13 July 2007

Sweet Home

It is so good to be at home...

I can use my own toilet, computer...
Watch my favourite TV programmes...
Sleep on my own lovely, smelly bed...
And eat my dad's home cook delicious food... :D

Recently, I was so busy with my college's (hostel) activities. I was being selected for 3 competitions between our floors. There were futsel, mural and slide show competitions. Although it was tiring, I enjoyed them. I never be so active ever since I've left my secondary school. The feeling was awesome. The spirit of creative mind has returned to me again!

I'm back! Lol...

Firstly, here is a bad news, my team lost for futsel competition. Hoho... 4-0.
Even though I was just a reserve player, I felt embarrass to say this. *paisheh*

Anyhow, here are something to be proud of. haha...

My floor..

This is my team work for the mural competition :

Title: Perpaduan (United)

Five of us took 3 hours to finish it (from 8pm - 11pm). It is our rushing-art-work. haha... While we were busy painting the dirty-old-wall, our other floor mates were decorating their own door using colorful papers.

Decorating the toilet...

My friends... ^^

One of my friend's room... Cute?

The next following day (Thursday), I'd to rush to finish up my slide show about our college. Of course, I'm on the losing side since I don't have much photos about my hostel compare to my seniors. Sigh.. So I just did whatever I can in that 3 hours ++. Overall, our work was good and I'm happy for it. *wink*

We've presented it in front of the hall and now, we're waiting for the final result.
By the way, thank you Carine for helping. *Hugs*

There are more projects and activities in these weekend- durian festival, explore race, cooking and dancing competitions. However, I escape them. I want to go back home.. back to my own, sweet, lovely, warm home.. Oohhh... I miss it! I miss my family!

And this is why, I'm here, blogging.. hehe..
This is my golden chance to be here.. sharing these with you.