09 February 2009

Chap Goh Mei, Seemed Like Not My Day

Chinese New Year is going to end - emm... another one hour to go.
Isn't that fast? I am still in the mood. Gosh! What should I do?

I don't want my Chap Goh Mei (the 15th day of Chinese New Year) to end so fast as I haven't thrown any oranges into the lake or river. Hmpm!!!!

Stop the time please and I am going to the lake now. Well, if only if I am not sick. Sigh... Who ever knew that Curryegg will fall sick at the end of the celebration.

It is like so disastrous!!!
I want to join the crowd as well. Isk!!

I guess my sickness was caused by the hot, scorching sun during noon hour. I was again, been to a temple. After doing some prayers and having our vegetarian lunch there, my forehead was tensed and my eyesight was blurred. Maybe the weather and the big crowd had affected my biological system. As a result, I was lying like a dead girl, all day long on my bed will a wet handkerchief lying on my forehead.

This egg is all most well-done. Can you believe it?

Luckily, I feel much better in the evening but still, a little dizzy and tired. I could feel my antibody is working pretty well, just a little slow. Thank God anyway as I can continue my revision and assignment.

Stop mentioning about those heavy tasks! Ok ok. I will continue my job after this.
Give me a break will ya?

Let me share something with you before I leave my blog. I remembered I was screaming all the way when I hardly found any big Mandarin oranges on the basket. It was my dad who finished those oranges and I thought my Chap Goh Mei plan was ruined. How am I suppose to throw oranges when there is no orange for me?

So, this is his idea.

Dad: Aiyo. We still have oranges. There are about 8 of them. Aren't they enough for you?
Me: Sigh.. Dad. They are way too small.
Dad: What? You call these as small? I tell you what, this is a great idea!
Me: Why? *being a little curious*
Dad: See. Those people who catch your oranges can easily keep them in their pocket. Easy, light and portable.
Me: *Throwing my cold look at him*
Dad. I don't even have enough space to write my name, not to mention other form of contact.
Dad: Oohh.. really? *grin*

Just look at these oranges and make a comparison. Don't you agree with me?

Lucky enough, I manage to secure a mandarin orange (big one) which was in the fridge. Anyway, there is no change for me to throw neither of them. Sob..

Well, the reason why I wanted to throw the oranges into the lake nor river is to feel the atmosphere. Sorry to say that, I had never tried this before. That's why I am so eager to try it now.

Siiggh... Nevermind.

Better luck next year I guess.

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!

Oh ya. Have you seen the lunar eclipse? I heard it is supposed to be tonight. Can't wait to read the details on tomorrow headline.

See ya.. ;)