20 April 2007

Wow! Fashion Show!!!

TARC fashion show

I never went to any fashion show before and yesterday was my first time! My best friend, Irene had invited me to her show in her college and it was COOL!
There were a lot of beautiful, tall and sexy models that I couldn't take my eyes off. Sometimes I wish I can be a model. I can get a professional hairstylist, use branded make-up product, wear nice customs and get fully attention from everyone when I'm doing my catwalk on the stage. Ahhh.... Just like a princess.... haha... :P

During make-up

Well, being a model it's not easy. It's not only depends on your look or height or even your body figures. You need to have talents and hard work too. I know, most of us think that being a fashion model is easy. To be frank,


Here are some problems that I've found out:

  1. Can you wear a pair of 3 inches stiletto or even 5 inches and walk on the stage?
  2. Can you starve for a day?
  3. Can you receive millions of comments from the people below the stage?
  4. Can you deal with the shame when you've done something embarrassing while walking on the stage? (exp: broken heels, fall down from the stage, or accidentally tear off your customs)
  5. Can you pretend to be cool and professional in front of millions of eyes staring at you?
  6. Can you stop yourself from eating McD? KFC? Pizza Hut? (or maybe a week or a month?)

These are what a model must face. Can you make it?
Haha... Of course I cant. It's not easy!

This is Jack, Irene course mate.

I went to the show at 10am ( the show started at 2pm). Irene needed a hand to help her so I went there early with Eric. However she'd done most of the work. (she went there since 7am!) Wow, my dear Irene, "You're so tough!". Honestly, I really admire her. She is a courageous and determined girl who will do anything to achieve her dreams. Before this, she fought very hard to enter this course since her parents don't believe in her talents. The reason is job opportunities in Malaysia for fashion designer are very little. Facing those obstacles, she didn't give up, instead she kept following her dreams. Fashion designing is her passion and she knew it. Well girl, all your hard work in these 2 years are worth it. Well done girl! Bravo! I'm really proud of you.

Irene's model

Irene and I

With her model. The model is so tall! Gosh! I couldn't stand beside her.

In this fashion show, she choose Egypt style and her theme was " The Curse Of The Femme". I really love her design, elegant and seductive... Any company who is searching for a talented fashion designer, please contact me. hehe.... :D
And thanks for writing my name in your appreciation letter in your project. I'm really touch.
*hug hug*
Xia xia my best friends!

Updated on 1st November 2007