20 November 2007

Help Me In Cosmetics!

Finally, I've reached my home-sweet home. I am really tired and exhausted since I've gone through 8 hours of ride. We stopped in Ipoh, then Tanjung Malim to visit my grandmother. To my horror, her middle toe has been cut because of serious infection. She has diabetes and the doctor predicted that she has a small cut before but, didn't treat it before getting serious. Anyway, she is fine now.

Around 9pm, finally we reached home. It was such a heavy rain along the highway which was why we were late.

Now, I am thinking what should I prepare for my first day of work. Some of you might know that tomorrow will be the day and I am excited now... ok.. maybe slightly.

Let me figure out things that I must prepare:
  1. My black formal trouser
  2. My purse with IC and money (A must!)
  3. Cosmetic- Gosh... Help me in this! I don't know.
I am really shy to say that I don't have my own make-up percussion a week before since I don't know how to make-up. Before, studying in school do not allow the students to make-up. Logically, I shall not know too... Lol.. haha.. Ok, It's an accuse. I admit that I am too lazy to learn.

Working in this job, I should know slightly about how to make-up for myself. It's a kind of courtesy for the job. (this is what I heard. really??)

Let me list out what I should really need for the cosmetics:
  1. Mascara
  2. Face powder
  3. Lip Gloss
  4. Eye shadow
  5. Eye pencil
  6. What else??? I am lost now!!! Oopss..

Face powder

Eye shadow
Eye pencil

Lip gloss..

Those items are found in my mother's make-up bag. Hehe... I am going to steal some tomorrow. But....
Sigh... I think I don't have much time to learn a basic skill to make-up myself now. I am really tire and sleepy. Someone can please help me????


Note: Sorry for not replying your comment/s lately. Been busy for weeks! Anyhow, I've read those comment and will reply when I am free. Thank for leaving those eggs for me.. *happy*