03 January 2011

Blogging From New House

Hi guys,


How are you doing? It has been almost a week I have not posted anything. I know, I know. I have promised to update my blog like few days ago but I failed to keep my promise. I am sorry =(


There are so many preparations which I should do and one of the biggest attention I should give is the house moving part. It is not tiring but full of excitement and curiosity because I have never stayed at a rented house in new area. I am glad that Shu Huan and I are roommate and teammate for the house and internship. Or else, I can feel it will be boring.


Tomorrow will be my first day of work in hospital. Frankly, I don’t know what to expect as I don’t have a clear picture of my job scope. One thing for sure, I will meet lot of staff, nurses and patients. I am going to give my best smile tomorrow to everyone I meet. It will be my best new day of the year, I guarantee you.. Smile


So, I should write less and experience more. Wish me luck!


P/s: Wish you have a great and happy day at school, college, university and working place. Let’s rock our first Monday, shall we?