26 December 2012

I Know You Miss Me

Hello dear readers (are you still with me?).

How are you lately? According to my Flipboard account, I have not updated my blog for exactly 100 days.

OMG! 100 DAYS!!???

Let’s dance and celebrate for the beautiful even number =D
Lol… You know I am just kidding.

There are so many things which had happened in my life and I don’t know where to start sharing because all events are equally meaningful, rich, beautiful and unforgettable.

Well, please give me some times to reorganize, restructure and rearrange my memories before putting them into words and photos. While in the mean time, you could follow my other active social account at:

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I update them almost daily and would be in great happinese if you are following and interacting with me :)

I need to get ready for the first school meeting for the new year in another 6 hours. Please allow me to sleep and clean up my blog. First of all, I need to settle with my domain and blog layout (again). Oh.. you could help me coaching me in designing or finding the suitable blog layout for curryegg.com  curryegg.blogspot.com,  please let me know! This busy Maths teacher is seriously needing help!



Till here, Merry Christmas and miss me more <3

P/s: My hair has grown longer and I have gained some positive weight :)

16 September 2012

Thoughts In The Flight

I am sitting at the most corner at the back of the plane together with my parents while writing this on the flipped grey in color plastic table. I am thrilled and excited with this family trip to Tawau since many months ago. In fact, my excitement has been triggered ever since the suggestion to have a family trip at Sabah being brought out by dad.


I love Sabah,  and I always do. The idea of natural and greenery environment catches my heart most. I still remember how my trip to Kota Kinabalu 3 years ago was fun, touched and memorable. It was a moment that I do not need any electronic devices to accompany me, except my camera. It was also a moment that I was living closely with greens.


Looking at the ‘cloudless’ scenery from the plane’s back window has caused my heart beating furiously. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking the camera’s shutter button while at the same time, admiring every ‘group of clouds', or the enormous South China Sea or the appearance of nicely shaped islands. When I say nicely shaped, it means artistically beautiful Smile


I have not been in such a state for a long time where I could relax and innocently enjoy my surrounding. Or like what the meditation term explained, being just or being in the moment. I guess, I have reached a point where I am at the higher stage of meditation because my mind just purely enjoying what I am seeing, hearing and feeling with no cognitive activities taken place.


Ok lah., Maybe I did lie. I have not actually reached the higher state of meditation as I am doing lot of thinking at this very spot I am sitting, even now when I am blogging, I am actually thinking.


Well, I just enjoy this moment with no worries over chasing the syllabus or pushing my students to finish up PBS, or stressing up with administration work, or forcing the minds to come out with creative and strategic ideas to execute my lesson plans.


Today and in these few days, I just want to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of Tawau. I placed little expectation on this trip because I want to discover this new place by myself without Googling and asking anyone about it. It is like going for a movie without reading the synopsis. So, we will see what I will discover in these few days.


Some random photos I took with my webcam while still on the plane. Haven’t done this for a long time.So, bear with me. Lol..







Wish you have a good weekend Smile

14 September 2012

A Happy 25th Birthday.

Well, I think my blogpost title should be written as ‘An Awesome 25th Birthday’ instead of using only the ‘happy’ word because, I did have an awesome one! ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I have ‘upgraded’ my age with new number. Till now, I still couldn’t believe that how fast time has past and I am back into square one again, embarking another historical journey of my life. Isn’t it miraculous? It creates a feeling of reborn that inspire me to start all over again to make my new age more meaningful and purposeful.

And, it is a great start by receiving this unexpected gift from Calv, a day before the actual date.

birthday1 OMG!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I see this!!?
Calvin Seet drew another masterpiece and this time on my present paper??



Isn’t it unique and lovely?!!

I admire and fall in love with his creativity and sincerity though it is a combination of 8 pieces of A4 (new and recycled) papers with cellophane tape sticking them together.


Initially, he was worried that I would be unhappy because he didn’t wrap the present traditionally with proper present paper. Well, seriously  I love this more than commercialized present paper because artwork means sincerity, sincerity means love, isn’t it?

What had raced my heart even more is THIS:
*pointing at the following photo of mine*



It’s a Bamboo!!! OMG!!!

I couldn’t believe it even till now that I have a BAMBOO!!! It’s a drawing tablet for art-lover. Google if you want to find out more about it as I could sense that some of you are feeling weird that it doesn’t turn out a bamboo tree but, a flat black device. Lol…


I love Calv’s thoughtful present so much. He knew I love drawing, sketching and doodling. Throughout the year, he has observed my interest and passion in sharing my art with family members, friends and blog readers online. Besides, he always heard that I made art stuff as teaching material for my students. With the hope to expand my creativity and bring my passion into a higher level, he did some researches before buying this tablet.


Here are some of my latest masterpieces in my purple journal (I named it my purple journal because the skin is purple!).

A doodle that I did inspired by the Teach For Malaysia’s Mission at the back of my name card.


Discovered my niece’s photo album with fairy theme. It has reminded me of my childhood, thus I sketched it in the book.


I always feel loved and lucky to have such a considerate, loving and caring partner. The moment when he told me that he had actually prepared my birthday present a week earlier before his flight has melted my heart. He was worried if flight delay happened, he might be late to give it to me.. *touched*


Well, I couldn’t ask more from him as he has always given his best, all the time to make me happy, including this precious dinner at Umaiyah on my actual date.


Japanese food is rarely his favorite because he dislikes raw food (like salmon sashimi. how can!? so nice right?) and seaweed. Despite of his personal disinterest, he still took the effort to smile and forcefully said,

“Let’s go for Japanese food. I loooooovee Japanese food”.

Well, little things like this matter most to me. Probably to most of the girls too.


With my favorite bouquet of roses in my hand while wearing my new hot red dress, my birthday ended awesomely. Of course, the night wouldn’t be perfect without my charming partner ;)


Thank you dear for creating me such a memorable and sweet birthday. I know, it will be a good start of the year for me. May God always blessed you with good health, wealth, loves and wisdom. I love you!


In the meantime, please look forward to my new creation using Bamboo ;)

07 August 2012

#rekomemories 3: Armpit Hairs

I was teaching my 1SP3 today on a new chapter called ‘Basic Measurement’ and focused on length and mass. So, like usual I connect my lesson with real world connection. This time, I choose the Olympic theme as my opening.

Me: So class, in what games will you we use length
Student A: Running.
Student B: Swimming.

Me: Emm… ok.
Student C: Teacher, cycling!

Me: Alright. So, what are the unit used for track and field?
Students: Meter! Kilometer too!

Me: Good. How about mass? In what games will we use mass?
Student D: Weightlifting!

Me: *feeling proud*
Wow. You guys are really good. Did you all watch weightlifting? What have you learnt from it? (what I actually mean was the type of mass unit normally used in the games).

Students E: I KNOW! Those female weightlifters have armpit hairs *raised his right hand while pointing at his armpit*


And the class burst into laughter.



They know because this was widely shared in the Facebook.
Kids this day… =.=!!

02 August 2012

1SP3 and Me

Yesterday, it was quite a stressful day because I had 3 classes in a row with 2 of my challenging classes with 20 minutes of rest. Besides, my Penolong Kanan Petang wanted to observe one of my classes to evaluate and give mark on my performance.

I was teaching 1SP3 when the evaluation was carried out. Initially, I was worried because this class was pretty challenging and occasionally, I had a hard time in teaching and managing them. The experience was like riding on a roller coaster. Sometimes I triumphed like a gold medal boxer, sometimes I fell down like a humpty dumpty - worthless.

But, parts of me believe that they are talented and have promising future if they're being understood and taught purposefully. So, I give my day another fight with better preparation for the 1 hour of class.

So like usual, in the beginning of the class I asked all my students to get into groups. This time, they had to move their tables and formed 8 groups. To my surprise, they are as good as other tested class. They moved and settled within 2 minutes. I am so proud!! In the mean time, I asked them to write their group name on a recycled paper with my magic color and then stick on their group table to appear visible.

I didn't have much time to learn their group names, except the numbers because my mind was channeled to rush the lesson so that the daily objective can be achieved.
The session was a success where I managed to receive full engagement from 30/33 students with my teaching aids and see them working actively together in their group after that.


They even tried their best to finish up their PBS (form 1 exam) even though the time was up. Comparing to the beginning of the years, almost half of them would had given up after attempting a few questions.

As I was leaving the class with an army of students who volunteered to help me carried my bags and books to the staff room, all the group leaders handed their group names with a smile.

I didn't aware the meaning behind the smiles until I read their papers at my home (now). Probably some of them were happy that my Maths time was over but to some... they might be happy to have me as their teacher *beam*



I admit that, sometimes I will unintentionally look over small little detail. Sometimes, I will exaggerate small failure into disaster. Sometimes I will too focus in the big goal and forget to appreciate the relationship I have with my students.


Teaching is not just a job but something beyond the job. If you really care for the children, there is no fine line in describing your job scope as a teacher.


Thank you guys for the wonderful experience.
Let’s work hard together in achieving our dreams. Promise


30 July 2012

Confidence Lies Behind The Sweet Smile

Of late, I have been so ‘un-paisheh’ (thick face or tak malu in local terms) in asking my mum, “Mummy, how on Earth did you give birth to such a beautiful daughter? Any secret behind?”.


I don’t know what makes me feel so. Probably I have been attracting too much of love to myself using Law Of Attraction by showing gratitude with whatever I see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The power is magnificent that whenever I look into the mirror, I will tell myself, “You’re so beautiful” ;)


Psychologically, this kind of self-talk is healthy as it is a source of building higher self-esteem (I still remember my psychology!). However, I am still not very used to complementing  myself in such a way. It could be most probably because I am born an Asian. Self compliment is still very rare among the community.


Well, there is nothing to worry about because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I think I’m beautiful and so are you ♥


So, for a the new week:

Let cheers for an empowering new week from a beautiful girl with a sweet smile *super boh pai sheh mode* ;)




P/s: Preparing for a new week and new month with bolder and clearer Big Goals for each of my classes. We are going to work relentlessly in achieving our goals that aligned to the vision and mission. I need a good amount of time and energy to work on these. For The Kids #FTK. Wish me luck!


P/s/s: If you like what I’ve been sharing so far, visit and ‘Like’ my curryegg’s FB page. Your support will bring a brighter smile on me. Thank you ;)

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22 July 2012

A Love Story of Mine [Part 2]

Continued from [Part 1]

I found myself cuddled my booster tightly before the sunray dominating my body, as a sign of ‘hey-it’s-almost-1pm-and-you-should-wake-up!’.


The morning was cold because of the rain that poured heavily before dawn. The weather was just nice to continue another hours of sleep – but I didn’t.


I was still affected with yesterday incident – very much indeed.


It took me a full 12-hours to digest what had actually happened last night, when Calv re-confessed his feeling to me after the Bumbu Bali dinner. I still remembered how both of us were sitting quietly in his car, with no background music but could track my heartbeats sound, very close to my apartment under the bright moon.


I could feel my furious heartbeats and burning cheeks when Calv expressed his feeling and intention gently with such a phrase, “Kelly, I realized I like you and wonder if you could give me a chance and consider me?”


It was somehow funny to listen to his old-fashioned way of confession – very polite, structural and gentlemen, like watching the oldies movie. But then, it was part of the bonuses on the process of unlocking my heart. However, the funny thing was, I rejected him by saying, “Yes, I will consider”. In an instant, he politely replied in a business-like-manner, “Ok. Thank you for considering” and drove away after dropping me home safely.


That was how my night ended with a bouquet of roses I brought back home with sweet smile curving on my face, yet tense because I need to come up with a decision.


Note: Mum was surprised to see the flowers. She admired the flowers and teased dad for not buying her anything big like this in their almost-30-years-of-marriage. Dad ended up ;hating’ and blaming Calv (he hadn’t seen him) for buying me such a big bouquet of flowers because it made him look bad =P


While still lying on the bed, in that chilling morning, I murmured to myself, “Should I or shouldn’t I? Accept or not accept? Be in a relationship or continue single? Calvin or not Calvin?”.


These were the questions I frequently threw onto myself ever since the last date with Calv. Well, I knew I like him but I am not sure whether am I ready for a new relationship. The roller-coaster ride of emotion from my previous 4 years relationship failure  had hit me hard from the inside. My ex’s unfaithfulness had greatly affected my trust on guy and the possibility of building a long-term relationship. (Well, I didn’t share much of this chapter of mine as I think, it is not worth giving attention on).


However, I believe in God that he loves me and he must have a better plan awaiting me somewhere in the future. All I have to do is to mend the broken heart, enjoy my life to the fullest, improve myself, receive God’s love and trust his plans for me and my future partner – because I know, there must be someone who will love and appreciate me with all his heart – my another half.


So, is Calvin The One?
Is he whom God has prepared for me?
Are we compatible?


The dilemma continued throughout the day and week before he asked me out again. This time, he invited me to an event at a club named, The Roots organized by one of his friends, Nigel Sparks (MC) to celebrate his company, Negative’s first year anniversary. 


This time, I invited my 2 close friends and had an amazing time together. That night, spending with Calv and my friends did draw my bond closer to him. It has allowed me to see another side of him – friendly, funky and funny.

the rootz 

He did introduce me to his friends during in the event. When I was not noticing, he secretly replied to his friends when they asked which one is his gf, “Not yet but I hope the short hair in white shirt will be mine someday”.



Though the place was filled with loud music and people’s conversations, I could still hear his reply. That immediately made me blush. Like real blush… >.<


We joked, danced and drank throughout the whole event. It was funny to see him dancing – like a penguin maybe? Lol..


There was a time, after the event where he hold my hand when he found me dangerously crossing the road. I was on alcohol effect because the bartender continuously offered free-flow of coke+vodka  whisky at the event. It was my first time taking vodka and yes.. I was 45% drunk?


Well, the drunk-part is not important. What is more important is that.. HE HOLD MY HAND AND CROSSED THE STREET is a bigger alarm bell. Although I was 45% drunk, I could still feel the warmth of his hand and my fast beating heart-beat.


Secretly, I hope the moment could freeze a little longer so that he could continue holding my hand while both of my friends where watching from behind. “Are they smiling at us? Or are they shocked?”. I could no longer pay attention anymore.


Am I in Winter Sonata? *triple blushed*


After the event, we become closer to each other. Like he had promised, he will not bring out the question until I’m ready with an answer. I am grateful that he is a considerate man.


Well, it wasn’t too long for the question to pop up again. The time had finally revealed itself. I know I should make the decision, sooner or later. Well, to be or not to be? To accept or not to accept. To love, or not to love?


The state of dilemma could only last for another night before a life-change-decision was made, finally.


To be continued - with the ‘second proposal’.


lovestory Heart shaped candles


P/s: I want to write a complete love story of mine in one post. However, it seems that I’m too enjoying myself with writing it like a novel.

P/s/s: The real fact is that I am actually busy with my work. I could only spend little time each day online. So, ya.. here is my Part 2. Like Calvin has expected, there will be Part 3 on his second confession. Stay in love my dear readers ♥

12 July 2012

First Comic Strip On Algebra

I was feeling heart-broken today when some students, again misbehaved in my class no matter how many private conversations I have had with them. It took a heavy heart to write out their names in the discipline book after a good number of warnings given. If you still remember my 3 creative-but-not-so-smart students’ jokes on #rekomemories 2, they are the exact same students who broke the rules again.


Through the months, I have been working extremely hard especially when teaching is something new to me. I need to learn from the basic till something I call advance so that I could pick up and teach my students with proper lesson. However, things don’t always happen to the way you expect or want instantly. I know it can happen, but it will take times.. *hopeful*



Ok.. enough for the emotional writing. I should come back to my main objective of this blog post (this is part of my uniqueness – always stray away from main objective/purpose. aiya..).


So, here is my latest investment for my students on Form 1 Algebra. I have used this in my pilot-test-class (the strong Maths basic class) yesterday and I received positive respond from them.



This comic was done in a rush, about 20-25 minutes. Could be better if I have more time.


Surprisingly, it only took them 1-2 minutes to read and understand the story and immediately, they know x equal to 16 candies and 16 candies are represented by x. They even could wrote interesting letter to Ahmad in the end of the class as a 3 minutes assignment. I had a good laugh at their funny jokes. Maybe I should share them here but those exercise books I left in the staff room. Well, never mind.. ;)


Students from the class already asked for Part 2. The funny thing is, before I could even reply, another invested student said, “Wait teacher draw part 2 lah.. Please be patient (in Bahasa Melayu)”.


Lol.. that cheer my day ;)

Lesson learnt: Whenever there is something pulls you down, remember that there is always something that will pull you up too. Just find that strengthe and you will be happy again.


P/s: Maybe I should turn up and me a cartoonist?

 P/s/s: I know I will not give up easily because this is what I want and my passion is here. I guess, I just need perseverance, determination and consistency – just like a marathone runner.

05 July 2012

#rekomemories 2

I received really lame yet humorous excuses from the students today when I was teaching in one of my challenging classes. I couldn’t bring out the message better if not using Bahasa Melayu. So, here is the conversation given by the students.



Masa rehat telah tamat selama 7 minit dan beberapa pelajar 1KM4 mengetuk pintu, memberi ucapan “Selamat Sejahtera” dan menyatakan sebab lewat ke kelas (budaya kelas saya).

Pelajar A: Selamat sejahtera cikgu. Maaf kerana lambat. Tadi saya teman B ke tandas sebab dia berak.

Pelajar B: Ya cikgu. Tadi saya lambat sebab berak.

Pelajar C: Selamat sejahtera cikgu. Saya lambat sebab tadi tengok dia berak.

Saya: *Menganggok kepala sambil menulis nama mereka pada papan putih* Nama-nama ini akan dimasukkan ke dalam buku displin nanti.

Pelajar A, B dan C: *kantoi*



P/s: My boyfriend LOL-ed all the way on the phone just now when he listened to my sharing on the ‘berak’ word.

04 July 2012

A Love Story Of Mine [Part 1]

“Hi Kelly, I wonder what will be ur response if I ask u for a tea?”, a conversation box suddenly popped up while I was surfing my Facebook page.


The above phrase has been edited after being corrected by le boyfriend. Well, he knew what he had typed best =P 

It was an invitation from a friend, named Calvin Seet and it was his second time asking me out. Initially, I was kind of reluctant because we have not seen each other though we chatted many times in the past 3 years to discuss about Facebook games and casual chatting. It took me some times to decide before I replied him something similar like this, “Hi Calvin. That will be great :)”.


My love story begins from this food itself.



I mean, we had finally met up at a mall (Midvalley) on a Friday evening and dined at Pasta Zanmai for dinner. We chatted throughout the dinner but unconsciously, it turned out to be more like a counseling session =.=!!


I couldn’t blame myself for switching on my Counselor’s Cap while having dinner with a new friend because that was how my brain had been trained when I interned as a Counselor for 5 months. Plus, he first appeared as a stranger to me and the conversation was basically about his stress at work. So, that’s what happened. Haha.. what a funny first met up.


The met up was pretty normal and I was glad to make another new friend. He seems sincere and genuine. Besides, he is willing to share his experiences so that they could help me in my career in future. So, I thought it will be great to put him into my friend list.


We did not contact each other after that for about a week or so. Both of us were silent until we chatted again in Facebook. He confessed that he felt I was too polite and courteous. As a result, he thought he was rude comparing to me.


It was all because of my shyness and ‘professionalism’ (as a counselor) I guess. Lol.. He remembered how I wouldn’t eat when he was talking, how I cut my pizza into small small pieces, how I munched slowly and how I dropped my right earring, took it and waited to put it back onto my ear when he was not noticing. When I read all these details, I screamed to myself, “HE KNEW every little detail no matter how much I tried not to appear obvious!!! What kind of person is he?”


Then, we laughed together at our silliness and continued being friends ;)

There was a time where I asked if I could call him Calv instead of Calvin because I have too many friends with the name of Calvin, Cavin, Kelvin and Kevin. He agreed and even changed his Facebook name into the name I suggested – even till now.. *happily blushed*


We went for a second time of dinner in the second week of July June and this time, I could sense something was different between us. We were more natural to each other, laughed out loud to each other jokes (basically to his because he had a good collection of funny grandma’s jokes which were very entertaining), no more work sharing stuff (as he didn’t want my counselor persona to come out again) and enjoyed our meal.


Guess what, we spent 3 hours and 10 minutes before we finished our food and drink. I couldn’t believe it until today! I know I am a slow-munching-eater but I had never ate for so long! There should be a free ice-cream for each of us but we had forgotten to take it. Or else, we might take another 1 hour to finish it =P


Ever since the second meet up, we become closer to each other. We sms-ed, emailed, facebooked, chatted on the phone and met up more frequently. He even invited me to his hometown, Malacca and offered himself to be a local tour guide. Since I was on my ‘graduation holiday mode’, I took his offered and invited my best buddy whom I’d never travelled far before.


It was a fun trip and I enjoyed the time where the three of us spent together. We went for good local food and places we had never visited before. A big thanks to Calv.

photoftheday57  Took this at a private beach on a window glass.


After the Malacca trip, he invited me for another outdoor activity but this time, he did not want to tell me the location till the day itself. He said, he wanna surprise me. So, I accepted and soon found out that we were heading to Pulau Ketam as soon as we were in the car. I didn’t know why I was so daring enough to accept his surprises but one thing for sure, I trust him from the very beginning.


So, we went together and had another wonderful, funny time together. To my amazement, he did research on everything, including the ferry operating time, tourist spots, type of food and duration of journey before we set off to the island. I am touched with his effort and feel safe somehow. Like, I knew he wouldn’t eat people.. haha XD




From the Pulau Ketam outing, I’ve learned more about him. He was pretty humorous guy who can make you cried while laughing. LOL…



However, I did not know that he can be romantic because after that Pulau Ketam 1 day trip, on the very same day, he invited me for a dinner. He said that he will bring me somewhere nice. He was sure that I will enjoy the place and snapped a lot of pictures because, he said “You’re a blogger. I am sure you would want to blog about that ambience place'”. Besides, he even asked me to wear something nice and comfortable before fetching me back home from Pulau Ketam.


Now, to think about it.. it was actually part of the excuses lor because….

now3    At Bumbu Bali, Puchong


He confessed his feeling to me and ‘proposed’ me to be his girlfriend with a bouquet of beautiful pink and purple roses on his hand while waiting at the staircase. He PROPOSED!!!?? No! I mean, the way he gave me the flowers and his opening words sounded like a proposal.


At one point, I was thinking, “Today is Valentine Day kah? No… My Birthday? No..”. Seriously, I had never expected anything more than a friend (or so soon) because, well.. we knew about each other just nearly a month and I didn’t know my feeling yet.


I didn’t know how to respond to his unexpected confession when both hands of mine were holding his flowers while he was confessing his feeling to me, accompanied by a list of sentimental English songs. All I knew was my face turned out to be hot as a result of over-blushing effect >.<


In the end, I was some sort of ‘rejected’ him because… I was in dilemma and I wasn’t sure if I am ready for a relationship. Plus, I was seriously shocked! I had never expected such a romantic scene would ever happened to me and I wasn’t prepare for it. Things were so normal when we were at Pulau Ketam few hours ago, and things were 360 180 degree changed when the night took charge.


I told him how I felt and he understood and gave me time to think about him before the night almost ended.




Again, I went back home with serious heart-pounding and pinkish cheeks effects with 12 roses on my hand – but happy with the time we had spent together.


To be continue.

03 July 2012

Love Saves Me From Fears

Lately, I am constantly being attacked by the feeling of fears and worries which I could not control by the brain. I have tried to use all the knowledge which I’ve learned from Law Of Attraction, but then.. it fails somehow. Well, I truly know why because my mind was tired and often it was distracted with my pessimistic thoughts.


I am facing crisis with my work at this moment. Some students started misbehaving in the class while at the same time I am handling the overloading of paperwork. Probably these are what causing me to feel lost at the moment. Teaching is really not an easy job (but with faith, it can be a rewarding one). I didn’t know how to handle till yesterday, I decided to take a break and place myself into another perspective – so that I can see another angle of the problem.

    Decided to nurture my inner child with Baby Panda on my hand ;)


Well, things are better when I decided to nurture myself while finding a good solution over my fears. However, my effort was not as strong as gaining the support from loved ones, especially from my partner. The power is overwhelming and it reduces the fear in me almost immediately when Calv insisted to call and discuss over my issue.


Although, the conversation didn’t solve much of my problem, but the feeling of knowing someone is always there and care for me cure the frightening heart. Thank you dear. I’m blessed to have you.




So, things are much better when I woke up this morning, breathing in the fresh air while listening to the bird chirping happily. I am happy that I am still alive and able to witness the beauty of mother’s earth in the town area. Besides, I am thankful that I could still plant some seeds in people and make a little different in their lives (I know I have and will still doing it).


Don’t worry about me folks. It is just another adventure of mine when my roller coaster is moving down. I am sure it will come up again in no time and do another 360 turns that will catch your heart and scream in excitement for me.. So ya, just stay with me and see what I am capable of to make your heart goes wild with my experiences *confident* ;)


Oh.. by the  day, I have already drafted a story that related to this picture. Didn’t manage to finish the post beautifully, so I decided to postpone it to another inspiring evening (or midnight).




Probably will share it by tomorrow morning. Have a good Tuesday my dear friends. Visit me again!

29 June 2012

#rekomemories 1

Apabila saya sedang mengajar 1KM1 petang semalam, terdapat 3 murid perempuan (Form 4/5) yang turun dari tangga dan salah seorangnya menjerit, "Eeeeiiih... Cikgu baru lah.. comelnya".

Dia memberitahu kawan sebelahnya lalu bertanya saya yang sedang gigih mengajar, "Cikgu comel-lah. Cikgu, cikgu kan?". Dan saya balas, "Oohh.. bukan".

Tidak berputus asa, dia terus bertanya, "Oohh.. cikgu pratikal ke?". Pelajar lelaki 1KM1 mula ketawa apabila saya menjawab dengan senyuman manis, "Bukanlah.. saya seorang pelajar".

Tanpa disangka, mereka percaya dan akhirnya membalas, "Emmm... patutlah comel sebab masih pelajar. Kamu memang comel lah.. Ok.. bye~"

Akhirnya, saya bersama pelajar lelaki 1KM1 ketawa terbahak-bahak.


20 June 2012

One Piece Oishi Green Tea Collection

Before I decided to drink them all up, I should take good photos of my new One Piece green tea collection bought by Calv last week at Thailand.


The packaging are adorable and attractive – probably because I am a big fans of this anime? Or it is because of the ‘person’ who bought them all the way from Thailand? Haha.. well, I say both ;)


From the left – Sanji, Zoro, Yusop, Chopper, Luffy and Robbin.


Aren’t they adorable? =D


Especially the pink one – Chopper! Among all the 6 packages, I love this the most. Chopper is one of my favorite character in One Piece. He is simple adorable <3



Another reason is because, the box is pink in color together with pink straw! Guess what, with strawberry flavour. Emm… now i wonder how it will taste.



Ok. Finish showing off my thoughtful gift from Calv. Now, it is time to sleep. Good night everyone ;)


P/s: I wonder when will I ever finish them because they are simple adorable and special!

P/s/s: Any One Piece fans here?

14 June 2012

Success – is not always what you see.



I might not see the fruits now.

Or my fruits have not even grown. However I believe that one day, I will see the fruits in the end of my chapter – the growth in myself, people around me and my students.

This picture is a good constant reminder for myself.
So, ‘BELIEVE’ is the keyword.

12 June 2012

Daddy, I Love You.

I have never felt that I’m a filial daughter.
Not once, as much as I could remember.


Checked from Oxford Dictionary:

Filial -
adj. connected with the way children behave towards their parents


I had never shown my affection towards my parents, especially to my dad because I was not taught to be so since I was small. The only way I show love is through scolding, anger, passiveness and spending weekend/holiday together – as that are what my parents’ generation believe in. Besides, he is in the opposite gender – basically he is a male. Duh.



Picture was taken last week. Brought my dslr along but without memory card. It was my greatest disappointment of the day because I couldn’t snap their pictures except using phone #failed daughter.

Hence, I grown up and become a very shy person when it comes to expressing myself to someone whom I’ve never said to, “I miss you. I love you dad. I can’t live without you. I like what you did for me. You’re my hero. Thank you dad for everything”. Why? Because, it sounds terribly weird when you’d never appeared to be sentimental and you suddenly become one. Don’t you think so?


It’s just weird.. *enough emphasizing the weird word*


When I was small, I remembered I did make cards for my parents every single event such as birthday, mother’s day, father’s day and parents’ anniversary with my heart-shape handmade card, sticky man and wrong spelling wishes (my mum still kept some of them. now when i see them, i feel so shy and dumb. lol..).


I wrote ‘love you’ all over the place and sometimes I will write a sincere sentence, asking for forgiveness if I’d ever done something hurtful and wrong (especially when I was hopeful that my mum will stop canning me =P). Well, how did a 5 year old girl learnt to write such words? If I remembered it correctly, it learned this ‘skill’ from my kindergarten teachers. Or, because my friends taught me so? Can’t really remember.


The moment right after my mum or dad read the letter or card, I will pretend nothing ever happened. There was no card sent. There was no such message. There was no such drawing from me. My parents will treat me differently for a day and I was so happy but I was too shy to show my feeling. So, I pretended and be cool till parents became scary again.. >.<


P/s: That’s why, I teach myself to express my love and affection (learned from Counseling and Psychology classes) to my partner and best friends at early stage so that the words will flow fluently and meaningfully throughout the years. I don’t want to be like my parents and the older generation who are not being expressive in saying loving and caring words.


Because I am the only child in the family. So, both of my parents treat me very strictly (not so much on dad part). I understood that they want the best for me so that I’ll have a smooth, happy life. Thus, my parents will try their best to protect me. At times, I became rebellious and put a deaf ear on their advices especially during in my teenage period. Well, we did right? Don’t you deny :)




Even till today, I still pretended that I don’t care much for them because….. It is just hard for me to say, ‘Mum, dad.. I love you’.. OMG! It kills me to say directly to them because my face and ears will turn all red and the heat will cause me fever. Ok lah.. maybe I’m too exaggerate my sentence but really, I can’t..


But recently, there is one thing which I am very proud of myself – is when I’m capable to bring my parents to quality and expensive place for good food and atmosphere using my own earning. The feeling is like wanting to shout out to the world and say that, “I am capable to bring my mum and dad for good food with my own sweat money”.

In Chinese, ‘sweat money’ means hard earn money.


I celebrated their wedding anniversary at Chocolate Lounge and Father’s Day at Bavarian Bierhuas. Of course, it is not the price that matter. It is the quality time that we spent together while looking at their touching eyes. Probably they’re thinking that, “My daughter has finally grown up and she is proven not stingy!”. On the other hand, I am touched as well because my parents will still care for my wallet and they tried to order the cheapest drink and meal available on the menu *I’m so lucky*.

mum   dad1

Dad with his signature expression XD



A simple joy and happiness are gained from the experience though after the nights, I still treated them normally. I hope, they know that at least I do care for them although I don’t express myself verbally.

And, I have never expected them to read this post (because they don’t have a clue about my blog), especially my dad as this post is dedicated for him on this very special Father’s Day celebration.


Happy Father’s Day daddy.
You’re the best dad in the world. I love you.





This post is inspired by this videoclip. It is a Thai commercial and I find it real touching and meaningful. To all the daddy out there, Happy Father’s day. To all the son and daughter, love your parents. Don’t be like me. Express more of yourself whenever you can <3


P/s/s: I always like Thai commercial clip. There are so creative!

P/s/s/s: Mum, don’t worry. I love you too.