02 May 2007

3 in 1 Day

I went to an Indian temple yesterday.
They had the praying ceremony for the temple during Labour Day and Wesak Day-My 3in1 Day. I know, I know. I'm a Chinese and a Buddhist. I should go to a Chinese temple to pray since it was Wesak Day. But it doesn't matter right? I live in a multi-racial country and I still can join the ceremony. I've been to the Indian temple since I was nine. So, I feel close to this temple.

My family and I reached the temple about 12pm. It was an hot, dry, scorching afternoon. My skin had almost burnt off standing under the bright sun. Thousand of people were waiting for the ceremony. Once we reached they, they served us with vegetarian food - curry with rice on a banana leaf for each one... :D

I was eating while my mum took this photo. haha.. couldn't smile with my mouth full

Banana leaves

*Ah Yah who's the chief of the temple leaded the whole ceremony. Firstly, they cleaned up themselves with water in a nearby river. Then marched all the way back to the temple. Here are some of the photos:

Preparing the hot charcoal (before the ceremony)

Hot charcoal

Marched back from the river

He leaded the hot-walk

She walked on the hot charchol too!!!

He stepped on it and swung without pain. (He had the power of the God)

They used coconut for the ceremony. But uhh? Orange as well?


I like this picture a lot- a lady who was praying. I was standing there, looking and listening to her prayer. Well, I'm sorry because I took her photo secretly.. shh.. :P
Looking at this photo again, it makes me think this question: Do you believe in God?
Since science and technology are ruling the world now, I've realised that more and more people are getting blur with the existence of God- especially scientist. They need prove and facts.

I never see a God before but I believe in them (Chinese has a lot of God so I use the word 'them'). I always feel safe and hopeful whenever I'm praying in the temple. I feel that they can give me strength and confidence. Of course, I know that we're the one who give ourselves the confidence. But sometimes, the believe in God is miracle. It's unexplainable by science. That's why there are people out there who still praying in temples, mosques and churches- because they believe in God.

I hope you're one of them.. :D