29 May 2007

Pulled by a tow truck

Have your car ever been pulled by a tow truck?
How about staying under the hot sun, in the car with no air-condition for an hour?
How about starving for hours?

I took this in my car.....

Well, it was..... FUN!!!
Ok ok... I lied. It was suck! I felt like I was a roasted fish. ( ikan bakar)

It was all happened in this hot, scorching afternoon when my dad took me along to help him paying the bills. Everything was as smooth as silk when we were on the way paying the bills.

"Dad, can we have a lunch here?", I asked my dad after returning from the post office.

"I think we should go back and have lunch there", my dad replied.

I nodded and soon, we started our journey back home, which will take about 40 minutes.


Our car suddenly made a weird noises when we'd just 5 minutes away. Then, it stopped. Cars from the back started to sound their honks. Apparently, it was dangerous to stop the car in such a sudden!

"What happen dad?", I was shocked when our car suddenly stopped.

All I knew then was front tyre problem. Immediately, I urged my dad to call the number which is on the front view mirror. It's the car insurance department telephone number for customer's service.

Anyway, we were lucky because dad has stick on the sticker on the mirror and now, we could use it! After making a call to the agency, they promised will send a man to tow us in 30 minutes to a nearby workshop. We waited for almost 35 minutes in the 32 degree car with no air condition before the man came to rescue us! Thanks God!

To be frank, I felt excited when the truck was giving us a tow. We could get free ride without starting the engine. hehe... And the fun thing was, the car was lifted up when we were moving! Felt like roller-coaster.. :D

We reached the workshop in within half and hour. Soon, my dad and I rushed to a nearby hawker food to nurse our rumbling stomach while the car was being fix.

The car was done within an hour. We were so tired when we reached home and all I knew after that was I slept like a sleeping beauty... (of course, after a nice, cool shower)