09 August 2010

23 New Spicy Things Before September

I’m a big fans of Sarah Von lately, a blogger who creates Yes and Yes. I found her blog link from a local Magazine, CLEO not long ago and then fall in love with her concept in writing. As what I’ve found out, Sarah is an adventurous person who love traveling and trying new stuff.




One of her witty ideas which I love so much is the 31 new things to try before her 31th birthday. She has created a list of new small goals which she has never done before and waiting to be accomplished. Awesome idea right? =))


Her idea has reminded me about a very special poker cards which I had bought during in my highschool year. It is called the ‘52 Things To Do Once In Your Life’. There are 52 list of ideas on what you can do to spice up your life by trying new, crazy stuffs. Life is boring when you’re too conditioned with routine right?


card9 card3


card5 card6


P/s: Should I just randomly pick and try some of the cards above? =P


Thus, CurryEgg has been inspired ever since her first visit to Yes and Yes (thank you sarah). She has already wrote down her 23 things in her diary since July and now, ready to be announced in her blog.




23 New Spicy Things To Do Before 1 September.


1) Run at least 1/2 campus with friend(s)

2) Send 23 cards to 23 strangers

3) Get 23 autographs from strangers

4) Join ‘The Glee’ *done!*

5) 20 days without skinny jeans

6) Snap curryegg at 23 different places  @campus

7) Wear fake eye lashes myself

8) Stay up for 24 hours awake

9) Do blogging at new place alone

10) Finish up 4 books (emm.. i’m a slow reader)

11) Outdoor picnic!

12) Try Kayak *done*

13) DIY bag

14) Play & sing a song using guitar/piano

15) Travel new place with boyfriend

16) Try a make-over *done*

17) Make my own bread

18) Create my own mini botanical garden

19) Invite guest blogger to curryegg.

20) Practice ‘Go Green’ project

21) X

22) XX

23) XXX




I’ve come up with 20 goals, leaving the last 3 empty. I think it will be great if you can give me some suggestions on what I should and must try at least once in a life time. Probably they are something which you’ve experienced before? Or something which you wish to try?




Tell me =)