26 August 2007

China - Hainan

My dad has come back!

He reached home early in the morning. My Mum and I are so relief to see him back safely. Amitabha.. Thank for your concern to him.. ^^

He was a bit darker now due to the hot weather in Hainan. Hainan is the only place in China that is similar with Malaysia especially the weather. Both don't have four seasons-unlike in London, Paris, Korea and Japan. Hainan is one of the China favourite tourist spot. It's famous with her natural beauty such as the beach!

My dad has given me a special souvenirs from Hainan. Guess what it's? Photos! haha... So I can blog them here and share with you. Well, I am not going to blog about the beaches. It's about the lifestyles, about their living.

Here we go!

Do you still remember my previous post about my China Trip? (Click here, here and here..) I found out that the houses in Hainan are slightly different from Fu Jian. I believe that in every part of China, the lifestyle of the people will be different since the area of this country is huge. Here is some of the pictures.

Old house. They still use woods for cooking.

Do you realise that the doors of every houses are connected? Their design is difference. They connect their front and back door with their neighbours. Interesting!
But does this mean that we don't have privacy? Emm...

Gossip. haha... This is how they spend their time. (Psst.. my dad told me so..)

Now, let us go to the market!

Wet market. I can see dead chickens on my left hand side. Oohhh.... ;(

Shall I call this "Open-air market"? Haha...
Well! I saw durian over there! My dad said maybe they are imported from Thailand.. True? How about Malaysia? haha..

Chillies... Emm.... Red Tomatoes!
But dirty... Ewwh...

What is this? I don't know. I never saw this in Malaysia. Do you know this fruit??

Wow... Are they coconut? Beautiful!
Eggs! Wow! Can I make curry egg? haha...

My dad purposely took this picture. He said the fish look special.
I mean the fish in right corner..
flat fish...???

Oohh.. Eggs again.. But.... Why some of the eggs are in red colour?
Chinese "Kau chi"! haha... They look like an art for me.
Hygienic stall. Better... :)

Have you heard anything about Chinese "tau fu"?
"Tau fu" is made by soy bean. My dad want me to blog this as well. The reason is.. there are variety shape of "tau fu". I wonder will they taste the same or vice versa?

The raw "tau fu"..
They fried the "tau fu"... Golden brown..

Finally.. the Chinese PAU!!!
Ohhh.... Steam Pau.. My favourite. Now I am upset because my dad didn't buy me anything accept these photos. *Sob*....

I just can see but can't touch.... Sob..
ooohhhhh.... Unfair dad!
Where is my souvenir!!!??!!

24 August 2007

Psychology test - Stroop Effect

Here is a psychology test = The Stroop Effect
This test is fun and you should try it! I just found out this test from a book and wish to share it with you. I guess some of you might have seen it before.

Instruction: Prepare a time watch and count the time. Name the colour of each word. In this test you are required to say the colour of the word, not what the word says. For example, for the word, RED, you should say "Blue." Remember! Not the word, it's the colour. Tell me how fast you can make it.

Red Orange Blue
Green Red Orange
Blue Green Blue
Red Red Orange
Green Blue Red
Orange Red Blue
Green Orange Red

Or you can try to click on this website. Here. It's fun! Try to test yourself.
Well, I though it is easy but it's not. Remember to tell me your result. I will be happy to hear it.. Thank! Good luck my friend!

21 August 2007

China Airlines (Boeying 737)

Have you heard about this news?
This shocking news happened on this Monday... (20/8/07)
A China Airlines (Boeing 737) burst into a ball of fire just eight minutes after it landed on the southern island of Okinawa. Gosh! This was shocking! The engine caught fire right after it landed.

The question is who shall we blame?
Is this mean that the safety provided was poor?

This news has frightened me since my dad is in China now. My family and I are worrying for his safety. To make matter worst, there are some parts of China is having a big flood. Sigh... I think he shouldn't go in this period of time. Anyway, I hope he is safe. Amitabha...

20 August 2007

Oh ya..
I've forgotten to blog it here.
I had my small gathering last Friday with my ex-schoolmates from SMKSN. It was such a memorable gathering. We chat for hours in Kenny Roger and finally in McDonald.. Haha... Lim was so kind. He treated each one of us an McD ice-cream. Thank you my friend. I will not forget it.. hehe....

Our small gathering
the boys...
The girls...

Well, being in new places, we will meet new people and make friends. Here are my new life with new friends...

Jane's friend..

My course mates... leng lui? ;)

Here is a poem for my friends (Of course including you my blogger friends) :

A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend.
- By Emma Guest -

I will not forget you my friends. I will never forget our memories but I will treasure them always in my heart. I hope you won't forget me too and wish you all the best in life. Please keep me in touch with you ok? I would to hear from you..

Friendship forever... :)

19 August 2007

Previous Canteen Day

It's 12.30am now and I'm still awake. I can't read my book at this moment. The problem is... I can't concentrate. Gosh! My Psychology test is on this coming Thursday and I still haven't read anything. Sigh... I am such a lazy girl.

I went out for a movie today. I was not at home this whole afternoon. Well, this movie is great! I love its storyline.... simple but meaningful.
It's Ratatouille of course!

It is so funny! Love this movie a lot! haha...
I did some window shopping after the movie and this is the reason I lost my time. Lol... I thought I will start my revision some hours ago but failed. I think I don't have the mood to study as my mind is wandering around....

So, I closed my book, pushed the chair neatly to my table and finally walked to my computer. Then, I clicked on my photo collections and have a look on them. I was attracted with a file, written "canteen day".

I clicked them and all of those photos popped out within seconds.
A sudden flashback of my memories during form 6 happened right at that moment. Oohh.. I miss it..

Canteen Day...

My friends who were cutting fruits....

Wow! He has the skill in cutting the watermelons.. hehe...

My English teacher and Biology teacher.. hehe... sweet smile..
Cute pose... ;)

Ah... my happy moment..

Muahaha... this is even funnier...
Be energetic! Blekk...
My good friends. I've know them for nearly 6 years.. Old friends.. haha...

Honestly, I really miss that moment a lot. Before, I felt that being a form 6 student (pre-U) was so stressful and struggling.. I spent most of my time studying. As the result, I've lost my quality time with my friends. Now, everyone is so busy with their own life either in studies or working. The chances of meeting them are so low. Em.... sob...

Anyway, I've promised myself that I will enjoy my Uni life from now and then. It's useless to just studies but no play. haha... So, I am right to play now right? Lol... stop studying! yeah...

But of course, I am just kidding. I won't neglect my studies.
Am I right my friends?

14 August 2007

Sepang- Dragon Fruit!

I am free again! My exam was over but sadly... another test is coming in a week time. Sigh... and assignments too! Well, I don't care. I wanna blog now! I miss my curryegg.com. hehehe...
Here is what you're waiting for... photos!

Sepang is famous with her tourist attraction- F1
Formular One! Yup!

is a town and district located in the southern part of the state of Selangor in Malaysia. Formerly a sleepy town, Sepang has grown by leaps and bounds due to several recent developments. Sepang district is perhaps best known for hosting the Sepang International Circuit and as the site of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which serves Kuala Lumpur.

The Sepang F1 International Circuit is the home of the Malaysian Grand Prix which is the Malaysian leg of the Formula One race.... (Wikipedia)

But I am not going to blog about formular one. It's something even more interesting...
Dragon fruit!
*clap hand*

Have you seen anything red like this? Haha... It's known as "Dragon fruit". But... do they show any similarity to a dragon? Em.... I don't think so. Strange name.

My parents and I visited Selangor again, last week. It was a fun trip! I went to the Dragon Fruit farm. There are a numerous of farms there, and most of the farms were large!

What do they look like? I heard they are some kind of cactus.

There was a small, wooden house in the center of the farm.
A resting house for the farmers I guess...

BUt.. a bit messy.. haha... (!!-_-)

Hey look! There was a mini kitchen in this wooden house. Cute! But we should watch out steps when going in and out...

Dragon fruits....

They just look like.... umbrella? Lol...

The flower of this plant is white! When polination occur, the ovary in the flower will slowly develop and form....

Red Dragon fruit!

Honestly... have you seen them before? I mean in reality?

After spending for nearly half an hour here, I decided to walk back but my camera was still on my hands. I couldn't stop myself from snapping photos! I'm addicted! Gosh!

Here are some of the interesting photos... :

Do they look like flowers? Beautiful arrangement...

And even this! 4 in a row.. We, the girls.. are lucky! Yeah!

After the photographing session, we were served with the "Red Dragon Fruit" by the owner of the farm... Oh... I love the food!

Can you see? Red... And there were million of seeds. Lol..

The boss even made a fresh fruit jus for me. Oh... lovely taste.. And most importantly.. this drink is healthy!

Minutes ago...

Burrr..... sorry... haha..
I'm fulled.

The taste was so unique and I love it!

The boss even used the fruit to make enzyme drink.
Good for your health!!!

Finally, those left over or unwanted skins were given to those hungry rabbits.
They love it!

We did buy a lot during in this trip. I love this place and wish to visit it again. Anyhow, I shall rush my 3 assignments now... If not.. I will forget...
See you guys again.. tata... ;D