28 February 2009

Curryegg's Birthday?!!

How can I forget today?
Oh my. How can I?

I just can't believe that I have nearly forgotten this big day of my spicy little baby. Please forgive mama. I am too busy with my daily routine (Ok. This is just an excuse. I know my baby wouldn't believe in me because I am not. Oops!)

Today, 28 February 2009 is my blog's birthday. Could you just believe it? I have finally picked a birthday date for my little eggie since I had missed the first chance. At first, I was kinda confuse whether her birthday is in June or February. After all the hassles, I have finally come up with this idea: pick the first date which I have started blogging (first post).

So, here it is:

28 February
will be her birthday starting by now.
Curryegg Mama just can't believe her baby has finally turned into 2 year old. It is such an honour to have my little eggie since 2007. We grow up together, learn from each other and having fun together. Isn't it wonderful?

I am glad to give birth to you on 28 February 2007 (though I thought this was a mistaken to have you early because I want a 1 March baby so much. Why? Because a 1 March baby is always gorgeous and smart). Nevermind, I still love you my little Pieces..

So, what should I do for you, baby?
What do you want for this year?

Emmm...... Let me think. I shall make something special for you.
Before that:

Happy Birthday babe!

I will always love you. Muacks.

26 February 2009

Why Women Spend Longer Time In Shopping Mall?

One male and one female were given a mission: Go to Gap and buy a pair of pants.

What are the results?

The man spent averagely 6 minutes to buy a pair of Gap pants which cost $33 while the woman spent roughly 3 hours and 26 minutes, not reaching Gap but had used up $876.

I mean, based on the illustration below:

I almost fell off my chair when I found out a friend of mine, Joey had tagged me into his picture in Facebook (the one that I am showing you now). It was such a humorous joke and I just hardly stopped myself from giggling. Frankly, I think it does show the differences between men and women when it comes to shopping.

Well, we girls love shopping, especially window shopping and everyone knows it since all those shopping malls start conquering our lands. There is nothing to be surprised of as it has already been a fact, right? That's why, the word 'shopaholic' is created for us - the queen of shopping.


Why Women Spend Longer Time In Shopping Mall?

1) We are the economists - we are good in managing our own money and time in a smart way. Just take a very close example.

My dad used up about RM50 for:
- 1 toothpaste
- 1 toothbrush
- 1 pack of maggie mee
- 1 liter of cooking oil
- 1 tin of Milo
- 1 cup

My mum used up about RM50 for:
- 2 toothpaste *free 3 toothbrushes*
- 2 pack of maggie mee *free 1 plastic bowl*
- 1 liter of cooking oil *less 10%*
- 2 pack of refilled Milo *free 1 cup*

Note: Female spend wisely. Can you just see the differences?

2) We are the good researchers - We know where to get the cheapest price and good quality stuff. We know exactly the location of each shop in the mall. We know when will the mega sales start hitting in. We know because we survey. Just look at how a woman and a man spend their RM60 for the same t-shirt but in different time. The woman get 2 polo T-shirts, one for her husband and one for herself from Giordano while the man only get 1 for himself. The secret? We go for Buy-1-Free-1 promotion while man, they are too lazy to bother.

3) We are thoughtful - we care for the people we love, that's why we shop to get good present for them. We know very well that the present will be the best thing ever in his/hers life because we are too caring. By the way, we wouldn't simply grab a gift from any cheap, low quality shop for the people we love.

4) We need exercise - Most men prefer going to the gym for exercise while most women prefer shopping mall instead! As you can see in the picture, we girls do walk a lot and consume big amount of energy especially to those who wear high heels. In addition, we are away from those irritable UV light, hot weather (you know Malaysia well, don't you?), thick carbon monoxide from the vehicles and sticky road.

Besides, there is free air-condition and free music which are provided in the mall. Aren't we the brilliant creature in the world? Em.. I mean the FEMALES! :)

5) We are socializing - Most girls go shopping with their friends, especially for a long...long... window shopping. One of the best way I find out in strengthening a relationship with my friends is by going shopping with them. It is incredibly effective. Trust me boys. That long hours of being togetherness is worth it. Well, this is our way - the female way.

6) We are the businessman - We buy at a cheap price and sell them off with higher price especially on those unique items.

7) Do I have to continue pointing the reasons? I think the above 6 reasons are enough to make guys who read them stunned.. *wink*

Again, why women spend longer time in shopping mall?
Well, we are just too smart. Am I right, ladies?


Note: Thank Joey for the tag and inspiration... ;)

24 February 2009

The Answer, Ta-Da! Go Greeeen!

I know, I know.
I know how you feel right now.

You guys must be waiting for my answer for ages....
I am sorry about that as I had a big headache yesterday, being too tired. I had fallen asleep so early that I couldn't even imagine.

Anyway, that 9 hours of sleep are worth it. I am energetic, just like I always do.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Here is the answer which you have been waiting for! This is the post if you have missed it: Can You Guess This Correctly?

Let me make a short review on your answers:

Responses from my lovely readers:

a t-shirt or cloth or whatnot?
i donno la my ans is so ordinary...

hehe its a t-shirt... and its a cocoa bean tree in the middle???
The theme ah... all natural??? *giggles*

So do I get a gift??? HEHEEE XD

I think..

Your dad dotes on u a lot. :)

It is definitely a T-Shirt :)
And the theme is a big tree growing in the nature
And with natural packaging too~
Like the "corn" tied on it

Among all the answers, 永遇乐 is the closest one.

It is a shirt from the Art of Living on their grow 100,000 trees project
Wait. Is it 100,000 number of trees? I must have forgotten the number.

Well, the idea is to make the Earth greener than before. I love this campaign so much as I believe our Earth is at serious risk. Do I have to mention about how bad the pollution is? Nah... I am tired of those news. It makes me scared and upset.

So, one of the way which I can help to improve the environment is to get involve in those green projects, including I don't know how much it can help, but at least, I am doing my part. Right?

Go Go Green!!!


I love the design so much. Simple yet unique.. Creative designer I should say.. :D

23 February 2009

I Need Ice-Cream

It is late right now.

12.51 am and I know I am suppose to sleep. There is no way I should be thinking of 'ICE CREAM' in the middle of the night. No way as I am pretty much a health conscious girl. Thank to my mum for educating me about health. Or else, I am pretty sure I've started licking on my ice-cream instead of typing on my old-yellowish-white keyboard (nearly 10 years. oh my. I just realize it!)

I don't know why but I have a sudden urge to walk to the nearest grocery shop or maybe 7 Eleven (wise choice!) to hunt for an ice cream- anything as long as it is sweet and cold. Too bad, I don't have any in my frig at this moment as I have finished the whole box!

Sigh... I should keep some like chipmunks storing their food for winter. Bad me...

Well, I don't think I seriously need an ice-cream to fulfill my desire right now. No. Just, I realize that whenever I am stress or upset, my body will send the message to my brain convincing me to get something sweet. I remember I'd read an article before regarding to body and hormone, back in my high school moment. It stated that sweet food can reduce stress and encourage 'happy feeling'. The reason is because sweet substance will stimulate the pituitary glands which will then produce endorphin to the body. Endorphin secretion will make the body less tense and excited or happy.

Let just cut the Biology story.
As far as I remember, ice-cream can bring positive feeling to the body. Of course, in small amount. Plus, the coolness and the colour will definitely make one happy, at least for me.


As I have mentioned before, I have to deal with my assignments and test in these few weeks. Things are piling up and I am trying my best to settle them, one by one. I don't want to make myself too stress as it will ended up bringing 'bad energy' - negative feeling on self and environment. Yeah. I am learning to be wise and calm at the same time. That's the wisdom I should master before I turn 28.

Right now, I can feel that I am stress. That's why my body is convincing me to get something sweet.

No no no. No way girl
You are better of to sleep as you have a presentation later. Wish me luck!

I guess, there is no chance I can get anything sweet late at this hour. I have to take good care of my teeth and gum. Eeerrrrr......

So, all I can do is to stare closely at this picture...

*Long pause*

What a cruel night.

21 February 2009

Can You Guess This Correctly?

Dad bought me something lovely this year and I have been treasuring it for few weeks - never untied the knot until this morning. I wanted to keep this gift longer as I love the design so much.

So natural....
So original....
So creative....
So simple....

However, it is time for me to untie it today as I can't wait to have it. Yeah!
So, I had captured the 'original moment' of the gift using pinkeggie and posted it here. At the same time, let's play a guessing games. I am bored here. Lol...

Do you know what is this?
And do you know what is the theme of this gift?



20 February 2009

Kelly's Career Life Line

There is something I wanna share with you.
Something so personal yet interesting in my case. As I had told you before in my previous post that I had just finished my assignment and guess what? One of the task is to make our own life-line regarding to our very own career development. That's mean, we have to include past experience, present as well as future plan.

It is indeed a very fun assignment which I enjoy a lot. Since it requires personal experience as well as creative work, I am all over it. My nerve get me working without me pushing myself hard. Wait! I did push myself as I am doing last minute work again! Eeerrrrrrr.......

Frankly, I can't denial as last minutes work gives me inspiration. I did try to do it early, before the deadline. However, I realized it was wasting time as I couldn't come up with anything except playing with the pencil.

So, back to my life-line story. By doing this line, I realize how my parents, school, society and my personality have influenced me all this while and I had picked the road which have lead me to today, the present. Each point I made in my life-line indicates something important which I wanted to highlight at that particular age. I drew picture for each point to symbolize the meaning I wanted to explain.

For example, at the age of 19-20, I drew 4 roads which I was stuck before. I felt so lost at that moment as I didn't know what kind of courses I wanted to take after STPM, not to mention the career I want for future. It should be taken seriously as I don't want to have any regret in my life.

So, the 4 roads and an undecided little stick man standing on the road represent my critical moment in my life. It wasn't easy but I had managed to choose the road I want and.... I am here! ;D

The rest of the points after 22, it shows my future plan. You can make some guesses on what I have planned based on the picture if you want. Haha....

Oops. Did I miss my points before 22? It shows my past and the little baby who is sleeping soundly in the picture is ME! Me! Haha.... I love that drawing so much. At first, I thought my water colour skills may be bad since it had been years I never touched my brush. Surprisingly, it turns up pretty well.

If you wish to know how to make your own life-line or any other information regarding to career development, you can drop me an email: curryegg87(at)gmail(dot)com . I may not be an expert, for now (wait till I become an expert. hehe..) but we can make a little discussion on it. Sound fun? Haha..

Oops. I should continue doing my assignment now. Sighhh... another one.
See you guys soon.. And Happy FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!


19 February 2009

Done! Done!

I can't believe it!
I'd finally finished my assignment!!!!


Guess what? I am printing my assignment, right at this moment. What is the time again? 2.17am. Wuuooottt! Should I wish you a very good morning? Emm... Nop. I think I shouldn't as I am heading to bed once the printing stuff is done.


I really I can't imagine what I had done in my assignment. It isn't just like any boring assignment. This time, it requires the creative mind to work on the task. It is call drawing. Yes! I drew my life-line with my own theme, and coloured my work with water colour. I am so energetic whenever it comes to art. My hand just couldn't stop moving..

I like a move it move it...
She like a move it move it...

At the same time, we need to write a short summary, describing out art work. This is to help the lecturer to understand what we draw. Seriously, I love my work so much (although it is such a mess). Anyway, I am happy with my work. Well, that sound so much like denial. Lol..

Whatever it is, I am going off to my bed as the printer has stopped working. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Sweet dream for those who are sleeping and happy morning for those who read this in the morning. Hugs... ;)

18 February 2009

Hong Kong Ayam-My Favourite!

Do you know what is my favorite food? Something simple yet appetizing. Egg+bread+chicken+salad+sauce+mayonnaise. Plus it's affordable for a student like me. What's its name? Hong Kong ayam.

Price? RM3.00. Hurroy! Wanna get this after class.. :)

16 February 2009

Do You Like Your Teeth?

Sometimes, I realize that I am a kind of girl who is easily happy over tiny little thing. Smile can easily been curved on my face. Of course, I am a good laughter too. But trust me, you will be surprised or even shocked if you see me laughing. Not a good scene for stranger who doesn't know me well. Lol..

Seriously, are you asking me why?

Well, my face will turn red while my so called 'Dracula tooth' will appear. Frankly, I don't really like my teeth arrangement as they are disorganized and give an unattractive smile. I used to have two 'Dracula teeth' or known as Cuspid (if I am not mistaken) which look so much like fangs. They really look frightening and that was why I hate to smile back in my high school moment. It did affect my self-esteem. But not now anymore... ;)

Spot my vampire tooth if you can.

Anyway, one was gone after going through the 'dentist operation'. Lol.. That's mean, I only have one cuspid which is slightly higher than the others.

Just a question from me, do you feel that good teeth arrangement will boost up your self esteem? Do you think it is important to have a set of healthy and beautiful teeth? What will you do if you realize that they aren't perfect enough? Will you wear bracelets?

Mac, my lovely cousin is going to be a dentist soon. It is great to have a dentist in the family as he can guide me to have a good, strong, healthy teeth. I know I am not good in taking care of my teeth. That's why, I am practicing what he told me during in our last meeting.

His advice:

1) Brush teeth at least twice per day. It is good to brush after every meal.
2) Brush at least 10-15 minutes and make sure every tooth receive same treatment.

3) Floss your teeth for better result.

4) Use Listerine to clean your teeth especially on those hidden wisdom teeth. However, use this chemical not more than two times per week.
5) Take milk (I wonder did he tell me this or I heard it from others)

6) Visit your dentist at least twice per year.

Brushing teeth at least 10 to 15 minutes seemed a little hard because that is kinda long for me. Well, to keep my teeth strong and healthy, I do what he told me - regularly of course! I have high determination for this one as I can't imagine myself being an old toothless lady. Or maybe with thick brown yellowish tartar teeth?


Doesn't that sound worse compare to vampire teeth?
Mac, be my next dentist will ya? I want my teeth like.....

1) Whitney Houston...

2) Alicia Key....

3) Lee Hom.. my favourite Asian artist!

4) Or maybe... Tom Cruise..

Wait... I mean this one..

Oh my!
I want to be so much like them. ENVY!

A Little Confession From Me

Sometimes, I find it hard to blog about my love story in the public like this since I value privacy a lot. However, this time is a little different. Maybe Joey's way of blogging has affected my perspective on this. Why not sharing some of the moments which you treasured a lot with the people who care about you? (I know you do care about me. Or else, why are you here? Right?)

We may not know what will happen tomorrow. Since life is short and we have no idea when we are going to live this world. So, why not leave another valuable gift for your love one? Making post here will appear permanently and he/she can view this whenever they want, right?


My Little Confession

I had a great time yesterday with Eric during our Valentine Day. Something casual, yet happy. It wasn't a luxurious celebration - no expensive meals and gifts since both of us are still students. I can't effort to let Eric suffering after the celebration since almost every restaurant and the cost of the flowers and chocolate are double (or triple) the price. After all, Valentine is just a day to show and appreciate our love with the people we care, not a day to waste on unnecessary expenses.

It has been 3 years ever since we started this relationship. Time flies and I can't imagine after all the ups and downs we had been through, we still manage to secure this relationship. It wasn't easy but we manage to keep it running. I am blessed and I am grateful to have him. Thank for everything. He is such a good partner- caring and loving.

Seriously, yesterday was like any other ordinary date. I even cleaned my house before going out with Eric. My house was a mess when my family and I were away to Kluang. Remember the fresh bread I told you in my previous post? Haha... With all this ordinary feeling, I just wear a simple couple t-shirt, jeans and heels. We promised that there will be no gift for each other this time in order to safe some cost.

With empty hands, I brought nothing. Yeah. Nothing. I wasn't feel bad since we planned all this no-gift-day. However, I was in great torture when he showed me a gigantic gift when the day was almost ended. Oh my. Yeah. It is a huge gift. Almost half my size.

Speechless, I stared at his eyes.
I didn't know what to say accept curving a big smile.

Do you know what is it?
Well, since I had started this topic, let me share my gift with ya. She is my new family member and I am glad to show her up.

Guess what it is?

It is Little Du Du - a female cow.
Haha... Isn't she looks cute?

Meet my new family member.

I love her a lot and her big size body allow me to hug her better. Lol. I sound so much like a small kids. Well, who cares? I still can play with toys, can't I?

Well, I am just... emm.....


Dang! Thank for reminding me..
I am not going to give my soft toys away. No way!

14 February 2009

Foo Ban Heng Bread & Cake Factory

I know, I know.

A lot of you are waiting for the answer - about where I was yesterday. My previous post might sound tricky. Haha.. Holding bread in hand with a naughty smile, asking my readers to guess where I am.

So, here is the answer for the unsolved puzzle.

I was in Kluang, Johor.
Yes. I believe most of you have heard about it? Especially Kluang Station? They made good Hainan coffee and toasts. I am so proud. Why? Because I am a Hainanese. More info? Read this too.

Well, I am not going to make a review about the Hainan coffee nor toasts this time. Instead, I am digging out the secret behind the soft, fresh bread in Kluang. Interesting? I was in a secret mission and these are what I got for you.


Foo Ban Heng Bread & Cake Factory has owned more than 50 years of history. For all these while, they make good quality of bread for the people in Kluang. Generation over generation take over the business. Still, they produce unbeatable quality of bread and cake. Yes, I am serious!

I remembered my dad told me that he was here during school holiday, helping his uncle and aunt for the packaging and delivering when he was small. It was actually in another factory. However, it was burnt decades ago. So, they moved to this shop.

With all the hints mentioned earlier, it is obvious that this shop is owned by my relatives. Haha.. Got Cha! It wasn't a secret mission like James Bond, doing all the spying work. It was a shame that I never mention anything about this wonderful bread shop. Anyway, it is ok. I am blogging about it right now.

Here are some photos on how they make those fresh, yummy bread. Shhhh.. It's top secret!
You can see all the raw dough, big oven and people! Wait, people? Duh..

I had a great time here, in Kluang these few days. In fact, whenever I am here, I feel good and happy with their hospitality. You could hardly find any families as warm and caring as they are. Thank to my grandma for having such a wonderful family. Although my grandma wasn't here anymore, they still treat us well.

Maybe some of you are curious why I was here all of the sudden? It was my grandma's elder sister's birthday and my family and I were they to celebrate her 75th birthday.

Quick note:
My grandma has 3 siblings and she is the youngest one. However, her elder brother and herself have left the world and it only left my great aunt now.

Thinking of how much my grandma wants her sister to be safe, healthy and happy (like she always wants to when she is still alive), we decided to show up ourselves and celebrate my great aunt's birthday. It is like representing my granny and it makes me feel good.

I am glad that she is healthy, strong and happy. Frankly, I was a little worried on her emotion ever since my grandma has gone. She loves my grandma so much and I heard she wasn't in a good mood for months.

Family gathering in front of the shop (like always):

Looking in her eyes is like looking in my granny's eyes. They shared something in common. It is good to be with her in these few days. I have heard a lot about my grandma's stories especially during childhood from great aunt. Mesmerizing those olden days with her is such a wonderful moment and I promise, I will treasure them.

Yes, I promise.
Great aunt, wishing you in good health all the time. God bless ya.

Note: Seriously, it was a hot day and I was sweating all the time. Johor, what a hot place just like in KL.

Again, Foo Ban Heng Bread & Cake Factory is the best bakery shop in town!

Why? Because most of the kopitiam (coffee shop) in Kluang is using their bread. I had tried them and it is seriously finger licking good! Kekkez.. Hainan bread, Hainan toast, Hainan coffee.

Guess what? My dinning table is crowded with fresh bread from Kluang! Muahahaha... We are loved and blessed by fresh Hainan bread. Wow wow!

Like Caffery had asked me in my previous comment box: Love or bread? I have to choose bread. Or else, I can't finish them before the lifespan ends..

Happy Valentine, my lovely readers!

13 February 2009

Guess Where I Am?

Guess where I am?
Hard one?

Haha.. Seriously, i'm enjoying myself here. Walk wherever I like, eat whatever I can take. It's like my dream come true. Well, i think the answer is obvious from this picture. Nevermind. Just guess and i'll be back with more photos. Curryegg is having her fruitful break.


Cant wait to taste the hot, fresh bread. Yum yum.. Oops, did i just mention bread? Em... Whatever. It's good to be Friday! :)