21 September 2010

Is Thinking In The Box Not Creative?

They say it is important to always think out of the box. This is what they call, creativity.


There is a definition which defines creativity as the ability to produce work that is novel (i.e original, unexpected), high in quality and appropriate (i.e useful, meets task constraints) by Sternberg, Kaufman & Pretz 2002.


Well, I do agree with the above statements because I am a kind of person who support creative thinking.


However, I am trying hard to figure out whether is ‘think out of the box’ is synonym to creativity? How about ‘think out of the box’ equal to ‘Not to think in the box’? Let me do the equation:



Think out of the box = creativity

Think out of the box = Not to (think in the box)

Not to (think in the box) = Not (creativity)


As conclusion: Think in the box equals to not creative??




Well, if the above equation is true to you, then I would strongly disagree. Why? Because thinking in the box can enhance creativity too. You get to understand a situation better, trying something which others might have forgotten or left out, new discovery, unexpected, fun and CRAZYY!!!






How do I know?

Good question. Because I did that.




I am not just thinking the box, but I am thinking in a collection of BOXES!!!

Now, I am creative or what? Lolx..




P/s: Actually the most creative person is my cousin, the photographer who found and captured the right and interesting angle for my hilarious poses. Credit to her =)