07 August 2013

Stalked By A Life-Time Lover


My blog, yes this curryegg’s blog has sadly turned into an abandoned blog since 2 years ago. There is no proper answer for the disappearance of the owner as she is still as passionate as before in writing, as adventurous as before in experiencing life and as reflective as before in understanding life and herself as an individual.


Now that she is preparing to move on to another stage with her hubby, Calv and in the meantime ending her 2nd year of fellowship with Teach For Malaysia, there should be abundance of stories to be shared. However, this author seems to be stuck somewhere and it is unexplainable.. It seems like she is happy to be a hermit at the moment. haiz.. Sad smile


While this author is pretending not owning any blog, just a normal person who read other blogs (yes, i do that often. maybe i read yours too?), her *official hubby goes extra miles by often popping up a few weird phrases in nowhere.


Phrases like:

Are you reading Mr. Bean Holiday? Are you reading Mr. Bean Holiday?”
You already loved panda even before we met. Now you are owning a real panda in front of you, happy or not?”
”A postman called you Curry Egg before right when he delivered you the parcel?”
I know you are not Megan Fox. You are Curry Egg”.


and so on and forth



My *official hubby will never fail to end his conversation with this:
”I think my prediction on the fall of your blog will come true again. I am going to hack your blog account end of the year and post a big note stating that curryegg’s blog posts have gone down again after meeting me. Muahahaha….”





Like seriously?
Why I couldn’t even recall what he was mentioning?
When he claimed that these are quoted from my blog and he even toured me around my blog’s achieve, i tell you… my eyes and mouth were widely opened in disbelief!


I was surprised by how details he can be and took note with nearly everything I posted here although I no longer as active as before. At the same time, I feel bad because he has been waiting for my return with reflective and ‘me’ posts.


I don’t know when my activeness in blogging will be turned on again. I don’t know if could write as interesting as before. I don’t know if there is any blog reader who wants to read my blog. But one thing for sure, is that my life-time lover will always stalk and read my blog despite of my inactiveness.


Thanks dear for loving me whole-heartedly by constantly taking the effort to understand my past and deliver your discovery to the present so that we can laugh together. You have motivated me to be our very own writer that savour each and every moment together (or individually). I am blessed to have a life-time stalker like you.. LOL.. =P


Thank you and I want to be back here again to prove your prediction wrong.



He is the keeper. Cheers to my life-time stalker lover <3


P/s: Why *official husband? Just for the sake of fun in highlighting the ‘official’ word as we just signed the paper a month ago Winking smile