27 May 2007

Mr. Cheater!

Taxi Driver:
I'll never forget that middle-aged, Chinese taxi driver!
I still remember our last trip in Xiamen, China. Before our flight in the afternoon, we decided to make a trip to a nearby park. So, we took a cab. Knowing that we were not the locals, he advised us not to go there.

"Sir, it was a boring place. You just see flowers and lake. Nothing special! How about going to the sea-side and you can see the beautiful view?", the driver was trying to convince us.

Since we knew nothing about the place, we just agreed.

"How long will we get there?", my cousin asked.

"Just 15 minutes", he replied shortly.

25 minutes passed by...... But, we hadn't reached.

"Sir, you said we'll reach there within 15 minutes. But now is almost 30minutes! Where are we going?", my dad finally voiced out. I felt weird because we were going further from the city.

"We'll reach soon", he replied.

We reached there in another 15 minutes. "What? An exhibition hall? Are you kidding? And that is a jetty for goods landing not a tourist spot!!", my cousin started to yell at him in an angry tone. Anyway, he denied it.

Knowing that we were trapped, we said nothing and asked him to send us back. We couldn't
effort to spend any more minutes there. Our stomachs were boiling with hearts pumping so fast!!! At the end, we spent RMB 86.20!

So, my friend. Please be careful when you're taking a cab in an unfamiliar place. Be extra careful! Maybe we should get a map and know a place well before taking a cub. You don't wanna be a victim like me, don't you?