19 January 2011

Me and Mini Exhibition

Just this morning, my partner and I conducted a mini exhibition in our department with the title of ‘What is stress?’. This is our very first project and I actually feel very excited about it. We did all the drawing by ourselves.




Yes, we drew all those drawing by ourselves and Shu Huan is the expert in this. She can draw cartoon very well in a short period of time time and I seriously impress with her talent Winking smile




The respond from the visitors is so far good. The staff in the department even requested to extend the exhibition duration. Supposely, it should end by today but then we agreed and decided to leave the work longer. I am glad that our work are being appreciated.




Well, I can’t write long post for now as I still need to work tomorrow. When you have to work while at the same time studying, it’s indeed tiring and all you wish to do is to dive in immediately into the blanket, lying peaceful on bed and sleep.


I shall do that now… like NOW. Good night everyone Smile


P/s: By the way, I am having my intern in a government hospital. So, expect more stories from this setting in future posts.

03 January 2011

Blogging From New House

Hi guys,


How are you doing? It has been almost a week I have not posted anything. I know, I know. I have promised to update my blog like few days ago but I failed to keep my promise. I am sorry =(


There are so many preparations which I should do and one of the biggest attention I should give is the house moving part. It is not tiring but full of excitement and curiosity because I have never stayed at a rented house in new area. I am glad that Shu Huan and I are roommate and teammate for the house and internship. Or else, I can feel it will be boring.


Tomorrow will be my first day of work in hospital. Frankly, I don’t know what to expect as I don’t have a clear picture of my job scope. One thing for sure, I will meet lot of staff, nurses and patients. I am going to give my best smile tomorrow to everyone I meet. It will be my best new day of the year, I guarantee you.. Smile


So, I should write less and experience more. Wish me luck!


P/s: Wish you have a great and happy day at school, college, university and working place. Let’s rock our first Monday, shall we?