28 September 2010

Presenting Paper At Seminar Kaunseling UM 2010

It has been a week (almost) since my last update in this blog. Time flies (my favorite quote). Scary!


I was busy in the past week, preparing myself for paper presentation with my other group members at my faculty. It is our very first, big event my Bachelor of Counseling has ever conducted. Other colleges and universities were being invited to attend our Counseling seminar. As I’d told you, it’s B.I.G!




Not wanting to miss out such a big opportunity to share something we had done previously with students from other institution, I registered my group members and myself to be the presenters. I don’t know what had actually triggered my excitement to be a presenter. I seriously don’t. Maybe, the urge to create another memory for my final year has encouraged me to be one.


So, last Saturday was the BIG DAY for many of us. My group and I had presented a research which we had done before in last 2 semesters regarding to a topic about the visual impairment student. It is an action research that involved 2 rounds of interview, 2 round of observation and 1 intervention. You can read about the story behind the research in my last year post: here.


 conference3      photoftheday32


The presentation was a success. We managed to receive and answer several interesting questions regarding to our research.  Fuuhh… kinda nervous you know.




By the way, I am grateful to have a bunch of lovely coursemates who were sitting and listening faithfully throughout our 20 minutes presentation in the freezing hall. All these photos were taken by a coursemate, and her name is June. Thank you dear! =D 





What happen next after the paper presentation?


Haha.. More photograpy moment of course! Everyone was looking fabulous and charming in the seminar. Even D-chin (one of my male coursemate) turned up to be an Elvis-wanna-be again. It’s such a waste that I didn’t snap a picture with him.









In the end of the day, I realized that I am into this research thingy. The interest for research is slowing developing in me. Who know, one day I might be an international researcher? Well, make it a nation one first.. =P



This is what I called, the ENFPs.


So, forgive me for my inconsistent update. I have to choose studies first before leisure, right? Hugs.. miss you guys so much. How I hope I can own 48 hours a day!

21 September 2010

Is Thinking In The Box Not Creative?

They say it is important to always think out of the box. This is what they call, creativity.


There is a definition which defines creativity as the ability to produce work that is novel (i.e original, unexpected), high in quality and appropriate (i.e useful, meets task constraints) by Sternberg, Kaufman & Pretz 2002.


Well, I do agree with the above statements because I am a kind of person who support creative thinking.


However, I am trying hard to figure out whether is ‘think out of the box’ is synonym to creativity? How about ‘think out of the box’ equal to ‘Not to think in the box’? Let me do the equation:



Think out of the box = creativity

Think out of the box = Not to (think in the box)

Not to (think in the box) = Not (creativity)


As conclusion: Think in the box equals to not creative??




Well, if the above equation is true to you, then I would strongly disagree. Why? Because thinking in the box can enhance creativity too. You get to understand a situation better, trying something which others might have forgotten or left out, new discovery, unexpected, fun and CRAZYY!!!






How do I know?

Good question. Because I did that.




I am not just thinking the box, but I am thinking in a collection of BOXES!!!

Now, I am creative or what? Lolx..




P/s: Actually the most creative person is my cousin, the photographer who found and captured the right and interesting angle for my hilarious poses. Credit to her =)

12 September 2010

Where Have I Been?

Ni hao =)


Currently, curryegg is exhausted with her packed schedule. She has been in a 3 days in a row trip at different destination and have no time to rest, yet (but still can facebook and tweet, lol).


I will have a good night sleep after updating this post, I swear *with guilty expression*


I am still in a regretful mood actually as I had done another careless mistakes, again this morning while on the trip to Pulau Gula with family and cousins. Guess what, I had accidentally pressed the ‘Delete All’ button while browsing my photos in my camera.


So, all my photos at Mamak’s house and Island trip (which was yesterday) has gone. ALL GONE! Siiggghh… How careless I am! I hope I have really learned the lesson and do no mistake again in future *serious face*


Because of the incident, I have persisted to upload all the data in my memory stick into my laptop before hitting the bed as I don’t wanna loss anything in future, again! Not a chance!


As much as I want my photos to be safe in the hardisk, I want my blog to be updated safely too (obviously, that’s an excuse). I wanna update about myself with the help of 2 photos, showing where I was and what I was doing.




So, here. I was at Pulau Gula, a fishing village at Perak this whole day. I have taken lot of photos around this place to replace the terrific loss of my previous album (again, blame my mistake).




Sorry that you will have to wait a little while for the full story of Pulau Gula as I seriously need to keyboard off by now. Treat them as appetizer first k? =)


Wish you have a great Sunday!

07 September 2010

Photography Of The Day


There is a new term again created by me and this time, it is called photography of the day (after photo of the day which I still think it is a cool idea).


I have snapped a few good shoots today while on the way to Popular BookFest 2010 with Mrs Jo and May. It was again a great time-together-moment.


While on the way to the fest, I managed to capture a few photos in the LRT (which is my new hobby now).




I personally think that my portrait photography skill is slowly improving and I wish to share with guys here. I guess, my excitement is too overwhelming when I am supposed to sleep (since it is 12.30am) nao.. like nao…



Because of the excitement, I’ve postponed my birthday post again. So, I’m sorry to let you down (if I did..) =((


Talking about Popular Bookfest, I have bought myself a list of good books with awesome bargain. So, if you are a Malaysian and will be around in KL area within this week, do drop by as you will get something useful for yourself. Trust me, you will.





I’m looking forward for tomorrow’s activities with my buddy. Can’t wait to wake up in the morning =D


Wish you have a great week!

05 September 2010

4 Awesomesauce Birthday Cakes With Candles.

As you know (or not), I had just had my 23rd birthday in the past 5 days. It falls on the 1st of September.


I had a really great birthday celebration with all the lovely people whom I treasured so much in my life. I had been surprised over and over again, and I worried I might get heart-attack sooner or later. wei… CHOI! I’m just joking (bout the heartXtack)


It was seriously an astounding birthday celebration and I don’t know where I should begin and how much I should cover. There are so many things I wanna share. It might take a day or so to blog a complete story. phweeett….


So, I’ve decided.


I am just going to show you my 4 awesomesauce birthday cakes which I received on the same day. Long posting will be schedule on next coming post. I know you have been waiting for my updates for so long. M sorry :(


Here you go.



#1 A slice of chocolate cake from Jane

kelme #2 A hot plate of Curry Pizza from me


#3 A mini chocolate moss cake from May (correction: it’s from all of the girls)

birthday4 #4 A box of special Big Apple Sushi Donuts from Eric <3



They are so lovely, aren’t they?

Don’t you feel curious and that trigger you to find out more? About my story? And my feelings and experiences?

Trust me, your head is nodding in agreement. Hah!




So, see you in coming post! =D


P/s: If you are asking how many different cakes I had on the same day, the answer is - 6