24 February 2009

The Answer, Ta-Da! Go Greeeen!

I know, I know.
I know how you feel right now.

You guys must be waiting for my answer for ages....
I am sorry about that as I had a big headache yesterday, being too tired. I had fallen asleep so early that I couldn't even imagine.

Anyway, that 9 hours of sleep are worth it. I am energetic, just like I always do.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Here is the answer which you have been waiting for! This is the post if you have missed it: Can You Guess This Correctly?

Let me make a short review on your answers:

Responses from my lovely readers:

a t-shirt or cloth or whatnot?
i donno la my ans is so ordinary...

hehe its a t-shirt... and its a cocoa bean tree in the middle???
The theme ah... all natural??? *giggles*

So do I get a gift??? HEHEEE XD

I think..

Your dad dotes on u a lot. :)

It is definitely a T-Shirt :)
And the theme is a big tree growing in the nature
And with natural packaging too~
Like the "corn" tied on it

Among all the answers, 永遇乐 is the closest one.

It is a shirt from the Art of Living on their grow 100,000 trees project
Wait. Is it 100,000 number of trees? I must have forgotten the number.

Well, the idea is to make the Earth greener than before. I love this campaign so much as I believe our Earth is at serious risk. Do I have to mention about how bad the pollution is? Nah... I am tired of those news. It makes me scared and upset.

So, one of the way which I can help to improve the environment is to get involve in those green projects, including I don't know how much it can help, but at least, I am doing my part. Right?

Go Go Green!!!


I love the design so much. Simple yet unique.. Creative designer I should say.. :D