28 April 2007

Family problems

I was on the phone with my friend just now. We were discussing about our family problems -parents. Lately, both of us have problems with them. I mean, they(parents) are the problems. Why?

My problem:
My parents keep on arguing recently. The main issue is because of financial problem. My mum is the bread-winner for my family. She works day and night to support my family. My dad has stopped working since 3 years ago and I'm still a student. I can't help her in this, instead burden her even more. I need money to further my studies.

Now, she is so frustrated with her work and this family. Often, she is so stressful and emotional both at work and home. I feel so bad that I can't help her and I'm so disappointed with my dad, sometimes. He should help the family. He still can work. Now, my mum is so mad with my father and often quarrel with him. I'm depressed and emotional whenever they quarrel. I couldn't do anything to help them instead, I just lock myself in one room, praying, hoping they can stop immediately.

My friend's problem:
She feels like there is a gap, BIG gap between she and her parents. Of late, her mum starts to work in a new company (her mum had stopped working for sometimes) while his father is too busy for his work. She felt like she is being neglected and no one cares for her now. They rarely meet now although they stay under the same roof accept at night and Sunday. There is a lack of communication among them and she feels so alienated in the family.
She needs love and care from them not just for material needs (money $$$).
P/S: Parents should know this!

Family problems are normal and often happen. I believe everyone of us has faced it before (or maybe now). I never blame my parents for this. I know it's hard to build up a family and I appreciate their effort. But sometimes, I hope they can try to understand me more and take care of my feeling not just shouting and yelling one and another. I'm scare and worry here! @_@

Communication is crucial to strengthen the relationship among the family members and I know it. I need to practise it too! I told my friend to try to find a good time to speak with her parents about this. Problems are hardly solved unless we voice them out. If not, no one will ever notice our problems.

Good luck to us!!!