31 August 2010

Proud Of My Country

Our dearest Malaysia has reached the age of 53th. So, Happy Independent Day to all Malaysian!!!! =D


In conjunction with this memorable day, I am happy to share a lovely piece of writing by a foreign friend (also a blogger) who I know not long ago. It is about his point of view on our country based on his observation and experiences. A very interesting post I would say.




He is Neil Walter from Melbourne, Australia who is currently working in Malaysia.


Be Proud Of Your Country



I've just returned from the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur to vote in my countries Federal Election. Being in the company of so many fellow Australians made me remember some of the specific things I miss about Australia and the underlying characteristics of the people. However, what made a bigger impression on me was all the big Malaysian flags everywhere - on buildings, signposts, at the train stations, even as I walked out of my condo. I know that this is in preparation for Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) on August 31st, and that this month of August is used to celebrate the country and what it stands for.

Sadly, after speaking to several Malaysians about the presence of the flags - I feel that I might be prouder of Malaysia than many Malaysians are. It disappoints me as a foreigner to see a proportion of Malaysians being cynical of their country - and some even seeing the efforts of the Government to create national pride as being a facade. Even though I consider Australians extremely proud of our country, you would never see big Australian flags posted consistently across our major buildings, at our banks, or our train stations. This is because we are at a core Australians and we know this; even if we are still deeply divided across political lines, and other sensitive issues including immigration, indigenous people, and race.

I believe that movements such as One Malaysia are the right direction for the country. I'm aware of the political and racial sensitivities and differences in the country, but this blog isn't about that. Political disagreements, racial disagreements, and inequality occurs in every country in the world - it's human nature to have a different opinion and policy on things. What's different is that when everything is stripped away - when it becomes a choice to take a side, which do you choose? If your country is being invaded by another - who's side are you on? If you have to pick up a weapon and fight for a side, which one is it?

I think that all Malaysians should be really proud of your country. Malaysia is my proudly adopted home and many other fellow foreigners have made the same decision to stay here. If I was just visiting Malaysia on a short holiday for the first time this month, I would get the strong impression from the flags on the buildings that Malaysia was indeed "One", and a nation moving forward as one. Even when I visited the Malaysian Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai, China earlier this year, everything was branded "One Malaysia", and visitors would of gotten a unified positive impression of the country.

There are so many progressive things happening in Malaysia right now. Through my social circles, I've mostly been following developments in Youth Entrepreneurship and Education. There are a number of positive, young, and influential individuals whom are taking it upon themselves to spread positive messages around these topics and much more through our youth. There are also several notable companies investing in these initiatives to create greater impact in the society.

It's empowering the community - especially a growing number of young people in this way that will help move Malaysia forward as one and move it to a developed country. To get there though, my observation is that negative perceptions from the past need to be addressed and looked at with renewed perspective.


From: http://www.rambling-mogul.com




Neil’s post has touched my heart so deeply. The same question keeps on circling in mind my whenever I read this beautiful article, “If he can see it, why not us?”


Don’t you feel proud to be a Malaysian, too?

27 August 2010

Me In The Present

I have been busy looking for a place to do my internship in these few weeks. I had been to places like university and hospital to ask for vacancy. Well, so far the responses received aren’t that positive because those places which I visited are already full.


Currently, I am still searching for available internship for Counseling students like me. Hope that Shan’s and mine applications will be accepted (we are partners) soon.


So, I’m sorry if you have been waiting for my updates till your neck almost fall off (choi! just joking. better don’t. lol). There are so many things I wanna write but I am still figuring out.. em.. where should I begin?


Anyway, I would want to update you with my Part 2 Photo Of The Day photo collection. They are my footprints in these few weeks. Love them so much.



The best smiles of the day =D


The most respected guru – The Art Of Living.


Visited one of the drug addicts centers in Selangor.


Full House – With old and new friends <3


One of my most unique photo collections.


The most expensive durian i ever had in my life – RM45


The sweetest dessert with a sweet buddy.


Finally done running half of the campus.

A warm message to a friend who had caught my attention during in the class.photoftheday23

I love UM.

The Gathering Of Great Minds Party Conference.

photoftheday24 The coolest Chinese coursemates – Latest photo.



I love all the memories I have so far. Though my editing skills isn’t that impressive (like those graphic designer or pro photographer), i still love all my above works. Looking forward for more adventures in future with people around me.


Wish you have a wonderful weekend. I know I’m going to enjoy mine. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

26 August 2010

Two Moons On 27.8.2010?

I just received an email regarding to ‘Two Moons on 27 August 2010” from a friend. The first question struck my mind, “IS THIS TRUE???”






Two moons on 27th August 2010



27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for............. 
Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons.


The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.


Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.



Just the other day, Shan and I were admiring the bright, round moon from different direction (she was looking from location A while me location B). I reminded myself that I should be ready with a camera next month, hoping to watch the brightest moon for the entire year because according to the Chinese Lunar Calender, it should be one. We called it the Latern Festival or Mooncake Festival. Yum~


So, my point is… I didn’t expect to receive such a news! 2 moons will appear tomorrow at 12.30am? Wait.. or is it later? Now I’m confuse. Maybe I should check out the sky later or any expert here? Do let me know.


thankiuvelimuch <3

23 August 2010

Italk Whoa Push Mail Function



I love using iTalk Whoa ‘mail’ feature.


I can just simply retrieve emails from different account such as gmail, hotmail and yahoo. That’s mean, I can read all emails at one channel. Thus, I can save time from signing in and out just to check my emails (and SPAM.. puff).




Besides, Pushmail feature allows you to forward any selected email to your handphone easily. Isn’t it cool? You can directly send emails to your handphone.




If you have not registered as a italk Whoa user, you should do it right not because there are lot of cool functions that you will like, especially to those active social networking users. Visit here for Whoa effect!

21 August 2010

Do You Have Balls?

I dunno about you but I feel funny reading the statement below. It was a WLAN network which my phone had detected when I was in a conference party last afternoon.




I believe that is a good place to find balls. Great. Emmm….

20 August 2010

23 New Spicy Things: Run 1/2 Campus




I have completed my 4th goals which is to run half of my campus with a friend. I can’t believe it that I managed to run (and walk) half the campus. Thank to Bei Shan dear for accompany me and being my motivator. She is good in that :)


If you still remember my 23 New Spicy Things To Do list, you will understand what is this all about. Do check out before continue reading this.


For your information, I had not been doing any walking since… well.. I couldn’t even remember. lol. My stamina is weak and I can hear the alarm bell, pushing me to do something on that.


photoftheday20 My 1 year old Adidas sport shoes is my best walking buddy.


Well, ran today in a very spontaneous mode. I did that without much planning. Again, thank to Bei Shan for borrowing her short pants which allow me to run better (or else, i might have to run with my skinny jeans. no no, bad choice).


So yes, I’ve completed my 4th goals. Looking forward for more success.


Wish you have a great Friday (and I know I will!)

18 August 2010

Maybank MoneyTree YES 2 Red Carpet Party

On 6th August 2010, I was invited to MayBank MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup 2 (YES 2) Challenge Red Carpet Party at Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang Jaya. I should really thank to Money Tree for being so kind to keep a place for me to witness the success of this entrepreneurship programme as a media.


This event was was so grand, so huge. By just attending this has made me feel like I’m an important guest, like a VIP. Why?


All guests were welcomed with red carpet from the main entrance of the hotel till the hall. I made my first step in with pride and joy like an artist going for Grammy Awards. Well, this was such an unconscious act. I still can’t figuring out why I had the intention to behave like one. I guess, it must be my high heels (which I rarely wear) the well planned setting, flattering background music, the  unexpected big crowds and… the RED CARPET. Lol…


P/s: I just realized how a setting can affect one’s mind and behavior.


I got to meet some of the people whom I know during in the event and it was so great. Sadly, I didn’t manage to capture any photo with them as we were soon rushing to the hall.


redcarpet2 This is how Grand Dorsett Hotel’s hall looks like.

redcarpet3   The success faces surrounded the hall.


The elegant MC. Love her gown and make up so so much!


redcarpet4 Dato’ Nik Kamaruddin, Chairman of MoneyTree Malaysia




An entertaining magic show by David Lai


If you are starting to question what is with this YES 2 and Red Carpet, I understand. I didn’t know much about them too, not till when I was provided with enough information during in the event. As what I’ve learned, YES 2 is a season 2, business challenge organized by MoneyTree to help Young Entrepreneur launch their business ideas. It’s something like Apprentice. Interesting uh?


While having my buffet style dinner on the number 10 table with Neil and the others, I witnessed a long row of rewards giving ceremony.


The rewards are included:


"MoneyTree MoneyWise Award – Social Entrepreneurship, 2010”, awarded to Ms Kaberi Dutta

"MoneyTree MoneyWise Award – Academic, 2010”, awarded to Mr Wong Jun Wei

"MoneyTree Institution of Higher Learning Award – Promotion of Entrepreneurship, 2010", awarded to Taylor’s University College

“MoneyTree Youth Entrepreneurship – Media Advocate Award, 2010”, awarded to Malaysian Today

“MoneyTree Financial Literacy – Media Advocate Award – Teens Category, 2010”, awarded to New Straits Times

“MoneyTree Media Award – Overall Support of Youth Development, 2010”, awarded to The Sun

"MoneyTree – Financial Literacy – Corporate Advocate Award 2010,” awarded to Maybank

(resorces from: moneytree)





redcarpet14 redcarpet15




I don’t understand why I could eat while snapping pictures. It’s like an automatic habits. Adooii… Anyway, ahhhhhwww…. I so feel like joining this YES Challenge. So many rewards. I want too!


What I attracted the most about this YES challenge is the participants. There were 40 teams made up of youths from 18 Universities and Colleges before screening them into TOP 5 YES finalist team. The TOP 5 finalists  teams are Cup Chatters (UNITEN), Greenergy, Voila!, SyCo and Dreamzland, (UM). Gosh! University of Malaya!!! My uni!!!




I love these 2 MCs. Hilarious and entertaining.


I was so proud with all these young entrepreneurs (about my age) who have the gut to take part in this competition and showcase their talents in the right channel, like YES Challenge. It is great to witness the success of each team with their own masterpieces.  There are fat chances that their ideas can turn into a profitable business in future. Whoa…



Nicholas was giving his victory speech.


Cup Chatters team from UNITEN is the Grand prize winner and guess what, I knew some of them – Nicholas (The CEO) and Adeline. They are both Eric’s campus mates. What a small world. Although I have not known them in person, I’d heard a lot about them since years ago. Well, it is good to see them in person through the big screen with a big cash stated RM20,000. I’m salivating! lol..



I believe they have work really hard for the competition and thus, deserve the awards and recognition. So, congratulation!!! =D



The event ended with a photography session on stage with all the winners, sponsors and staff. While me… emm…. organizing a ‘photography session’ at the ladies with my beloved friend – Bei Shan. Did I tell you that she is the one who invited me to this event (under MoneyTree of course).


She is my friend and inviter, so how could I miss any photography session with her? And she looked so simply fabulous that night with her beautiful dress and make-up. Ahhhhhwwwwwww….


  redcarpet24edited  redcarpet25edited  redcarpet26edited


A new friend who I got to know – Joanna. Love her dress so much =)


Again, thanks for inviting me to this aspiring event. This has inspired and encouraged me to be an entrepreneur in future. Maybe I should start expending my ‘curryegg’ business? Lol.. Well, i’m serious.




P/s: Though my uni didn’t win the grand prize, I am still proud of their work (Dreamzland) on greenery project. It is great that they’ve thought of something which can earn while keeping the Mother Earth green. Keep it up UM-ians!

15 August 2010

In Busy Mode

I am seeing myself as a busy bee lately. Hardly have an empty long slot for myself. Well, I should blame no one as I’m the one who choose to be busy. Lol..


I want to create a meaningful year (plus final semester) for myself and thus a packed schedule is reasonable. My longest hours of sleep in a day is 5 hours with no afternoon nap. I guess if this continues, i will faint in no time.


Well, forgive me for ranting as I wish to be heard (just a little). Blogging has always created a therapeutic effect on myself especially when it comes to self-talk post. That’s the beauty of owning a personal blog like this as it keeps me healthy all the time. Emm… so.. does this apply? A blog post a day, keep the counselor away? lol..


Frankly, I have so many things to blog and all those photos are ready. However, I just can’t get a time to sit down and blog. Even if I can stay up at midnight to finish some of the posts, my body and mind can’t cooperate as either one is extremely exhausted.


Again, I can only blame myself for being too active with outdoor activities lately (including window shopping.. eiks…).


eggieme took this yesterday. i love the background so much =)


There is a seminar which I need to attend tomorrow and I know I should sleep by now. I will find a time to update my blog after the seminar, maybe around night time like this. Or else, i will just take an off day…. haha.. XD


Alright, wish you have a great weekend. Miss you all.. xoxo.

13 August 2010

The Unfinished Giggles

This conversation took place when my coursemates and I were preparing to leave the light rail transit (LRT) during our journey back home.


Me: June, can you please help us to snap a picture? * handling my camera to her*

June: Hahahahahaha….. *laughing*

Me: Uhh? why dear? *confused*

June: Hahahahahahah…. *laughing while holding my camera*

Shan: OOOOooooiiii!!! Faster la… reach oledi.. *in a very loud voice*

Me & ily : O_____________O!!!!

June: Kakakakakakaakakzz… *trying to turn her laughter into giggles*
















June: kekekkekekekekekekekekekekezz.. *giggles*


















June: emf..emf..emf…emf… *giggles*
















June: hehehehehehehe… *giggles*








 DSC04455 .







June: ahhahahaha…. *giggles*








Till now.. I still don’t understand why she was laughing and giggling all the way? Lol.. (ketawa kuat-kuat). Is taking picture at the train funny or we look funny?



Anyway, this is us – 5 of us.


From the right: Me, Letchu, Ily, June & Shan


What a day which are full of laughter and craziness.. A day which you will never forget, like seriously serious. HAHAHAHAHA…..


Ok. Why now I am laughing?