01 April 2007


You know what. I really feel that xiaxue is a good blogger ever since I start to read her blog, last week I guess..

I got to know her blog from Seventeen magazine and well, what they wrote is true. She is a good blogger and I like her contain accept some frequent use of expletive. Anyway, this has made her popular. Maybe you have even read her blog. Well, i really feel impress to read her own opinions about her own life, her country and nasty people around her. Hope that this is the right path for her in becoming a world famous blogger.

As for me, I do hope I can be like her, confident, brave, ambitious.... I hope that I can be a good writter too... maybe in future... in some kind of magazine companies, publishing my own book or etc... haha... Just some kind of my day dreaming. :P

Well, all i hope is that i can share my own opinions and feelings with you.. I will learn to write and improve myself... ^^