09 April 2007

Oh... Kids..

PowerPuff vs Mr Bean

Today i went to Popular bookstore in IKANO.. It was my first time oh! Big..large..huge..bookstore.. not like Megamall in Butterworth,Penang (tiny).. I could find almost any books that I want. Recently I'm interested in web designing and blogging. Sorry to say that I dont have any knowledge about them.. *paisheh*

I dont even know how to use html. I tried to learn once but it turned out to be a mess. It's COMPLICATED man!!!

Em..pening pening..

Anyway, i'm still trying to learn. But I dont understand one thing. Is there any differences between html and xhtml? Em...????
I tried to browse at those books when I was in there...Popular bookstore.. Went all the way just to Popular.. crazy.. :P

While I was browsing at those "complicated" book, I came across with John.C Maxwell book. I just glanced at his books and guess what? His books caught my attention within seconds! Immediately, I took his book and searching for a nice, comfortable place to read. As I was wandering for almost 5 minutes, finally I found a "perfect place" -
The children corner.
I was ashamed but that was the only place that I could get. Those empty seats for aldults were fulled. Couldnt squeeze in the aldult corner..sob.. ;(

There were a lot of children and most of them were busy reading and I felt happy to see the scence.

Malaysia new generation love to read

Izzit true? I Dont think so honestly..

I took 4 books along and trying to have a look on them- 2 books about computer and the rest about social science.
As i was browsing the books, there was a little fair chinese boy, about 70cm tall stood in front of me and asked, "Are you reading Mr. Bean Holiday?"


"No... I'm not", i smiled at him. I noticed that he was holding a book- The PowerPuff Girl. Huh? New generation boys like powerpuff too?

As I was trying to read my book, he asked me again, " Are you sure you are not reading Mr Bean On Holiday book?".

*blink* + *blink*

"Nooo... This is not", I shook my head. "This is an aldult book. Big jie jie (sister) like me read de", I explained to him.

Disappointedly he sit down, just beside me. Then, he read the book on his hand, murmuring all the way. "He's cute", I told myself... ;)

As I was about to read the book on my hand, again he spoke to me. This time, he showed the book to me and asked, "Do you know Powerpuff Girl?". He was pointing at the picture.

"Of course I do. I love them especially Bubble. She's cute with blode hair", I answered him happily. Well, he was so excited because we had things in common and since then, we had a lot of conversation. He told me stories about Powerpuff. And there was one thing that I couldnt believe, I even taught him how to read. Wow...!!!!

He took another book from the kids display book corner. Then another, and another and another.. I was so tired explaining things to him. I felt like I was a nanny. haha... His mum did tell him to stop disturbing me, but failed.. haha..
At the end, I spent almost an hour with him. lol... I couldn't even believe it!!!

He's just a 5 years old chinese boy who can speak English very well. And I got to know that he likes red. He hopes he can have more red shirt cos his mum just bought 1 for him. HAha..What a cute little boy..haha..

After spending almost an hour with him, another little Indian girl, wearing yellow dress sit beside me. She is quite pretty and cute. Looking at me with a sweet smile, she asked, "Are you reading Mr Bean Holiday book ?"

*blink* + *blink* + *blink*

"No....this is not", I shook my head.

"Are you sure you are not reading Mr Bean Holiday book?"

*blink* + *blink* + *blink* + *blink*

"No....", I started to question the book that I was holding. Izzit really like a Mr Bean book? huh..?? She was the 2nd person who asked the same question as the little chinese boy.

Then she pointed at her book and asked, "Do you know Powerpuff Girl?"

Powerpuff Girl again?

Oh no... i cant blink anymore. No no.. no more blink.. Same questions as the little chinese boy just now. I don't want to be a Nanny again.

I have to leave now....

* RUN!!!*