27 March 2013

Because of The Determination.

Because of the determination,


1) I have changed my blog banner within 2.5 hours. Or probably 3.. or probably 4. Well, quoted from Sharon this morning, she said that when we are indulged in something we like, we will not be aware of the time. Yes, I truly agree with her especially when it comes to blog related stuff. I took a good long hours to adjust and resize my blog banner so that it fits the way I want.


For a person who has been away from the blogosphere for years, I need time to pick up with what I have left behind. Because of the determination, I succeed and make us a new look for curryegg! Yay~


Original photo taken by Mamak at KLCC. I love this!


2) I attend PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education) classes in UUM KL since Monday. Most of the teachers across the country are enjoying their 1 week holiday with family and friends. However, the TFM fellows (including me) must woke up as early as 6am to fight with the KL traffic so that we can reach the building on time. Because of the determination, I pull myself hard enough to attend holiday classes… *sleep… I want sleep..* T.T


One of my fellow friends, Ken who was enjoying his drink while watching the KL scenery.


3) I captured an inspiring scene of a Form 3 student who was helping her mum in running the ‘pisang goreng’ business while a Maths book was placed clumsily on the stool with a pencil, and a scientific calculator on it. The scene was spotted when my friends and I were looking for lunch and so happened, we came across with a stall, located in between of the old buildings. There was a young girl who was sitting on the stool with an earplug attached to one of her ears, doing Maths attentively while her mum was frying banana.



I was curious with this young lady and managed to initiate a short conversation. Then, I found out that this 15 year old girl has a strong will to succeed in the coming PMR and in the meantime, she wants to help her family. Hence, she was there helping her mum while stealing opportunity to work on her studies. I was touched immediately by her boldness and secretly hoping that my students can learn from her.

Because of the determination, I found an inspiring story besides the busy road.


4) I have finished my assignment according to the set timeline and daily goal.  Before this, I was bad with time management and my tasks were mostly undone, hence procrastinated.  Being an adult and a teacher of 400+ students, responsibility has of course increased. There is no any reason to not show excellence when my main goal now is to educate future generation to be an accountable individual. Because of the determination, I have achieved my goals ;)

Photos from my instagram.

IMG_5738 Food Talk @ Kuchai Lama.

IMG_5739 With the presence of great company, drink and food.

These are such a great news and I am inspired to be more determined in the coming days to achieve something that can enlighten my days. Looking forward for a longer list to come so that in the end of the year, I can review my own achievement and be super duper proud with myself.

Because of the determination, I have blogged and published this post with pure joy and happiness *wink*

08 March 2013

Win The Daily Battle

Here is my daily reminder from John C. Maxwell on his ‘Success One Day At A Time.

People who achieve daily success
have learned to conquer four common time-wasters,

Time put to no useful purpose,
not even relaxation.

Putting off things that should be done now.

Time frittered away on the details of side issues,
to the detriment of the main issue.

lack of preparation, thoroughness,
or perseverance, usually resulting in
time-consuming mistakes.



Photo was taken from during in the Teach For India InspirED session in New Delhi, India.


I shall remember and practice what shall be done right now.