27 July 2007

Monkeys In UM

As you may know that I'm now studying in UM- University of Malaya. Since this University is one of our well-known institution in Malaysia, I didn't expect any problems that will make my life miserable. Well, it is not the problem in dealing with people. It's something out of the blue... something that you'll never expect it.

It's the monkey community!

This might sound funny but this is true! UM is located strategically in the middle of the city and of course, no one will ever thought of this problem. There are green in here: There are trees, hills, water... So I guess this is the only place left for them to live safely.

Anyway, talking about my miserables here. I always live in fears and worries ever since I start staying here. I've to face with challenges everyday. Why? Good question. It's the monkey!
What will the monkey do since we're human? Well, you're wrong. It's not that simple.

As we know, monkey has almost the same IQ level as human. (just slightly lower) This finding has been proven according to DNA and other related tests. Uhh... scary.. That's mean they can do what man can do.

So here is my story of my everyday challenge.

Every afternoon starting from 4pm, these monkeys will start their stealing attempt. They will start opening our old fashion windows using their furry hands and let the small sized monkey to enter (the space between the window layers is just enough for a small sized monkey to enter).

Then... the monkey will start messing everything in the room and take things that have caught its attention. I heard one of my friend lost her handphone charger and laptop adapter. So, she reported it to our senior and at the end... they found them in the jungle!

Besides, they can open our gate which is closed, just like human. So, whenever the monkeys enter our hostel, you can start hearing girls screaming and banging their doors. Even I run like an insane whenever I meet one.

I was chased by a monkey before in Batu Caves when I was eleven. One of the monkey grabbed my 100 plus soft drink when I was climbing the stairs. Ever since then, I am really afraid of monkeys... ehww....

Here is an interesting story I heard from Jane (my best friend). She said that there was a monkey which played with bra before. Do you know what it did? The monkey put the bra on a string, pulled both ends of the bra and did gym!
Can you imagine? The monkey was playing with the spring of the bra. Lol... I couldn't stop laughing....

I really hope that these monkeys can stop being mischievous, instead being nice with us. We wouldn't do anything that will hurt them. So, monkeys... stop scaring us. Or else, I will call the animal department and catch you into the Zoo.... hoho... ;D