08 March 2011

RedWok Restaurant

Just yesterday (Monday), I went to this buffet steamboat restaurant called RedWok with my colleagues and supervisor which is not far from our work place. It is a suggestion from my supervisor and seriously, I like this place.




This restaurant provides good food and comfortable environment for customers and I actually like this place. The interior design is awesome with greenery view surrounding this restaurant. Most importantly, it is clean and organized in term of the place and food.


Anyway, the choices and the taste of food are just average. I personally give rating for 6 over 10 for the quality of food here (comparing to other places which I’d been before). They prepared more of frozen food like fishball which is not really my preference. I prefer their cooked food, fresh seafood, vegetable and mushroom. Oh.. and ice cream too =)



Note: It’s a Halal restaurant. You can get BBQ style as well. I believe my Muslim friends would love this place =)


Red Wok Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.

Lot PT 70550, Jalan Kajang Impian 1/2,

Taman Kajang Impian 43560 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.



Sorry as I didn’t snap much photos of this place and the food. I was tired at that moment as I had a long day with a few counseling cases and paper work. And at the same time, I was actually very hungry!


So, instead of busy snapping picture, I pushed myself to take more food while enjoying my colleagues’ company. Well, this might be the first and last time because my internship will end soon. In conclusion, no photos.. =P


Till here for the update.


P/s: My supervisor wanna bring Shu Huan and me to ‘bilik mayat’ (dead body room?) in the hospital to witness post mortem process. I was like… ooohh…. and sweat secretly. Well, should I join the CSI group or flee?

02 March 2011

Banana Leaf Rice

It is my first time, driving all the way from my work place with my supervisor and coursemate just to have banana leaf rice. It is located at Puchong.


The experience was great although it was tiring at the same time because on the same day, I travelled a lot – while still working. Well, if it is not because of food, there is no need to travel far. Curry banana rice.. yum~



Finally, a photo of me with curry! =D


Seriously, it was a great place to have good spicy food with lovely people. It was first visit of Shu Huan for banana leaf rice and she seemed pleasant with the food, except the ‘yogurt milk drink’. She seemed not enjoying it. Look at the expression! Classic. Hehe..



‘Moreh’ in tamil.



The curry was nice especially curry chicken. Believe it or not, I have not taken any chicken drumstick ever since Chinese New Year. It is my favorite part of the chicken but.. well, I am sticking to vegetarian food lately – because it is cheap. Like RM2 per meal.




However, I realized I am losing weight and I can’t afford to hear any ‘under-weight complaint’ especially from parents and closed friends. Even my supervisor said so =_=



Thus, today I had a real fulfilling meal, till loss concentration in driving back journey. Don’t worry. I am safe home =)


P/s: Body slightly feverish and get ulcer. Is it too much of curry? :(