18 December 2017

Hello New Chapter

Hi guys,

I am back with a little news about myself.
I am now, a mother for a closed to 2 year old daughter! I still couldn't believe myself that I am being a mother now with unconditional support from my husband. Life is a miracle and each stage of life is so important in forming new insights and wisdom through daily experiences.

Honestly, I don't know where I should begin in filling you up about my personal update and progress. I had not blogged for a couple of years and, Calv's prediction on my dying blog was true - that the post will slowly reduce and up to a point, there is no longer update. Geee... Why did I ever let this channel to be dead when it used to be my best buddy?

I have this sudden urge to revisit my blogs and read through my old posts. It feels so good and I get excited just by reading them. Curryegg, you did the right thing to be consistent in blogging as your older self now can recall many sweet and sour memories that had shaped whoever I am today - and I am ultimately grateful for that.

It makes me want to write for myself again without worrying if there will be readers or if they will lik what I write. Coming to this age, fame and popularity are not in my priority list anymore as the ability to capture moments and turned them into a story that I can visit and read anytime for the next 40 decades (assumming I will live till 70 and Blogger.com still functioning) is more important to me. By then, I might be growing full blown grey hairs, with wrinkles all over my face and body, having poor eye sight - hopefully still have good memory (as I will keep exercising my mind and keep a healthy body).

To whoever who still visit this blog and waiting for update, thank you, thank you, thank you. It warms my heart and always encourage me to write more.

I will come back with more contents *fingers crossed*

Good night guys!