12 July 2012

First Comic Strip On Algebra

I was feeling heart-broken today when some students, again misbehaved in my class no matter how many private conversations I have had with them. It took a heavy heart to write out their names in the discipline book after a good number of warnings given. If you still remember my 3 creative-but-not-so-smart students’ jokes on #rekomemories 2, they are the exact same students who broke the rules again.


Through the months, I have been working extremely hard especially when teaching is something new to me. I need to learn from the basic till something I call advance so that I could pick up and teach my students with proper lesson. However, things don’t always happen to the way you expect or want instantly. I know it can happen, but it will take times.. *hopeful*



Ok.. enough for the emotional writing. I should come back to my main objective of this blog post (this is part of my uniqueness – always stray away from main objective/purpose. aiya..).


So, here is my latest investment for my students on Form 1 Algebra. I have used this in my pilot-test-class (the strong Maths basic class) yesterday and I received positive respond from them.



This comic was done in a rush, about 20-25 minutes. Could be better if I have more time.


Surprisingly, it only took them 1-2 minutes to read and understand the story and immediately, they know x equal to 16 candies and 16 candies are represented by x. They even could wrote interesting letter to Ahmad in the end of the class as a 3 minutes assignment. I had a good laugh at their funny jokes. Maybe I should share them here but those exercise books I left in the staff room. Well, never mind.. ;)


Students from the class already asked for Part 2. The funny thing is, before I could even reply, another invested student said, “Wait teacher draw part 2 lah.. Please be patient (in Bahasa Melayu)”.


Lol.. that cheer my day ;)

Lesson learnt: Whenever there is something pulls you down, remember that there is always something that will pull you up too. Just find that strengthe and you will be happy again.


P/s: Maybe I should turn up and me a cartoonist?

 P/s/s: I know I will not give up easily because this is what I want and my passion is here. I guess, I just need perseverance, determination and consistency – just like a marathone runner.