30 April 2007

How To Be Popular?

Finally, I have finished reading my novel - How To Be Popular. It's from Meg Cabot who has phenomenally successful "The Princess Diaries". It's a great book,about a teenager's dreams-Steph Landry. Steph wants to be popular more than everyone else. She has been unpopular girl since five years ago, when she split that red Super Big Gulp over her friend, Lauren Moffat's white D&G miniskirts. She wants to get in the crowd in no time using her secret weapon from her step-grandmother, Kitty. Guess what? An old book called "How To Be Popular".

I'm not doing the synopsis of this book but to share the secret of how to be popular with you. I'm not sure whether it'll work or not. Wanna give it a try? Let's go! XD

Before that, let's check your popularity: What others think about you.
      • Do they know who your are? If so, how do they treat you?
      • Do they make rude remarks about you-behind your back or to your face?
      • Do they ignore you?
      • Do other include you in their outings and activities? inviting you to social events or occasions?
Try to determine the answers for yourself and give yourself the popularity rate.
Next, look at yourself.
      • Do you like yourself?
      • Do you love the way you look?
      • Do you happy with yourself?
Before you want others people to like you, you've to love yourself. I'm serious! This is what Andrew Matthews told me, from his "Being A Happy Teenager" book. lolx..

What you should do when meeting with people?
      • Always SMiLE to everyone. (Secret weapon!)
      • Show genuine interest in others and what they have say.
      • Remember that a person's name is the sweetest and most important sound to them. (do it often)
      • Be a good-listeners who encourage others to talk about themselves
      • Be sincere to people. (Don't use them!)
How to make others like you or interested on you?
      • Respect and polite to others
      • Put yourself in others' shoes and think of the feelings of others first.
      • Generous with their time and talents
      • Cheerful and outgoing.

As what I have observed from this book, it doesn't indicate that people with good looks will be on the popular side. NO! Honestly, it's more on your personality. If you can make others feel happy and enjoy being with you, then you are in the popular side. Maybe it doesn't matter with the popularity. Being ordinary is better, sometimes (less gossip). However, I don't mean to be popular like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jay chow, Lee hom or etc.. Just to make people notice us or like us. So, these tips might me useful- to increase the circle of friends? yup!

So, you can just try it and let me know whether it works o not? And remember the secret weapon from this book :

SMiLE... :D