07 February 2009

Ugly Or Handsome Bulldog?

I was mad when some people laughed at this dog.
I don't know why but feel upset when some people just can't stop teasing at his look. Well, I seriously thing he looks fine, just like any other bull dog. Expect its colour?

Stop laughing at him will ya?

His colour isn't a problem for me, as long as he is a charming dog. How did I know that? Well, he smiled when I snapped his pictures. Isn't that charming? Yes. I am serious that this dog can smile. I wonder how did he do that?


I wonder why even my dad think it is ugly? Why oh why?????
Because of its uncountable wrinkles?
Because of its short body?
Because of its unattractive spots?

It is so unfair to make untrue statement on this bull dog. No one should be look down by others, not even animal. Eisk!!!

In my case, I think it is CUTE!

Anyone support my statement?
Let me know by leaving me a comment and answering this poll. I don't believe it is ugly!

By the way, this dog is belonged to my aunt and it costs about one thousand. Some think it doesn't worth the price while some think it is cheap.

He said: What are you looking at?