15 July 2007

Visit Malaysia, Visit Selangor

Wow! I never thought that Selangor will be an interesting tourist spot. As I know, Selangor is a state which is packed with vehicles, factories and buildings. However, we've found a nice, beautiful place where we can relax our mind. Oh ya! And adventurous!

Where is Selangor?

Recently, I am a bit stress with Uni life. I guess I'm not yet ready for this new life. Anyway, yesterday trip has brighten my day since I love travelling. My dear friends, like I always do, here are some souvenirs from me: Photos!!!

I love this place a lot. This trip was meaningful when family and relatives were going together. *happy*

Ok. Let's start from this steep stairs. Wuoo... My legs were shaking. It was scary when you look down. Anyway, we were able to walked on it.

Look at this view! I'm loving it....

Boats... the only transport we got there.

Is this a ship? Em... We were not taking this one...
But this one.. haha... Yes! It was with air-conditioned and even....
TV! Yeah!!! Each trip costs us RM6.00. The journey takes about 40 minutes.

Next, we took another smaller boat. This boat will take us into the village. Each person pays RM1.00 per trip.

This is how it looks like...

My uncle with his cool pose. hehe...

While I was on the boat, I peep every corner of the boat including the toilet! Lol... I'm a kind of girl who is very sensitive to toilets. I blog about the worst toilet in China before and you can have a look here.

Anyway, the toilet on the boat is fine.

Just.... I'm a bit curious with the toilet hole. There is no any sanitary system. You don't have to flush or even use any chemical to clean it. haha...

The journey took about 15 minutes before we reached the selected village. Ahh... I love the sea breeze and the view of course.

Love this photo a lot.

This uncle monitored his passengers into the boat.

Can you see this? What are they doing? Fishing... haha.. fishing in a theme...

Within 20 minutes, we reached to the village that I mean.. But.. I couldn't even differentiate those houses since they look so similar to each other.

Sky scrappers??

I wonder how those mangrove piles support the house and even houses.. Fuh... Amazing!

My dad said that these mangrove piles can last for 10000 years under wet condition. Is this true? I shall check this out.

The fishing boat.
The fishing net

Here was the most exciting and challenging part.... We had to climb on the make-shift ladder. Uhhh... scary... It was very high my dear...


My brave aunt was trying her best to climb to the top. It was hard..

My mum was helping around. Thanks mummy.. Hoho...

To my surprise, we've to walk on the shaky bridge. Scary...

Line up and walked on a line please..

When I turned to my back and have a look on the view... it was so scary and dangerous..
yer.... ;(

Anyway, those photos that I've taken are worth it.

Soon, my cousin took us around and have a look at this village. I love the view! Beautiful...

The unbalance, old bridge.. wuu.... ;o

There are words printed on the bridge.
It means: Be careful.

Majority, the islanders are fisherman. They have good skill in fishing. Here, I found out something interesting. They use ropes a lot. They tied boats using ropes. Besides, fishing net needs rope too.

We spent nearly 3 hours in the village before going back. By the time we went back, the sea water was at high tide. It was not that scary to climb down the ladder.

Anyway, my aunt was so worry. She needed our help.

The view on the fisherman's boat..
You can sleep on this boat. I wish I can try it.. hehe...

Next, we were brought to a nearby 'floating fish pond' by my dad's friend. Lol... This is the place where the modern fisherman rare their fish. They can receive promising revenue in that whole year without much worries. Smart business..

Raring the fishes..

Catching those unfeeded fishes..

Can you see them? Fishes!!!
Splashing splashing...

Wow! Free fresh Fishes for our lunch! Yummy!!!

My cousin was trying to catch some fishes.. But.. failed.. haha.. It's not easy..

Look at this kid. He's so strong...
Cute little boy ^^

After spending almost an hour there, we took the fishes and went to a nearby restaurant. Hoho... Of course, they were tasty. At around 5 pm, we took the same boat and went back. Overall, this trip was interesting. I've learned something new about the fisherman's life.

Besides, I've experienced the sea water at high tide and low tide. Both show different effect on the view.

Low tide
high tide
(can you see the difference? These photos are taken from the same place)

By the time we reached the jetty, everyone was so tired. Most of us slept on the boat. However, it was worth it because....

my nephew and my cousin..


We were Happy!!!
I wish I can have such an interesting trip again... ;)