15 August 2010

In Busy Mode

I am seeing myself as a busy bee lately. Hardly have an empty long slot for myself. Well, I should blame no one as I’m the one who choose to be busy. Lol..


I want to create a meaningful year (plus final semester) for myself and thus a packed schedule is reasonable. My longest hours of sleep in a day is 5 hours with no afternoon nap. I guess if this continues, i will faint in no time.


Well, forgive me for ranting as I wish to be heard (just a little). Blogging has always created a therapeutic effect on myself especially when it comes to self-talk post. That’s the beauty of owning a personal blog like this as it keeps me healthy all the time. Emm… so.. does this apply? A blog post a day, keep the counselor away? lol..


Frankly, I have so many things to blog and all those photos are ready. However, I just can’t get a time to sit down and blog. Even if I can stay up at midnight to finish some of the posts, my body and mind can’t cooperate as either one is extremely exhausted.


Again, I can only blame myself for being too active with outdoor activities lately (including window shopping.. eiks…).


eggieme took this yesterday. i love the background so much =)


There is a seminar which I need to attend tomorrow and I know I should sleep by now. I will find a time to update my blog after the seminar, maybe around night time like this. Or else, i will just take an off day…. haha.. XD


Alright, wish you have a great weekend. Miss you all.. xoxo.