14 August 2007

Sepang- Dragon Fruit!

I am free again! My exam was over but sadly... another test is coming in a week time. Sigh... and assignments too! Well, I don't care. I wanna blog now! I miss my curryegg.com. hehehe...
Here is what you're waiting for... photos!

Sepang is famous with her tourist attraction- F1
Formular One! Yup!

is a town and district located in the southern part of the state of Selangor in Malaysia. Formerly a sleepy town, Sepang has grown by leaps and bounds due to several recent developments. Sepang district is perhaps best known for hosting the Sepang International Circuit and as the site of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which serves Kuala Lumpur.

The Sepang F1 International Circuit is the home of the Malaysian Grand Prix which is the Malaysian leg of the Formula One race.... (Wikipedia)

But I am not going to blog about formular one. It's something even more interesting...
Dragon fruit!
*clap hand*

Have you seen anything red like this? Haha... It's known as "Dragon fruit". But... do they show any similarity to a dragon? Em.... I don't think so. Strange name.

My parents and I visited Selangor again, last week. It was a fun trip! I went to the Dragon Fruit farm. There are a numerous of farms there, and most of the farms were large!

What do they look like? I heard they are some kind of cactus.

There was a small, wooden house in the center of the farm.
A resting house for the farmers I guess...

BUt.. a bit messy.. haha... (!!-_-)

Hey look! There was a mini kitchen in this wooden house. Cute! But we should watch out steps when going in and out...

Dragon fruits....

They just look like.... umbrella? Lol...

The flower of this plant is white! When polination occur, the ovary in the flower will slowly develop and form....

Red Dragon fruit!

Honestly... have you seen them before? I mean in reality?

After spending for nearly half an hour here, I decided to walk back but my camera was still on my hands. I couldn't stop myself from snapping photos! I'm addicted! Gosh!

Here are some of the interesting photos... :

Do they look like flowers? Beautiful arrangement...

And even this! 4 in a row.. We, the girls.. are lucky! Yeah!

After the photographing session, we were served with the "Red Dragon Fruit" by the owner of the farm... Oh... I love the food!

Can you see? Red... And there were million of seeds. Lol..

The boss even made a fresh fruit jus for me. Oh... lovely taste.. And most importantly.. this drink is healthy!

Minutes ago...

Burrr..... sorry... haha..
I'm fulled.

The taste was so unique and I love it!

The boss even used the fruit to make enzyme drink.
Good for your health!!!

Finally, those left over or unwanted skins were given to those hungry rabbits.
They love it!

We did buy a lot during in this trip. I love this place and wish to visit it again. Anyhow, I shall rush my 3 assignments now... If not.. I will forget...
See you guys again.. tata... ;D