16 April 2007

Genting Highland!

Have you ever heard of Malaysia?

How about Genting Highland in Malaysia?

Well, I know that Malaysia is a small country and some might not know her well. And I even heard a joke before! In the past 20 years, Malaysia was still a rural country. Some people thought that people in Malaysia were staying on the trees! Uhhh? Oh no... It was totally untrue! We are not Tarzan... ;(

Please find out more about Malaysia via this link. Basically, Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religion country just like Singapore and Indonesia. We are having Visit Malaysia year this year in 2007 and you are warmly welcomed to Malaysia.. :)

Ok. Lets continue with my Genting Highlands trip.

I went to Genting couple of days ago with my family. It has been a long time I didn't go there since I stayed in Penang. Well, my parents and my cousin were planning to visit the casino but I still couldn't enter. If I'm not mistaken, ages below 21 are not allowed to enter. Em... So, we decided to go for a singing concert but guess what, the tickets were cost for RM157 and above (online booking)! Oh no... I couldn't go there. I rather go to Lee Hom's concert on last March.. sigh... Anyway, I'd missed my Lee Hom's concert. He's my favourite artist!

So, we canceled all the plans and decided to visit the pagoda instead. Have you ever heard about Chinese pagoda? It's a temple actually. I like the temple a lot because I can climb up the spiral stairs and see the beauty of the scenery. Before we reach the pagoda, mum and dad wanted to buy some fresh vegetables. There were plenty of stalls there. Once we reached there,my cousin tapped furiously at the car window, winking at me and gave me a mischievous look. haha... She saw the "No entry" door was opened widely. There was a large vegetable farm behind the door. You know what was that "winks" mean?

"Photography time!"

We tiptoed out the car,trying not to make any noise. The owner was busy entertaining his customers.

"Faster go into it!", my cousin whispered. We sneaked in while the owner wasn't looking. Well here were some of the pictures :

While we were busy snapping photo, we heard someone yelling at us. Oh no! The owner had caught us... My face turned up to be as red as the tomato. At that moment, I felt like I was being arrested by the police as a burglar. Luckily, the owner was a kind person. He was not asking us to stop taking pictures instead, he showed us a better place to take. Fuhhh.... :)

Soon, we thanked the owner and started our journey to the pagoda. The slopes had caused me dizziness. I sit motionless in the car, trying to close my eyes until I had finally reached the pagoda. Gosh! The place was cold! I felt like my blood stream had been frozen and caused my face to be as peel as the sheet. Unfortunately, the wind was so strong. I really couldn't move at that time. Lucky enough, I brought along my life saver, "The Jacket!"

After putting on my "life saver", I trudged against the strong wind to the pagoda. Sadly, the temple was closed. We were late for it. Sigh....
Anyway, we still can pray in other temples (just a stone throw). After paying our respect to the God, we were wandering around the place. To my surprise, most of the old temples have been renovated. Even new hotels were built!

We spent almost 2 hours there and overall, the trip was worth-worthy. I'd a great time there and are planning to go there again. Em... maybe I'll go to the theme park next time. "Space shutter!" hehe...