09 November 2007

Deepavali With CLEO & My First Video Blog

Yesterday was my dullest Deepavali I ever had in my life. As like what I had expected:
no curry,
no muruku
and nothing!

Let me tell you what I did.
In the morning, my parents and I went to the Chinese hawker stall to have our breakfast. I ordered 'Pak guo Fu zhok yi mai'... (Sorry, I don't know the name in English) and Prawn Noodles.

'Pak guo fu zhuk yi mai'

Prawn noodles.. yummy..

I wonder why my eyes are so small... truly Asian... @_@

Next, we went to a nearby Tesco to do some shopping and finally.... back to home.
See... How boring was I?

RM 5.60 which I think is reasonable. It's cheap!

Lucky for me that I've bought my favourite CLEO magazine while shopping in Tesco and my day has slightly brighten up. I like this month issue from CLEO magazine where there are a lot of interesting stuff especially for fashion and topics about women and love. Besides, there are a number of competitions for us to grab - Hugo perfume, Walt Disney Pictures movie passes, Edwin apparel and etc. Well, I don't think I've the luck to win those prizes.. Em.... Anyway, I wanna try!

While I was flipping the pages, I came across with this red page. Guess what it's? I believe you guys can guess what it's in Warning envolope...

Let me zoom bigger for you..

Do you know what it's? Free sample from Kotex : 2 sanitary pads.
Lol.... o_O
Thank you...

And hey! There is a party from Cleo in 23 November 2007. It's the CLEO fashion awards party. Those lucky 1000 readers with a pass is entitled to free entrance. But... It's for 21 years old and above. UUhhh? What?? Sob... I can't go..

Sigh... I am so disappointed. Well, can I do some tricks on it? Change my IC (Identity card) number? haha.... Good idea but how?

My first Video...

While I was in the car yesterday, I've made my own video. Since I was so boring, I came up with a crazy idea. Haha.... Have a look on what I've done. Happy Friday!

Oopss! I think I've scared you away... o_O