13 November 2007

Sweet Memory With Slide.Com

Notice: This is not an advertising post.

My Memory
I went to my Slide.com account and found out this slide. I did this nearly a year ago. I experience a sudden flashback everytime I look at those photos. All those sweet memories of mine rushed in to my mind. I miss those moments with my friends. Those photos were taken in Penang, my hometown when I was in Form 6 (Pre-U).

I still remember I was so stress at that moment. STPM (Just like A-level but a bit harder)is so tough and I'd been struggling through out the year. Luckily, there are still sweet memories for me to treasure.

To all my ex-secondary and my best friends, I will like to announce that...

*drum roll*

You guys are the best and I shall never forgot you. I will treasure every moment we've spent time together and this slide and post proof what I mean.


My GuestBook.
Oh ya. While I was surveying the site, I've found out something special. It's their new-lunch-guestbook! I came out with an incredible idea. How about I keep a guestbook of my blogger friends and my lovely visitors in my blog? Ya ya... I mean *YOU*...

I've created a slide show guestbook and hope that you can upload your lovely photo (or any picture) there. Besides, you can add in your comments, your details or wishes.. Are you joining me? Will ya? Please say *Yes*...

Hope to see you participating in my First-ever-Guestbook...
I have to start doing my revision now. See ya... ;D