11 February 2009

Bulldog Poll Result & My Crazy Day

Dear readers,

Thank for your care and love which you had sent me in my previous post's comment box. It is so sweet of you for concerning about my health. Hugs. I am really touched. I was sick for a few days and thank God, I manage to recover on time - before sitting for tomorrow test.

I have been busy preparing myself for my first test, in this semester (Ok ok. At the same time I have finished my Singleniti novel and it is seriously wonderful! I love it!). So, instead of throwing oranges in the lake/river during Chap Goh Mei, I ate them all! Lol. It is good to eat fruits when your throat is burning. Besides, it provides Vitamin C! Hahaha...

Wait. Why do I sound so informal here? Am I writing a letter? Gosh! What happen to me? Don't tell me I am acting abnormal here? I must be reading too much and burden my brain with too much of mental health and emotional well-being information. Geerrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Stop this letter-sounded-post and back to my curryegg's blogging style.

I am not going to blog anything regarding to my studies this time. Frankly, I need a break for this hour before continuing my revision. That's what a student life, isn't it? Sigh...

Well, here is something worth to be shared. Still remember on my last two posts which is about a cute-handsome-bulldog? Hehehehe... I hope you still remember that cute face (although some said it is ugly. Hmpm!).

I have received 44 responses so far and thank a million!!!
The result is an interesting one.

Previous post from: Ugly Or Handsome Bulldog?

I am happy with PollDaddy.com free pool widget service. They even provided answers in percentage and pie form. Besides, voter can type their own answer too. Not bad.

But answers like funny and pity... Lol... you guys are so cute la! Hahaha..

Oh ya. I remember someone is asking me about how to make this poll? Sorry if I haven't answer you. Just registered yourself in PollDaddy.com and it will lead you in making your personal poll. Try it! :)

Seriously, I am happy that not many think this dog is ugly. The answer for unique is alright for me because I understand not many people will like a spots-bulldog. Anyway, I realized that humans have different perception and this lead to different emotions. Some may feel it is cute, some may find it ugly. The term cute, ugly, beautiful and other adjective words are actually describing your feeling on certain object or subject. How do we have perception? It is produced from your cognitive system which is influenced by other factors such as family background, social influences, personal system belief, religion and etc.

However, this perception may not last long. It can change! Once your perception changed, your emotional will change as well. For example, you may think that this dog is ugly at the first place. But who knows? After listening to others opinion and my whining and looking at his pictures again, we may change you?


Now, look at this picture again. Does it change your perception?

I am going so crazy. Unconsciously, I am actually applying what I read just now. Please, forgive me? It is time to read the book, again. This time, I shall be optimistic!

Yes to my Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being book. Mummy is coming!!!

P/s: Nevermind if you don't understand a word here. Curryegg is facing serious mental illness for today. Once the test is over, she will be fine. Promise. Lol... :P