26 December 2012

I Know You Miss Me

Hello dear readers (are you still with me?).

How are you lately? According to my Flipboard account, I have not updated my blog for exactly 100 days.

OMG! 100 DAYS!!???

Let’s dance and celebrate for the beautiful even number =D
Lol… You know I am just kidding.

There are so many things which had happened in my life and I don’t know where to start sharing because all events are equally meaningful, rich, beautiful and unforgettable.

Well, please give me some times to reorganize, restructure and rearrange my memories before putting them into words and photos. While in the mean time, you could follow my other active social account at:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/curryegg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/curryegg
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/eggieworld

I update them almost daily and would be in great happinese if you are following and interacting with me :)

I need to get ready for the first school meeting for the new year in another 6 hours. Please allow me to sleep and clean up my blog. First of all, I need to settle with my domain and blog layout (again). Oh.. you could help me coaching me in designing or finding the suitable blog layout for curryegg.com  curryegg.blogspot.com,  please let me know! This busy Maths teacher is seriously needing help!



Till here, Merry Christmas and miss me more <3

P/s: My hair has grown longer and I have gained some positive weight :)