10 November 2007

Shall The Women Pick Up the Bill?

I came across with this article "Pay Your Half, Princess!" in the CLEO magazine from the his say session and found it interesting.

It's about should the girls pay the bill or at least pay half during dates? Matt, the writer has brought up an interesting point :

"If the women are equal, how come men pick up so many bills?"

You pay for the movie.
You pay for meals.
You pay for the clothes that she like.
You pay for the parking tickets.
You pay everything!

Hey guys.
Is this sounds true to you?
Do you agree it?

You start paying bill for your first dates...

Until you're married and old... and you still have to pay for the bills?
Sound true uhh?

Well, this sounds true to me since in this 21 century we, the females get the same opportunity with the males in most aspects including education, job, status and etc. Unlike in those days where sexual discrimination was so strong (I think it's still happening in some countries). Women were being treated like slaves. They didn't have the freedom to do things they like and worst, they even lost their dignity.

Hey! Stop that!

Lucky for me that I am not in those days where the gap between the status of men and women is so big. Now we get the right to stop gender discrimination. And STOP the sexual harassment cases as well! Eerr..... ;(

Since we're equal to men now, I think I still can effort to foot the bills (if I am working), sometimes. Honestly, I don't mind to pay. I think this is fair to both couples. Besides, the men's burden on financial can be reduced since they have to pay for two persons for each date.

We will kindly pay for it.

Anyway, if I ever come across with a guy/guys who expect me to pay for them all the time during dates (which I call it as roles-shifting), I believe it will be my last date with him. No matter how strong a woman is in todays world, we still need a man to pamper us, love us, take care of us, support us and be a gentleman. Well, I don't mean that the guy should take all the responsibility for the person he dates with. Just try your best. And you can tell us your situation. I believe we will understand it and will go to the hawker stall for meals instead of Secret Recipe or Chilis.

Sometimes, guy's ego is too high. They are afraid of telling the true. As the result, girls hardly understand their mates. So, it's better if the guy can discuss with the girl in a good way regarding with his financial burden. And girls! We should take care of our partner's purse. Or else... you know the consequences.

You're partner is so stress. Lol....

Looks like I've to bare this in mind too... ;)
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