19 February 2009

Done! Done!

I can't believe it!
I'd finally finished my assignment!!!!


Guess what? I am printing my assignment, right at this moment. What is the time again? 2.17am. Wuuooottt! Should I wish you a very good morning? Emm... Nop. I think I shouldn't as I am heading to bed once the printing stuff is done.


I really I can't imagine what I had done in my assignment. It isn't just like any boring assignment. This time, it requires the creative mind to work on the task. It is call drawing. Yes! I drew my life-line with my own theme, and coloured my work with water colour. I am so energetic whenever it comes to art. My hand just couldn't stop moving..

I like a move it move it...
She like a move it move it...

At the same time, we need to write a short summary, describing out art work. This is to help the lecturer to understand what we draw. Seriously, I love my work so much (although it is such a mess). Anyway, I am happy with my work. Well, that sound so much like denial. Lol..

Whatever it is, I am going off to my bed as the printer has stopped working. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Sweet dream for those who are sleeping and happy morning for those who read this in the morning. Hugs... ;)