28 November 2007

Khoon Hooi Is My Boss

It's time for me to make my confession that Mr Khoon Hooi is my boss. Honestly, I feel proud to have the chance to work in his boutique. However, it's sad to say that I haven't had the chance to meet him. Sigh...

Anyway, I know I will meet him.. some other day. I know it. Before meeting him, I should have prepared myself with all kind of information about him, Khoon Hooi's history and his achievements. Well, I've done my homework and it's time for me to share it here.

From The New Strait Time. Click here

In reality, this 34-year-old has won numerous awards and has had his designs worn by the cream of society. Ever since he was honoured as the Malaysia-International Fashion Awards (MIFA) Most Dynamic Designer last year, Khoon Hooi has come into public eye and how.

Of late, the fashion savvy have put their Vuittons and Guccis on hold in place of designs by this young contemporary designer.
And why not? His evening gowns, with their feminine flow and sensual style, are red-carpet worthy while his daywear has an edgy feel. Some of his clients trust his judgment so much that they even make a request for a new garment by just telling him what colour they want and what event it is for!

Don't that sound amazing? But, he doesn't just stop there. He became the first runner up for Malaysian Young Designer's Awards competition in 1996. Next, he had to represent the country to Singapore for the Asian Young Designers Award and then to Japan for the following competition. Ever since then, his name has caught attention from people around the world and this has leaded him to make his own fashion label :Khoon Hooi, five years ago. Proud to say that, I am now working for him. ;D

The latest news is he has received an award during "Bangkok Internation Fashion Week 2007" with Jimmy Choo! Isn't that cool? And Jimmy Choo, another famous Malaysian shoe designer who has brought his name to London. He is from Penang! Gosh! Another talented designer. You should know him: Here

Left: Khoon Hooi, Center: Jimmy Choo, Right: Dorian Ho (Hong Kong)
Click here for more information.

I am starting to pour my admiration on him after reading those articles. In the age of 34 years, he has done a great job.

Every successful people, there will be a story behind it and now, I am digging it. Haha... I know it must be amazing reading it.

His history:

"I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer the minute I left primary school," adds Khoon Hooi. While his two older sisters and one younger brother showed no interest in the arts at all, he recalls knowing that there was nothing else he'd rather do.

"There was no question about it. I'd set my heart on fashion."
Khoon Hooi went on to enrol in the Malaysian Institute of Arts, hoping to learn fashion and textile but faced opposition from his parents. "

They thought their son was going to be a
tailor! They allowed me to enrol there provided I also did a course in graphics or something else," he continues But nothing was about to get in his way of becoming a fashion designer. He finished the course in fashion and textiles and, upon graduation, worked in a small wholesale company manufacturing clothes.

"When I first started out, I was doing everything there but
sweep the floor," he says with amusement. "It was a great platform to start, though. The pay was low but I was given the liberty to do anything I wanted. "Of course, I couldn't be too extravagant as I was producing for a mass market but the job allowed me to be creative, from choosing the fabric right down to the selection of buttons."

He is such a humble guy and did everything start from the basic (which is what I am doing now accept sweeping the floor. Lol..). All I can say is hardwork always pays and he did that! Congratulation boss. You're such an enthusiastic and courageous person and you deserve a place in my blog. Haha... *bow*

"Siti Nurhaliza was seen in his red gown at the recent Bintang Popular Awards, Deanna Yusoff and Ida Nerina were decked in his creations for the recent Malaysia's 20 Most Glamorous Women event and socialite Shareen Ramlee was seen in a Khoon Hooi at a prestigious Montblanc event in Shanghai, China."

Uhhh... that how sweet. Siti Nurhaliza even asked Khoon Hooi to make her a wedding gowns which worth RM 50,000! Why? Because he uses over 30,000 real 2mm pearls on that gown! I saw that in the TV before. Stunning!

My boss has owned two boutique: One in StarHill and the newest outlet is in The Gardens-Midvalley in which I am working now.

Here are some of his design that I love the most:

Soft.. femine..

Sweet colour and I love it!
Creative design!
Do you know that, it is actually a pants not skirt? It's Creative don't you think so?

This is Khoon Hooi. I really love his design-feminine and stylish. For more photos click here
How I wish he can design a evening gown for me but... no $ Sigh.... (-_-)


There will be a fashion show on 4th December 2007 in Fashion Avenue 2201, level 2. Maybe I can meet my boss there and other designers too. For your information, Fashion Avenue is a large boutique that gather a number of local fashion designer under one roof. Isn't that great! I feel like shouting "Malaysia Boleh" right now. haha...

Feel free to make a visit there and let me serve you. It's my pleasure....

27 November 2007

Will My Grandma Lose Her Leg?

Here is a song that I feel like posting here. There's nothing to do with the meaning of the lyric. It's just the rhythm of the song that will describe my feeling to you right now, my dear blogger friend.
It's about: My Emotions.

Destiny Child - Emotions


I couldn't believe my grandmother fell down again and broke her leg yesterday in front of her house!

I was rushing back to Tanjung Malim, Perak yesterday to meet my granny who was in Slim River Hospital after work at that evening. She fell down from my aunt's car while she was trying to get down. Sigh... She should wait for my aunt instead of doing things by her own. BIG sigh... :(

My mum had been spending the whole night in the hospital while me, was not allow to be there since there should be only one guardian who can stay at night. So, I rested at my grandma's house for a night before moving to Hospital Sungai Buloh (today).

Granny is too ill to move and it is really hurt to hear her screaming and struggling in pain even though there is no one who touches her. I believe her nerves has caused her the pain besides the broken bone. She will undergo an operation on this coming Friday (30th November) and I hope she will be alright. Her bones are too fragile to be given an operation speedily. All she can do now is to bear in pain while waiting for Friday.... I hope she will not lose her leg. (since she has Diabetes and things might turn to be worst....)


Gosh! Doctor, please say she won't! I am afraid to think about that. No No NOOOO!!! Please... DON'T!!!

Amitabha.... I can sense that I am too emotional now. Thinking about my granny will only make me worried. I think I should sleep now. I will visit her again after my work tomorrow..

26 November 2007


What a shocking news.
My grandmother enters the hospital again.
She has broken her right leg... Sigh...

I am going back to Tanjung Malim to see her now.
Sorry... I can't online at this moment..

Hope that she is fine..

I Need More Customerssss!!!!

Take a break. Throw away your Monday blue with Shakira's song. ^^

I've been working for 5 days but sad to say that, I didn't manage to sell any garment in the shop. Sigh.... I think I will be fired soon.

Honestly, I've done my best. The problem is because the number of customer who enter the shop is too tiny... (small). Sigh... I can't blame the shopping mall because it's too new. Let me ask you. Have you heard about The Gardens? No? Yes?

Midvalley Mall

Well, it's just beside the Midvalley. They are connected. I think there are still a number of people who never realise the mall. Ok. Now you know the place. You can start shopping there. Who know? You might be my customer? HAha.... I do hope so. But I won't be long working in the place.

The second problem is because of the price. Most of my customers who entered the shop were stunned once they read the price tag. You should know why when I say those garments are designed by our local fashion designers. Anyway, those clothes are beautiful and gorgeous. How I wish I can buy them. Eerrr.....

If you're interested to know the place that I am working now, I will blog about it soon. So, let it be a mystery for now. hehe... So naughty... ;D

Oopss... It's 1.00am now. I should sleep now. I need to work for tomorrow. So, please pray for me. I NEED CUSTOMERSSSS!!!

Mali mali....
Come come...
Lai lai....
(Mean Welcome)

But this is too much. Too crowded. Just like Malaysia night market (pasar malam)

Wish me luck!

24 November 2007

15 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

I was tagged by Cherry before and now, I am here to do it. It's a nice health tag. This is the instruction:

Copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (check out especially the * starred ones.) Share one of your own health tip (tip on how to be more healthy) with others. Try to make your tip short but informative. Tag at least 2 person.

My response is written in italic below each of the points.

1. Be happy - Everyday health and beauty *
I agree with this tip. Being happy will encourage the production of the white blood cells in our body. As a result, the production of antibodi cells will be increased rapidly. Thus, we will be healthier. So, be HAPPY!!!

2. Be contented with what God Bless us – chanelwong
I shall say.. be greatful for who we're.

3. Be faithful – Ruth
How about using the word consistence?

4. Laugh a lot – Chinnee
Too much of laughing will distract the speed of our heart beat. I read a news before in which a man dead because of over-laughing. He had heart attack. Scary.. Just smile and be happy will do.

5. Take time out for rest and relaxation – Kiasumum *
This is a MUST! Living in a stressful and hectic life will only make us ill and depress all the time. So, do some sports, play games, take a yoga class or listening to the music will definately help you.

6. A real work out for sweating - Dora *

7. Don't worry, worryin is like a rockin chair, it gives you somethin to do, but it gets you nowhere. - shern's mom *
Control your mind before it starts to control you. So, stop worrying for what might not happen. It will only wasting your time. Don't worry... Be happy.. ^^

8. Do your household chores. - cherry
No no. I don't agree with this because I hate household chores although I am forced to do them. Lol..

9. Can’t stop snacking? * - cherry
Ya. Stop taking snack.

10. Have enough sleep - cherry *
Totally... This is the most useful point. Sleeping is a must and we should have at least 6 hours sleep per day.

11. Get a dose of early morning sun daily. - cherry
Yup. We can receive vitamin D but I don't think the sun ray in Malaysia is good for the skin. Instead, we will easily get skin cancer. Sad to say this but it's true!

12. Sushi is godly. - cherry
No fat but there are carbohydrates.


Ok. Now is my turn. Let me present my tips in a more serious way. Oopss.. :D

13. STOP smoking and drinking.* - curryegg
Smoking will affect your lungs and slow down your antibody (there are nicotine and other harmful chemical in it). While drinking will affect your nervous system (brain) and even your kidneys. Think before you do it.

Scary uhh?

14. Take at least 2 liters of plain water. *-curryegg
I think most of us know about this. Water is crucial to our body. It will prevent us from dehydration, detoxification and etc... (there are numerous of functions according to science)

Take at lest 6-8 glasses a day

15. Less using your cell phone.* -curryegg
There are some researches done by the scientist and found out that the hand phone ray will damage our brain cells and reduce the amount of sperm cells. Believe it or not?
Prevention is better than cure. I did this post before. Here.

Ok. I am tagging kaylee, johnny, sameera, kuangyee and mercury. Let's us start a healthy lifestyle my dear blogger friends! Come on!!!

It's sad to say that I've to work on Sunday. Sigh.. I don't have my family day starting from now on wards. What to do? Sigh... Will blog about my working experience in the store in my next post. Stay tune. Happy Sunday to you guys!

23 November 2007

Increase Your Traffic With Blogrush

Recently, I heard a lot from my blogger friends about ways to increase your blog traffic, ways to attract your reader and ways to promote your blog. I was curious with the word "traffic". Does it mean the traffic on the road that we usually see?

Road traffic...???


After reading some articles about the term :blog traffic, my mind is as clear as the clear, blue sky. The traffic that they mean is the amount of readers that visit your blog in a day, a week, a month, a year or a century! Lol... it's readers, not vehicles. Ok. I get it. *Slap my face for being so ridiculous before*

You can try sitemeter to track your visitor. I love using it.
Oops.. I am tracking you guys all the time. Be careful.. haha..

I think most of us love to be surrounded with nice, lovely readers who will give sincere comment to every post that you've blogged. I confess, I am. I like getting attention from others about what I write and what I am thinking of and then, share thoughts together. And of course, making friends in the blogosphere.

Just imagine, your boss or your mother have scolded you for some unreasonable reasons and have pissed you off. You feel angry and need someone to talk with but unfortunately, your siblings are in oversea, your best friend is dating with her boyfriend, your cat has been disappearing for a week and your teddy bear is still in the washing machine. There's no one to lend you a shoulder.

So, who should you find?

Where should you voice out your anger without harming others? One simple answer: Your blog. Using your blog, there are other blogger friend who will be around, read your post, understand your problem and give advices. They are supportive and lovely people (I mean most of them).

Blogging is so much fun when there are friends around. Life is even greater when there are chances to meet more people around the globe with difference belief, cultures, view and etc. That's why I am trying Blogrush (in which the widget will show up soon..hopefully) and give it a try to see how effective it is. I've been seeing Apple and Johnny using this for months. How is it guys? Nice?

Somehow, if it's not working for my blog, it will be fine since I've you guys who always give me supports and useful advice. For example dalicia, wendy, perfectwound, sameera, preetilata, johnny, paul, apple, keshi, lynnx, princess eileen, lemonade and drama diva.

Thank you guys and I LOVE YOU!!!!

This is how we linked up and share love together. Cool!!!

You guys are rock!

22 November 2007

Stop Talking Behind My Back!

What do you feel when someone talk behind your back and you know it?
What if the person is your own relative?

What if the person has hurt your mum who has heard about it?

I hate people who talk behind my back. Of course, I won't do that too because I believe that what we did will reflect on us in the future, just like the mirror effect. However, I can't stand with her, (my aunt) any longer.

Some hours ago, my mum gave me a big SIGH.... with her gloomy face when I was sitting beside her. She said something that has really pissed me off.

"Curryegg, I never know that your aunt has been looking down at you, ALL the time", my mum said.

"What? Who? And Why?", I asked curiously.

"She told your another aunt that you
won't have a bright future for taking counseling as your future career, unlike her daughter who is taking accounting", she sighed again.

you're not a bright student, taking counseling and psychology will not take you any further. They will only burden you", she added.

I kinda hurt listening to those words. Maybe it's not that hurt when you get the gossip from the third party since there are some possibilities that what we heard might be not accurate. (I'm trying to convince myself).

Somehow, I believe 99% that what I heard might be correct since it's not the first time I heard those thing from others and her own mouth ever since I was a child. Sorry for losing my optimistic mind. Somehow, I am a normal human and I do have my own emotional time. I need to release them NOW! Well, it's unlucky for her that I'm using my cruelest weapon to release my stress : My blog! I know, she might read this but I don't mind letting her know since she has hurt my mum. (my mum is my everything, of course daddy too)
I am sorry. Anyway, I've my right to do so since I am still taking care of her privacy. (No photo, no name or etc)


Actually, I am not going to say anything bad about her since she is my aunt and I've to respect her. But, I just wish to tell her that what she's said and done sometimes are hurting others. Don't you know that my 'lovely' aunt?

To be frank, I am hurt when I saw my mum's unhappy. I did ask her why but she refused to tell me the reason. I guess she feels bad when her own relative saying such cruel word and labelled her daughter as 'NOT A Bright Student' (is she saying me stupid???).

No one ever manage to predict the future, not even my aunt, not even my mum or me, unless you're a fate teller. I don't care what she'd said and what she'd done to my mum before. All I want to do now is to study hard and smart and build my own career in the future. I wanna prove to her! I believe in hard work and at the same time, luck that will determine my future.

I will be there, on the top of the mountain - Mount. Everest for sure.


P/S: If you ever get to read this post, I shall send you a big Thank You for encouraging me, my dear Aunt. Thanks.. (no offend, and I am sincere...)

21 November 2007

First Day Of Work- Darn Tire!

If you realise my twitter which I've just updated it, you will know that I am absolutely tired. Today is my first day of work, as a sales assistant in a store that sell fashion designer's work-clothes.

Working in a classy store is a bit stress (eustress actually) since I know nothing about fashion. I am such a nerd and I don't have any fashion senses. Sad to say it but it's true. You should know this once you'd read my previous post that I need help in cosmetics! (here) For all this while, T-shirt and jeans have become a part of me with my dull non make-up face.

Since I am working, I should know the type of materials that are used, the name of the colour, the meaning behind a designed garment, the famous artist or people (just know a bit) and about the history of the designer himself/herself. Gosh... I need to do my homework before going back to work tomorrow. I thought working as a sales girl will be easy since "I just sell, and they just buy". However, I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyway, I know I can do it. I will search via the internet for more information.

Oh ya. Do you know how did I look today? I look completely like an panda. Haha.... I drew my eyes too dark. Look totally an alien to me.. Lol...

PAnda.... @_@

What I want is to be like in the photo. Natural, big, sparkling eyes! However, it turned up to be like a panda... sigh.... ;(

And gosh! My toes were hurt by my shoe which I think the shoes size do not fit my foot. Too tight for me. As a result, I couldn't walk nor stand right now. Lucky (which I thought) for me that I've immediately got a pair of new, formal shoes.

Something like this..

However, the new shoes are not comfortable neither when I walked back home. Sigh... It's impossible for me to spend another ringgit for another shoes since today is just my first day of work. I don't have any pocket money to buy another new pair of shoes. No no no...
What am I supposed to do for tomorrow?
Anyway, it's much better from my previous one.

This is not my foots! It's an example I took from the net. haha....

Hopefully, there won't be any trouble occurs with my new pair of shoes or else.... that will be my hardest moment to bare with... when the shoes are too tight. Sigh....

20 November 2007

Help Me In Cosmetics!

Finally, I've reached my home-sweet home. I am really tired and exhausted since I've gone through 8 hours of ride. We stopped in Ipoh, then Tanjung Malim to visit my grandmother. To my horror, her middle toe has been cut because of serious infection. She has diabetes and the doctor predicted that she has a small cut before but, didn't treat it before getting serious. Anyway, she is fine now.

Around 9pm, finally we reached home. It was such a heavy rain along the highway which was why we were late.

Now, I am thinking what should I prepare for my first day of work. Some of you might know that tomorrow will be the day and I am excited now... ok.. maybe slightly.

Let me figure out things that I must prepare:
  1. My black formal trouser
  2. My purse with IC and money (A must!)
  3. Cosmetic- Gosh... Help me in this! I don't know.
I am really shy to say that I don't have my own make-up percussion a week before since I don't know how to make-up. Before, studying in school do not allow the students to make-up. Logically, I shall not know too... Lol.. haha.. Ok, It's an accuse. I admit that I am too lazy to learn.

Working in this job, I should know slightly about how to make-up for myself. It's a kind of courtesy for the job. (this is what I heard. really??)

Let me list out what I should really need for the cosmetics:
  1. Mascara
  2. Face powder
  3. Lip Gloss
  4. Eye shadow
  5. Eye pencil
  6. What else??? I am lost now!!! Oopss..

Face powder

Eye shadow
Eye pencil

Lip gloss..

Those items are found in my mother's make-up bag. Hehe... I am going to steal some tomorrow. But....
Sigh... I think I don't have much time to learn a basic skill to make-up myself now. I am really tire and sleepy. Someone can please help me????


Note: Sorry for not replying your comment/s lately. Been busy for weeks! Anyhow, I've read those comment and will reply when I am free. Thank for leaving those eggs for me.. *happy*

19 November 2007

The Cost After Death

Finally, my great grandmother was buried in Taiping.
I'd attended the ceremony since yesterday until today, the final day. My family, grandma, my other relatives and I spent the whole 2 days at my great grandmother's house for the ceremony. That's why I didn't update my blog and I am sorry.

My great grandmother death have thought me something... not just about to precious everyone life. It's more than that. My great grandmother has 8 children and my granny is the eldest so she was the one who monitored the whole ceremony. In that 3 days, mum told me the whole ceremony has used up Rm40,000 ++ *this figure has been updated* (including meals, food for offering, music band and etc) but not including the land for her grave. It was a shocking amount to me. Gosh... I thought only the wedding ceremony will use up a big sum of money.

It was lucky for great grandmother that she has 8 children who can share and pay for the ceremony. Anyway, not all of her child can afford the expensive cost since some of them are just the fishmonger and the maker of dried salten fish. Fortunately, my great grandmother did save some money before she left. Those money will be used to cover the cost. Now, I start to understand why people especially the adults are saving those money for there death. Just to make an early preparation in case her/his children don't have the money to make the ceremony for her.. ;(

Let me highlight something here:

Do you believe that my great grandmother has 100 ++ over grandchildren and great grandchildren? It was amazing to see such a big number of family. However, I don't know much of them since I am at the bottom of the family tree and most of them stay far apart. I believe, after the death of my great grandma, I won't have much chance to see them again. There will be no more reason to go back to the old wooden house and it is really sad to think about it.

Do you know that, I need to wear RED in colour T-shirt while attending the ceremony?

Strange right since only black and white shirts are allow to show a respect for the family and the ceremony. In my case, it's difference. Those great grandchildren will wear red or pink shirt... and I feel proud of it.. dunno why.. haha...

I will go back tomorrow and will start my part-time job on Wednesday (I've postponed it). Looks like I've to get rest soon. Sorry for not having the time to visit some of your blog. I am busy over here. Hope that you guys will have a nice day.
See ya... ^^

17 November 2007

Horror Yet Real!

For all this while, I thought the world is beautiful, harmony, lovely and safe. However, everything is fake. From a colourful, bright world turn to be so grey and dark. Since when my mind turn to be so negative? It's not because of my great grandmother's death. It's nothing to do with her.

So, what has brought up my negative thinking of this world?
Answer: Cruel people.

As I was surfing the internet, I came across with The New Straits Time (Malaysia) website and read some news. Gosh! What I've found out?


Oops....man she had sex with not her husband.

KEMAMAN: She felt a warm body next to her. Thinking it was her husband, she did what came naturally.

The woman said she went to bed in their Chuping home about 5am on Friday after making preparations for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. Her husband had gone to work earlier.
About an hour later, she claimed, she felt a man next to her and she proceeded to make love to him. She claimed she did not see his face. When her 34-year-old husband walked into the room a little later, she said she was surprised to see him in his work clothes.

I know, this news was a month ago. Anyway, I found it interesting. How could she not realise that the man was not her husband? She even proceeded to make love with the stranger? Ok.. Maybe the day was still dark and she was too exhausted in which had caused her not to realise the man who slept beside her. But... wait a minute. Since she knew that her husband had gone to work, then how could she not alarm with the man who was sleeping beside her? Emm.... I am really curious about this.

Well, the first news is kinda joke to me. That is not the reason why I felt so angry. Let's scroll down your mouse and read further.


Girl, 17 claims rape by dad's ex-employee.

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Police detained a 42-year-old stall operator in Kubang Semang here after his former employer's daughter lodged a report claiming that the man had raped her on several occasions.

The 17-year-old girl claimed that the suspect used to work with her father.
She alleged that the suspect began raping her when she was 10 until she was 12.

However, she claimed the suspect repeated the offence in November last year.

The girl related her ordeal to her father recently.

The father, 50, detained the suspect on Thursday with the help of several villagers and a policeman.

The suspect has been remanded until Nov 22 for investigation.

Oh my... Another raping cases. Sighh..... It's sad to know that she was being rapped at the age of 10 till 12. What can a small girl do when she's still young and innocent. I don't think that an adult (no matter a male or female) should do such thing to a child. Adult should instead be a role model to the child, educate them, love them, nurture them , and take good care of them, not adding pains and leaving traumas on them. Sigh...

Here are the Shocking Latest News! I label it as Horror!!!

Girl Assaulted With Hammer.

MUAR: An 11-year-old girl is fighting for her life after she was repeatedly hit on the head with a hammer.

Lim Kai Ying was attacked by a man who had chased her in Jalan Parit Haji Bakri. The Year Five pupil is now in a coma in the critical care unit of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital after she was transferred from the Muar district hospital.

The SRKJ (C) Chung Hwa 3 pupil was riding pillion on a motorcycle with her mother Aree Sae Lim, 42, on their way to school about 7.15am yesterday. Their motorcycle was suddenly overtaken and blocked by another motorcycle ridden by a man wearing a full-faced helmet and dressed in a black T-shirt.

He got down from his motorcycle and pulled out a hammer which he swung in the direction of Aree Sae.

Aree Sae said she was able to dodge his blows but was worried that her daughter would be injured. She shouted to Kai Ying to run.
"Kai Ying got off the motorcycle and ran towards the school which was not far away," Aree Sae said. But to her horror, the motorcyclist chased Kai Ying.

Aree Sae said he hit Kai Ying on the back of the head with the hammer at least three times before running away.
"I ran to my daughter, she was on the ground with blood oozing from her head. "All she said was that her head hurt," said Aree Sae in tears.

Aree Sae said she had no idea why the man had attacked her as the family did not have any enemies and the man did not even try to snatch her handbag.
Muar Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Nasir Ramli said police were tracking down the suspect.

Those with information are urged to contact the Muar district police headquarters at 06-9526222.

It is heartening to read news about Kai Ying and her mum. I really don't understand why the cruel motorcyclist was willing to hit the girl? Why have she done to him? Why her? Why are they ruin her life? Can somebody explain this to me, cognitively, humanity, or behaviorally?

I hope Kai Ying will be safe and please get well. Those who have any information about her, just give a call and make a report at the number which has been shown above.

This might look like a news blog. Somehow, I think these news are worth to be shared Besides, to increase the awareness among us about the safety we should take. It's not just the Malaysian, it's the whole globe. Take my words and be safe...

16 November 2007

Goodbye Great Grandmother

Hello my blogger friends. If you have read my previous post, don't worry about me. I am fine here and still a cheerful curryegg. ^^

Everyone will die in this world. None of us can escape from this reality. My great grandmother death has taught me to precious lives. When one goes, she or he will never come back. This has made me realise how important life is.

I shall spread my love to the world and make it a better place to live. How? Good question. I choose to blog. I believe what I blog here will give some effects on those who read it. I know you can feel what I feel at this moment using words, photo and music. Besides, my curryegg.com site will never disappear ( I guess so) from this blog valley although I was dead. My thoughts and voice will never been forgotten here.. (i hope so). This site will be my history. Haha.... Just like Leonardo Da Vinci's art works. Everyone still remembers his great work.

Everything is fine here just I am a bit boring at my grandma's house because there is nothing I can do. Thank God, my kind cousin, William allow me to use his personal computer here.

Hey! Just got a news from mum that later I will be in charged to take care of my naughty niece who is 3 years old. Uhh... I still remember how she tare my book, stretched my face and pulled my hair. It's hurt.

I hope you still remember her. I did blog about her before.. Click here if you haven't... ;(
She is scary.. Lol...

I think I should prepare myself before she reach here, to my grandma's house in another half minutes. Sigh... This afternoon, curryegg will be tortured by the little girl. Sob...

15 November 2007

I am Guilty

5.50am: Woke up when my alarm clock was shouting at me. Frighten with the sound yet sleepy. I slept late yesterday, blogging like always.

6.00am: I never realize that the water was so cold although I was using the Panasonic temperature control shower. I was shaking. I was shivering man!

6.45am: After taking my breakfast, Kirro, my mum and I started our journey. Along the way, there was a massive traffic jam in the city like always. I hate it. I need to escape from the city.

8.30am: Along the journey, there were police blocks. Luckily Kirro didn't speed along the highway from Tangjung Malim till Sungkai. Or else, we will end up paying fine. I think it will be duit kopi instead? Lol.. And guess what? We saw the most beautiful scene along the road. It's the half sphere RAINBOW- like what I used to draw in primary school before. Beautiful. I'd captured some photos of it, but look blur so I didn't post it here.

9.30am: We reached Ipoh to have our breakfast. I ordered a plate if dried green noddle which seem weird to be. Anyhow, the taste was good. I heard it is originated from Sarawak. Really?

10.00am: We prayed in a nearby Chinese temple. I enjoyed the place a lot - clean, harmony and peaceful. Felt like losing all my problem at that peaceful moment. I made my wishes to my great grandmother, hoping that she will get well soon. She was admitted to a general hospital in Penang last night because of her condition of being too ill. Well, she is 95 years old now. I was wondering will granny successfully win this battle or....... vice verse?

I didn't know. I didn't have the answer but the God knows better than me. Amitabha...

12.30pm: My mum's mobile phone sang suddenly. I could sense something unpleasant, looking at mum's shocking eyes. "Granny has left the world". She told me in a plain tone. I knew mum has prepared for the news. Since last night, she was unable to close her eyes although it was at 1am. I knew she was worried. I could hear her sigh from the dinning room which was not far from her room.

I couldn't see her for the last time before her death. I felt regret. We should reach her house immediately. However, it's too late. All I can do now is to attend her funeral in the next few days. Now, I was not allow to pay a visit to her house yet until the day has come- the funeral. Grandma told me not to go. She will prepared everything with other uncles and aunties. I am sorry great grandmother. Amitabha..

14 November 2007

Shall The Women Pick Up the Bill? Part-2

Can you believe that.... I am totally free now!
Yes! I mean F-R-E-E!!!
Is there anything better than having the 100% freedom?

I've finished my last paper this morning and have just finished packing my stuff and preparing to go back to Penang, my hometown. My journey to the North will start in some hours later. I heard from mum that we will start traveling at 6am sharp. 6am... in the morning? Gosh! That's early. Awwh.... Did I say I've the 100% freedom?

As I was scrolling down my site and have a look posts that I'd posted, sad to see that there are only 7 guests who joined my book. *sob*.... Anyway, thank Apple, Edward, D (you know who you're) , Drama Diva, X, Chingy and YY for participating. Lol.. *Thank*..
I hope there will be more so that I can paste it on my sidebar.

Well, I did notice my poll too which I've posted it in 'Shall The Women Pay The Bill?' (here). Thank God! I get a good responses from you guys. Thank! Let me see... majority agreed that woman should SOMETIMES pay the bill during date. To be frank, I gave a vote to this too. Haha...

Get your own Poll!

I believe, a relationship wouldn't last if both couples are not willing to pay full commitment on it. The commitment here means everything starting from emotional support, money, time and etc.

Traditionally, guys are responsible to take care of his love one including footing every bills that comes. Just like a princess I should say......

STOP acting like a princess in todays world. Stop dreaming girls (Accept: if you've got a rich, loving guy who will pamper you with everything you want!!! Where? I want too!!!). In fact, girls should share the bills too like what other bloggers wrote it here before. Let's pick some comments from my egg box.

Drama Diva wrote :
"By right, the person who asks the other one out on the first date should be the one to pay. But I'm a truly old fashioned girl, so I think the guy should always pay, first date, second date, or even after the one hundred and ninth date.... hihihi"

Honestly, I agree with drama diva too since I am an old fashioned girl. I like man who will pay for me, a way to show their love being gentleman. Of course, I will not make a hole on his wallet. Instead, I will try to reduce his burden by choosing an affordable restaurant and make less shopping.

I love this answer from Tracy which sounds similar to Drama Diva.

"I say "Sometimes"... I think that when you are young and not seriously dating then the female should try to pay her half. If the male really likes her and it's getting romantic, I think it is nice and old fashioned for the male to offer to pay."

That's what I really want. If a guy is really serious in a relationship, he will be wiling to pay for her crush. This is one of a proof to show his commitment. I mean.. true. If he is not willing to pay for small bills, how sure you're he will take care of you in the future... after marriage? Or when the relationship get more serious?

"Well I don't think there are many men who will allow girls to pay the bill. It's their ego to "pamper" the girls :) "

Before commenting about Cherry's comment, lets look at this. This is one of the surprising comment I've received, yet it's sound true.

X typed:
"It depends on the situation and occasion. But if a guy wants to impress the girl with his wallet, let him do it la. Usually a guy would want to do that to the girl he is trying to woo, it is like the saying the sweet part comes first after he got her, maybe he is going to make her pay ..wukakakakaka"

What do you think, Cherry about X's comment? How about you guys? Agree? Haha.. I agreed with Cherry that man's ego is high and he won't let his girl friend to pay for the day. What if it happens for long-term? Will your guy still willing to pay for you after marriage? I agree with Mr.X too. My mum pays sometimes for meals and other stuff after marriage. Before, dad paid everything during their dates but things change after they have me. Will this happen to me too? Sigh... :(

There are someone who disagree with this title. Let see Dalicia's comment.

Dalicia wrote:
"Since when we're equal??? Man gets more pay than women. So for them to pay our bill is so hard? things are better than many years back. but we're not on equal grounds. It depends on the relationship. Sometimes you want to treat your guy or what...but we're not there to foot all their bills. or pay their debts :P"

I Love this answer a lot since she's showing us the woman's power! Yeah! She's right. We can choose to treat the guy for meals but not paying their bills or debts which will bring us trouble. Heard us? Haha...

Every comments that I've received here sounds great to me. However, which one is the best one? Any idea? ;D

Anyway, I still wish to see 'masculine power' from the men - their ego for not wanting their women that they truly love to pay before or after marriage of course! Well, girls like us will do our part as well. Don't worry. Lol..