03 February 2009

Jalan-Jalan, Cari Makan

Penang is well-known for its food and I believe many Malaysian know about it. If not, I am sorry to hear that. You can drop me a message and I might bring you around, if.. I am in Penang.. ;)
I will make sure that you will gain at least 5 pounds before leaving the Pearl Island. Hahaha..

So, back to my 'interesting post' which I have promised earlier. I am here to blog about my Chinese New Year moment when I was in Penang with my ex-schoolmates. Ahhww.... I start to miss them, a lot!

When I mean a lot, it is really A LOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Just about 4 days ago, I had met my secondary school (high school) friends in CJ's house for house visiting during in the afternoon. The idea of having a night gathering in Penang Island with them had not come into my mind until HShan invited me. That was like, 30 minutes before the trip.

The feeling of surprise yet excited, both attacking my endocrine system and I was almost mad in preparing myself. I wanted to visit Penang Island as it had been a long time I never 'landed' there. For your information, I was staying in the mainland. Lol...

Within half an hour, I was done and we managed to reach there before 8.30pm for dinner. Thank Mac for driving me there..

So, the 6 of us were there in Perkampungan Hammer Bay (my first try). It was S Mei suggestion to dine there as there are lot of yummilicious Malay dishes there. This place is not bad, but the service wasn't that good. Why? Because they were stingy by not giving us extra 'kuah kari (curry) when we asked. Cis!

Sigh.. Oh ya, they are all spicy!
Curryegg loves curry!

We ordered 'seafood tom yam', 'Ikan bakar' (roosted fish), 'Kang Kung belacan' (spinach belacan), satay and 'Goreng sotong' (deep fried squids).

S Mei with her professional photography skills! :D
Lovely girls... ;D


I am hungry right now.. sigh.. That's why I rarely make food post...
Suffering.. :(

After having our dinner, we had been to several places before ending our 'spontaneous trip'. One of the place which I had always wanted to go is.... Queenbay. Sigh, I felt so embarrass at first to say that I had never been there till that day. Well, whatever. I had been there and I am no longer feeling embarrass. Muahahahaa...

Taken besides QueenBay!

Next post on Kek Lok Si with abundance of nice photos! Yeah!
Can't wait to share my photography skills with ya... Stay tune, again! :D