJ in KL, I wont meet Irene. If I didn't transfer to Penang and studied in SMKSN, I wont meet May and Jane. Not just these three peoples, even everyone who I've met since I was born.

Let me grab this chance to thanks my parents for giving life to me, let me see the beauty of the world and shower me with love. Besides I'll like to send my love to my love one, family, friends, acquaintances, cousins, nephews, neighbours, my pets, ....etc.... Ahhh? Hey!!! Why I sounds like I'm receiving Grammy Awards. Or Oscar maybe??? Em...I think I'm mad now. lol.. :D

Anyway, I'm honest and sincere. Just feel like thanking all the people who are around me and express my grateful feeling for having all of you at this moment. Please receive my words as a token of appreciation and love. You are the greatest person I've ever had. I'm so lucky.

Finally, thanks again for the cookies ty. Hopefully I can make a loaf of bread for you if my parents are not mumbling me for messing the small small kitchen. Haha.... :)

10 April 2007

Char Siew Pau??

I was not that happy in this evening. Being scold by my mum.
It was all because I didnt search for a wire for my printer. It has broken since last few months but I didnt take any action to replace it. Well, I admit that I'm wrong.. sorry lo.. :P

But mum shouldnt just blame completely on me. I couldnt drive now(I've license!) since I dare not drive on this hectic KL streets. Oohh.. Cars especially BMW and Merc and oh ya, lorries and buses too are so stuck-up! They have snobbish attitudes. Show-off! Sorry to say that but it's partly true.

This "Big Car" will not care about your "P" sticker although you stick it so obviously on the corner of the rear windscreen of your car. They will just hon their annoying hons as a signal to you to evaporate and give a stern expression straight to you once they drive pass you. So, I'm still consider as "kopi lesen" and dare not drive alone at these scary KL roads. Wuuoo...scary... :(

As a result of being blamed completely for not finding the printer wire, I was so upset and down. Looking at my upsetting face, dad just know what to do. He invited me for a ping pong game and we leave the home immediately. haha... Ahh...he knows me and know exactly ways to cheer me up.

Yippee! I love you daddy!

So, we went to the games hall and played like mad.
Dad always teases me whenever I fail to open the ball or fail to return back his shoot.
You know what he called me this time??

"Fan Shu" thats mean sweet potato in cantonise. It means stupid! Ohhhh!!!!

Once he started name-calling, the games turned up to be like WAR! Horrible!
We started from:

"Fan Shu" - sweet potato
"Wu Dau" - yam
"Dai Pau" - big pau
"Sai Pau" - small pau
"Curry Pau"
"Leng Yong Pau" - lotus seed pau

"Char Siew Pau" - pork pau

lol.... :D

At the end of the "War" games, we were so exhausted.
Gasping so hardly for air. We sweat a lot. It looked like we just took a shower. Haha... Good!

And when we reached home, he still couldnt stop teasing me.
He said he is the "juara bandar" and I'm the "juara kampung". Ceh... blekk..hehe.. :P

Honestly, I'm still weak in this games. I consider myself as a new learner. I dont have proper trainning while he played it in his secondary school before and of course he is far more better than me! Anyway, I believe that "practise make perfect". I'll be a good player and bit him down soon. Then I'll be the "Juara Dunia". Muahaha..

Notes : Juara kampung = Village winner
: Juara bandar = City winner
: Juara dunia = World winner

09 April 2007

Clumsy Neighbour

Something funny happened just now.

My neighbour trapped in between the front door and the gate. Couldnt imagine? Well, we stay in apartment. We have a main door and it is mostly made by wood. And before the main door, there is a metal gate just to protect your house from any disturbance, robbery and etc.. In between these doors,there is a small area and we usually put our shoes.

Ok, so my neighbour was planning to go out for dinner since it was 5 minutes before eight. Preparing to go out,he locked the wooden door and closed it. He didnt know that closing the wooden door first before opening the gate will cause him a big trouble. He searched his pockets, his bag and even the shoes for keys and oooppss!!! His keys weren't with him. There was no anyone in the house. No one can help him. Oh god! He was trapped! At first, he was too shy to ask for help. (of course, I'll be shy too) Since he had been trapped for so long, he had no choice but to ask for help.

"Excuse me.. Excuse me..", he whispered but no one heard him.

"Excuse me.. HELP?!!!", this time he started to shout.

As soon as I heard the word HELP, I walked to the door and had a look.

"Dik..boleh tolong saya?" ("Can you please help me?") , he asked politely.

When I saw my neighbour standing in front of his house with both hands holding at the gate, I knew immediately what was happening. He is not the only one who was trapped in such a way. Before that,there was a lady,next few doors who was trapped too because she had lost the key at her house. haha..true.. maybe my neighbours are a bit clumsy. I think i should be on the list too. hahaha.. ;D

Soon,I called my father and asked him to help. Man can work better with man. Dad was surprised and immediantly took all the tools to help him. Two of them tried their very best to open the locked metal gate. Logically, you will hardly unlock the metal gate compare to the wood door. Am I right? It's harder man! So, I explained and adviced them to try the wood door instead. Sadly.. they wont listen to teenager (cos I m younger to them). Besides, I'm a girl and they think girls are stupid! Discrimination between ages and gender happened here (Of course you are wrong! Very wrong!) They were too proud to listen. Man's ego are so high (psstt...esp old man) :D

Well, I just leaved them and watched my movie since I was not needed. They tried it for almost 15 minutes. Look like they didnt have any choices. Finally, my neighbour tried the wood door by hitting at the lock using a slipper. He hit it at first. However, his anger was growing and his patience was no longer exist. This time, he smashed the door. Uhh.. man is man, aggrasive and impatient. Sigh... I think he was extremely hungry.

Anyway, all of his attempts were failed. He started to feel exhausted and regret to his clumsiness. He gave up finally and said sorry to my dad for all those troubles. Well, he was not an unlucky person at all. A few minutes later, his housemate finally arrived and freed him from the "jail". Ahh... you should see the excitment of my neighbour who was trapped for almost 40 minutes. He was lucky that his housemate returned home earlier from work. If not, I couldnt imagine how many hours he needed to stand there with his drumming stomach... hohoho... :P

Oh... Kids..

PowerPuff vs Mr Bean

Today i went to Popular bookstore in IKANO.. It was my first time oh! Big..large..huge..bookstore.. not like Megamall in Butterworth,Penang (tiny).. I could find almost any books that I want. Recently I'm interested in web designing and blogging. Sorry to say that I dont have any knowledge about them.. *paisheh*

I dont even know how to use html. I tried to learn once but it turned out to be a mess. It's COMPLICATED man!!!

Em..pening pening..

Anyway, i'm still trying to learn. But I dont understand one thing. Is there any differences between html and xhtml? Em...????
I tried to browse at those books when I was in there...Popular bookstore.. Went all the way just to Popular.. crazy.. :P

While I was browsing at those "complicated" book, I came across with John.C Maxwell book. I just glanced at his books and guess what? His books caught my attention within seconds! Immediately, I took his book and searching for a nice, comfortable place to read. As I was wandering for almost 5 minutes, finally I found a "perfect place" -
The children corner.
I was ashamed but that was the only place that I could get. Those empty seats for aldults were fulled. Couldnt squeeze in the aldult corner..sob.. ;(

There were a lot of children and most of them were busy reading and I felt happy to see the scence.

Malaysia new generation love to read

Izzit true? I Dont think so honestly..

I took 4 books along and trying to have a look on them- 2 books about computer and the rest about social science.
As i was browsing the books, there was a little fair chinese boy, about 70cm tall stood in front of me and asked, "Are you reading Mr. Bean Holiday?"


"No... I'm not", i smiled at him. I noticed that he was holding a book- The PowerPuff Girl. Huh? New generation boys like powerpuff too?

As I was trying to read my book, he asked me again, " Are you sure you are not reading Mr Bean On Holiday book?".

*blink* + *blink*

"Nooo... This is not", I shook my head. "This is an aldult book. Big jie jie (sister) like me read de", I explained to him.

Disappointedly he sit down, just beside me. Then, he read the book on his hand, murmuring all the way. "He's cute", I told myself... ;)

As I was about to read the book on my hand, again he spoke to me. This time, he showed the book to me and asked, "Do you know Powerpuff Girl?". He was pointing at the picture.

"Of course I do. I love them especially Bubble. She's cute with blode hair", I answered him happily. Well, he was so excited because we had things in common and since then, we had a lot of conversation. He told me stories about Powerpuff. And there was one thing that I couldnt believe, I even taught him how to read. Wow...!!!!

He took another book from the kids display book corner. Then another, and another and another.. I was so tired explaining things to him. I felt like I was a nanny. haha... His mum did tell him to stop disturbing me, but failed.. haha..
At the end, I spent almost an hour with him. lol... I couldn't even believe it!!!

He's just a 5 years old chinese boy who can speak English very well. And I got to know that he likes red. He hopes he can have more red shirt cos his mum just bought 1 for him. HAha..What a cute little boy..haha..

After spending almost an hour with him, another little Indian girl, wearing yellow dress sit beside me. She is quite pretty and cute. Looking at me with a sweet smile, she asked, "Are you reading Mr Bean Holiday book ?"

*blink* + *blink* + *blink*

"No....this is not", I shook my head.

"Are you sure you are not reading Mr Bean Holiday book?"

*blink* + *blink* + *blink* + *blink*

"No....", I started to question the book that I was holding. Izzit really like a Mr Bean book? huh..?? She was the 2nd person who asked the same question as the little chinese boy.

Then she pointed at her book and asked, "Do you know Powerpuff Girl?"

Powerpuff Girl again?

Oh no... i cant blink anymore. No no.. no more blink.. Same questions as the little chinese boy just now. I don't want to be a Nanny again.

I have to leave now....

* RUN!!!*

01 April 2007


You know what. I really feel that xiaxue is a good blogger ever since I start to read her blog, last week I guess..

I got to know her blog from Seventeen magazine and well, what they wrote is true. She is a good blogger and I like her contain accept some frequent use of expletive. Anyway, this has made her popular. Maybe you have even read her blog. Well, i really feel impress to read her own opinions about her own life, her country and nasty people around her. Hope that this is the right path for her in becoming a world famous blogger.

As for me, I do hope I can be like her, confident, brave, ambitious.... I hope that I can be a good writter too... maybe in future... in some kind of magazine companies, publishing my own book or etc... haha... Just some kind of my day dreaming. :P

Well, all i hope is that i can share my own opinions and feelings with you.. I will learn to write and improve myself... ^^