07 November 2007

Please Brighten Up My Deepavali..

Living in Malaysia has given me a lot of advantages. One of the benefit I can get is to be able to celebrate variety of cultures- including Deepavali.

This year will be my dullest Deepavali celebration (I think so) because I don't have any Indian friends in Kuala Lumpur. I am completely new here unlike in Nibong Tebal, Penang (my lovely hometown) where I've Indian friends and teachers. They will invite me to there houses with curry dishes and of course.... muruku, my favourite...

I miss Anigala, Kanitaa, Vanusha, Litha, Jayanthi, Thilaga, Yuvanesh, Rajvikrem and Mrs Machap (my honourable English teacher) now. I will never miss to pay a visit to their house during Deepavali but sadly.. not this year. *sob*

Here are some photos a year ago.

Anigala.. my lovely sweet friends.. Miss her a lot.

I miss you guys!

In Litha's house. Hugs... I miss you too!

I love this photo a lot... ^^My lovely Kanitaa. She's a nice girl and I miss her too! Muacks!
And I.... ohh.... I am not that miss him. Bleekk... Haha.. Joking... I miss you too. This is Yuva, a nice, gentleman friend of mine.

We (Yuva and I) used to have a lot of gossip before ever since he taught me the theory of piano. To make the matter worst, Ms Ooi picked him as the class monitor and I was the assistant when we were in form 5. His friends couldn't stop teasing us. Sigh.... Anyway, it's over and I will remember those moment... Eerrrr... Be careful Raj, Adrian, Siew Kar and etc...

Just imagine in those day, a few of my Chinese friends and I will ride on a bicycle (I don't have car license yet) to 5-7 houses in a day starting from 8am till 5pm. We will be treated with rice, curry mutton, curry chicken, tosei, and some snacks. That's mean my breakfast and lunch have been prepared. How about the dinner? Well, there will be no dinner for me at the end of the day. My stomach will be completely filled with food and there will be no room for dinner. As the consequences, my weight will increase and I can't take in any more curry on the next day.

Sigh... I will go back if it's not because of my last paper which is dated on 14th November. Now, I can hear the sound of the fireworks. And hey! I can hear the moaning siren too! Gosh! It's the police cars. Sure kena saman lo.... (since putting firework is illegal in Malaysia)

Oh my... It's 12.01am now. I shall wish all my Indian blogger friends to have a "Wonderful Deepavali". I will never forget to greet our Malaysia Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu... ;D

May I have my muruku??