28 July 2013

The Unknown

A time to be alone seems to be a wise thing to do. An unknown situation had happened. I have been sitting here at a cafe, being surrounded by the crowds, trying to calm myself down and reflected on the unknown. Still, I couldn't figure out what is the root cause.

I tried to release my stress on my sketchbook. However, I stopped half way, not knowing what to be drawn anymore. Then, I shifted to reading but after 4-5 pages, my mind couldn't seem to focus anymore.

The unknown seems to be scary as it eats up my emotion and creates more worries. I am scared. I am sad. I am worried. In the meantime, I know sitting here and doing nothing couldn't help.

I am obviously lost but still, hopeful that the unknown will be clarified or at least be understood, and then be translated into love.

I am hopeful. I am wishful. I am prayerful, to discover the unknown, and allows it to connect us again.