14 February 2009

Foo Ban Heng Bread & Cake Factory

I know, I know.

A lot of you are waiting for the answer - about where I was yesterday. My previous post might sound tricky. Haha.. Holding bread in hand with a naughty smile, asking my readers to guess where I am.

So, here is the answer for the unsolved puzzle.

I was in Kluang, Johor.
Yes. I believe most of you have heard about it? Especially Kluang Station? They made good Hainan coffee and toasts. I am so proud. Why? Because I am a Hainanese. More info? Read this too.

Well, I am not going to make a review about the Hainan coffee nor toasts this time. Instead, I am digging out the secret behind the soft, fresh bread in Kluang. Interesting? I was in a secret mission and these are what I got for you.


Foo Ban Heng Bread & Cake Factory has owned more than 50 years of history. For all these while, they make good quality of bread for the people in Kluang. Generation over generation take over the business. Still, they produce unbeatable quality of bread and cake. Yes, I am serious!

I remembered my dad told me that he was here during school holiday, helping his uncle and aunt for the packaging and delivering when he was small. It was actually in another factory. However, it was burnt decades ago. So, they moved to this shop.

With all the hints mentioned earlier, it is obvious that this shop is owned by my relatives. Haha.. Got Cha! It wasn't a secret mission like James Bond, doing all the spying work. It was a shame that I never mention anything about this wonderful bread shop. Anyway, it is ok. I am blogging about it right now.

Here are some photos on how they make those fresh, yummy bread. Shhhh.. It's top secret!
You can see all the raw dough, big oven and people! Wait, people? Duh..

I had a great time here, in Kluang these few days. In fact, whenever I am here, I feel good and happy with their hospitality. You could hardly find any families as warm and caring as they are. Thank to my grandma for having such a wonderful family. Although my grandma wasn't here anymore, they still treat us well.

Maybe some of you are curious why I was here all of the sudden? It was my grandma's elder sister's birthday and my family and I were they to celebrate her 75th birthday.

Quick note:
My grandma has 3 siblings and she is the youngest one. However, her elder brother and herself have left the world and it only left my great aunt now.

Thinking of how much my grandma wants her sister to be safe, healthy and happy (like she always wants to when she is still alive), we decided to show up ourselves and celebrate my great aunt's birthday. It is like representing my granny and it makes me feel good.

I am glad that she is healthy, strong and happy. Frankly, I was a little worried on her emotion ever since my grandma has gone. She loves my grandma so much and I heard she wasn't in a good mood for months.

Family gathering in front of the shop (like always):

Looking in her eyes is like looking in my granny's eyes. They shared something in common. It is good to be with her in these few days. I have heard a lot about my grandma's stories especially during childhood from great aunt. Mesmerizing those olden days with her is such a wonderful moment and I promise, I will treasure them.

Yes, I promise.
Great aunt, wishing you in good health all the time. God bless ya.

Note: Seriously, it was a hot day and I was sweating all the time. Johor, what a hot place just like in KL.

Again, Foo Ban Heng Bread & Cake Factory is the best bakery shop in town!

Why? Because most of the kopitiam (coffee shop) in Kluang is using their bread. I had tried them and it is seriously finger licking good! Kekkez.. Hainan bread, Hainan toast, Hainan coffee.

Guess what? My dinning table is crowded with fresh bread from Kluang! Muahahaha... We are loved and blessed by fresh Hainan bread. Wow wow!

Like Caffery had asked me in my previous comment box: Love or bread? I have to choose bread. Or else, I can't finish them before the lifespan ends..

Happy Valentine, my lovely readers!