10 April 2007

Char Siew Pau??

I was not that happy in this evening. Being scold by my mum.
It was all because I didnt search for a wire for my printer. It has broken since last few months but I didnt take any action to replace it. Well, I admit that I'm wrong.. sorry lo.. :P

But mum shouldnt just blame completely on me. I couldnt drive now(I've license!) since I dare not drive on this hectic KL streets. Oohh.. Cars especially BMW and Merc and oh ya, lorries and buses too are so stuck-up! They have snobbish attitudes. Show-off! Sorry to say that but it's partly true.

This "Big Car" will not care about your "P" sticker although you stick it so obviously on the corner of the rear windscreen of your car. They will just hon their annoying hons as a signal to you to evaporate and give a stern expression straight to you once they drive pass you. So, I'm still consider as "kopi lesen" and dare not drive alone at these scary KL roads. Wuuoo...scary... :(

As a result of being blamed completely for not finding the printer wire, I was so upset and down. Looking at my upsetting face, dad just know what to do. He invited me for a ping pong game and we leave the home immediately. haha... Ahh...he knows me and know exactly ways to cheer me up.

Yippee! I love you daddy!

So, we went to the games hall and played like mad.
Dad always teases me whenever I fail to open the ball or fail to return back his shoot.
You know what he called me this time??

"Fan Shu" thats mean sweet potato in cantonise. It means stupid! Ohhhh!!!!

Once he started name-calling, the games turned up to be like WAR! Horrible!
We started from:

"Fan Shu" - sweet potato
"Wu Dau" - yam
"Dai Pau" - big pau
"Sai Pau" - small pau
"Curry Pau"
"Leng Yong Pau" - lotus seed pau

"Char Siew Pau" - pork pau

lol.... :D

At the end of the "War" games, we were so exhausted.
Gasping so hardly for air. We sweat a lot. It looked like we just took a shower. Haha... Good!

And when we reached home, he still couldnt stop teasing me.
He said he is the "juara bandar" and I'm the "juara kampung". Ceh... blekk..hehe.. :P

Honestly, I'm still weak in this games. I consider myself as a new learner. I dont have proper trainning while he played it in his secondary school before and of course he is far more better than me! Anyway, I believe that "practise make perfect". I'll be a good player and bit him down soon. Then I'll be the "Juara Dunia". Muahaha..

Notes : Juara kampung = Village winner
: Juara bandar = City winner
: Juara dunia = World winner