15 November 2007

I am Guilty

5.50am: Woke up when my alarm clock was shouting at me. Frighten with the sound yet sleepy. I slept late yesterday, blogging like always.

6.00am: I never realize that the water was so cold although I was using the Panasonic temperature control shower. I was shaking. I was shivering man!

6.45am: After taking my breakfast, Kirro, my mum and I started our journey. Along the way, there was a massive traffic jam in the city like always. I hate it. I need to escape from the city.

8.30am: Along the journey, there were police blocks. Luckily Kirro didn't speed along the highway from Tangjung Malim till Sungkai. Or else, we will end up paying fine. I think it will be duit kopi instead? Lol.. And guess what? We saw the most beautiful scene along the road. It's the half sphere RAINBOW- like what I used to draw in primary school before. Beautiful. I'd captured some photos of it, but look blur so I didn't post it here.

9.30am: We reached Ipoh to have our breakfast. I ordered a plate if dried green noddle which seem weird to be. Anyhow, the taste was good. I heard it is originated from Sarawak. Really?

10.00am: We prayed in a nearby Chinese temple. I enjoyed the place a lot - clean, harmony and peaceful. Felt like losing all my problem at that peaceful moment. I made my wishes to my great grandmother, hoping that she will get well soon. She was admitted to a general hospital in Penang last night because of her condition of being too ill. Well, she is 95 years old now. I was wondering will granny successfully win this battle or....... vice verse?

I didn't know. I didn't have the answer but the God knows better than me. Amitabha...

12.30pm: My mum's mobile phone sang suddenly. I could sense something unpleasant, looking at mum's shocking eyes. "Granny has left the world". She told me in a plain tone. I knew mum has prepared for the news. Since last night, she was unable to close her eyes although it was at 1am. I knew she was worried. I could hear her sigh from the dinning room which was not far from her room.

I couldn't see her for the last time before her death. I felt regret. We should reach her house immediately. However, it's too late. All I can do now is to attend her funeral in the next few days. Now, I was not allow to pay a visit to her house yet until the day has come- the funeral. Grandma told me not to go. She will prepared everything with other uncles and aunties. I am sorry great grandmother. Amitabha..