04 August 2007

Lovely Awards

Everyone needs appreciation.
Everyone needs compliment.
Don't tell me that you're not. We need them.

I truly believe that every single appreciation and compliment given by others will make our day bright. We feel being noticed and appreciated by others. We feel being supported by the people around us. And because of this, we will encourage ourselves to do better. I should label it as:
"Positive effect".

So what if I put them in this form?

Appreciation + compliment = Awards

Yes.. Awards. What I'm trying to relate here is the word "Awards".

Honestly, I feel happy and touched when people around me giving me support-verbally or non-verbally. I feel stronger and tougher each time. Thank to you guys who have supported me and taught me all the time. I really appreciate it..*hugs*

Well, here are some awards that I need to pass on to others. This is the rule and I shouldn't procrastinate it anymore. Let's start with.... :

Unexpectedly, I received this award from Akanksha some weeks ago. Thank akansha for the award. I am curious with the word and I've found this:
Schmoozing as defined by Dictionary.com is the ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.”
Wow... This award is given to those that are good in so-called socializing... So, here are the 5 lucky bloggers:
  1. Shionge - She is a good blogger and she can be friend whoever she met. You're great!
  2. Keshi - I love her blog a lot and you will get what I mean by reading her blog by your own.
  3. Edyta - She's such a cute and lovely blogger. Everyone loves her. So, this is why you deserve this award.
  4. Drama div@ - Another blogger that I love. Her words in her posts are short and simple but meaningful. That's why I love her... :)
  5. Nicolekiss - She has drawn my attention ever since I start reading her blog. She is a beautiful and interesting blogger!

Next.. crashdummie has awarded the rocking girl blogger award to me.

She wrote:
"curryegg– for all the wonderful pics she posts. I have a vivid imagination which can easily be fed of them".

Thank crashdummie.... I'm really happy to receive this from you.... And thank for remembering my love-email. I'm so glad that you've kept them in your blog.. Hugs...

Well, here is another awards for the girls:

  1. Kaylee - She has such a challenging life but she never give up. Instead, she face every challenge in a positive way. Besides, she will never forget to leave a comment for everyone. Without her comment, my blog is incomplete. Girl! You're ROCK!
  2. Wendy - She shares every single of her story without doubts and worries. Love her stories. And she will never forget to leave an 'egg' in my every post. Thank! :)
  3. Dalicia - She is the 1st blogger friend of mine. Every single comment that she dropped me will bright up my day. Thank my friend. And things that you write are meaningful! Rock!
  4. Lynnx - She blog and earn $ at the same time and this has increased my admiration on her. And her blog is interesting! ;D
  5. Akanksha - I just know her not long ago but I know... she's a rock blogger! I enjoy her blog a lot and I hope she know it! Keep on blogging!!

Crashdummie was right. It's unfair if the guys are not awarded. So, here you are:

  1. Divemuster- He has a good idea for his blog. Hope that he will keep on posting and don't stop this awesome spirit!
  2. Rajeev - I think he has received this before. Anyhow, this is awarded by me. So,it's different. Haha... Well, he is good in writing poems, love stories and stories... I really hope that he will publish a series of novel or a book! Lol... he's an awesome guy of course~!
  3. Paul - He's a tough, talented and hardworking guy. Besides, he cared people around him. What a caring guy! Awesome! Keep on blogging ya...
  4. Raymond - He's good in blogging and things that he wrote are intriguing. Don't stop blogging ya? :)
  5. Perfectwound - Actually he should be crowned as the cool boy blogger. Lol... Anyway, things that he wrote are meaningful.

I hope you guys will treasure this and will give you "Positive effect". haha..