31 March 2009

What Are These Two Creatures?

I managed to snap a good amount of photos during in my previous Port Dickson trip, few days ago and have been thinking of sharing them here. It has been a long time I didn't get the chance to step on the beach and play with sea water. What a miss!

Fortunately, this short trip to Port Dickson was undoubtedly fun!
Lately, assignments and projects in hand are just killing me and it was good to have a short break once in awhile. Well, I have been thinking of asking a few questions before I make a complete post for my Port Dickson trip.

You guess it right.
Another guess games!
HAha.... XD

So, what do you think about these pictures?
What are they?

(Be as creative as possible if you have no idea for the names of these creature. I am more than willing to hear your creative answer. hehe..)

P/s: Will reply your comments in my previous post, tomorrow. Thanks for your comments... ;)

30 March 2009

What Have You Learnt From Earth Hour?

What have you learnt from the Earth Hour campaign?
Did you get something valuable?

I am not sure about you but I do gain something valuable during that dark hour. I had managed to pursuit my family members in order to join the Earth Hour event. Well, it is not easy to make my dad a green supporter especially when the activity will stop him from watching football matches. Anyway, I am really proud of him as he to give up his entertainment and join the green spirit.

Before the clock stroke at 8.30pm, my family and I were on our way back from dinner. We were a bit late before reaching home. So, along the way, we managed to witness a few buildings which had participated in the campaign.

P/s: This is my very first time feeling good in posting up dark photos. They do show Earth Hour moment, don't they? Hahaha.. XD

Once we reached home, we tried to adjust ourselves with the darkness. None of the electricity items were being switched on as we want to experience the quite and dark moment, together. A small gathering among my family members was held in the living room and we discussed nearly everything.

I thought they might want to switch on the light, fans as well as the TV immediately once the campaign was over (9.30pm). To my surprise, they didn't. Instead, they had kept that Earth Hour moment long enough till the sun rays from the window hurt their skins. Well, I am seriously impressed! Lol...

Frankly, I kinda feel proud to see the participation of the people because I know it isn't easy to pursuit the Malaysian in joining environment campaign. Well, just look at my dad. Hmpm.. I do hope that this campaign has at created the awareness on the environmental issues among the society, not just Malaysian. It is a good start in letting people to start thinking about ways in saving the Earth as she is under critical moment now. One hour practice isn't enough in saving our gigantic home. So, let's us do something in order to help our Earth.

P/s: I will make sure my dad stop buying newspapers... =P

28 March 2009

Earth Hour - My Version

Everybody is talking about Earth Hour lately.
My mum, my dad, my course mates, my blogger friends and even my fishes!


None of the Malaysian know nothing about this Earth Hour campaign since this news have been spread like wildfire since months ago. Well, except if you've never turned on the radio or TV. Or worse, you have never read newspapers or speak to people since months ago. That's really sounds like too 'kampung'. Whatever your excuses are, I don't believe in you because it is not true.

Because you're reading my blog, which means you're an Internet user. That's mean, Internet users wouldn't miss out this Earth Hour campaign right? If you seriously-frankly-honestly didn't know about this campaign, don't worry, you can know this from me.. :)

It is still not too late to visit www.earthhour.org and study about the objective. If you find it good and wish to be a part, sign up and vote for your country and area by simply register your name, email and location. Once you have done the registration, wait for the reply from them in your email box. Then, verify and confirm your registration by clicking on the provided link in your email. After you have done that, your vote will be accepted by their system.

There are several activities which you can take part during the Earth Hour at 8.30pm-9.30pm (28th March 2009) in your own area. You can snap photos and video during the light-of-moment and blog them or share your story in your social network account. Isn't that fun!?

Seriously, I just can't wait for the hour - about 17 hours more. I want to see the result during the whole process. Of course, I don't just mean the feeling of staying in total darkness with scary mosquitoes, thirsting for my blood. Eehhww.. I hate parasites!!!

The emerging of awareness on global warming issues among the society is what I really wish to witness. I know, it is not easy to make it happen in just one hour. Anyway, I believe it is a good start and we can try doing things little by little, one by one TOGETHER. As long as there are hopes, there will be ways.

Every campaign has its own pros and cons, including this Earth Hour campaign. Some of the cons might be these:

1) Security at your area might be a little loosen up since it is dark.
2) Wastage of other resources - don't use candles or torch light.
3) Fire might happen - if you're using candles.

Conclusion: Do take good care of your safety and reduce wastage.

What about the pros?

Emm... why not discover yourself and share with us after the event? :)


I really can't wait for the dark moment. Let us witness this meaningful event together.
In order to show my support, I have drawn a poster. Yes. Me draw again! Yipppppeeee! :D

So People!!!

Let's turn of the light~

Turn of the light~
(Nelly Furtado)

Yeah! :D

26 March 2009

Free Delivery - Big Apple Donuts

APK project has once again conquered the entire campus today. It was so happening.

I believe most of you are wondering, what does APK stands for? It means Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan (Entrepreneurship). It is a compulsory course in every local university in Malaysia which means, no one can escape. The main purpose of this course is to bring out the hidden enterprising skills and talents among the students and expose them into the business world.

Well, I have passed the test and it is great to experience such a wonderful moment. Although my team mates and I had to struggle for the whole semester by planning, preparing and working on our business plan, we have no regrets. We enjoyed having each other as team mates and loved the selling moment. Guess what? We sold 400 set of sandwiches in one day.

Not bad la... The competitions were so high - 200++ stalls.
(Link to the post: Here)

That was like... a year ago.

This time, it is my juniors' turn. They have to go through every moment just like I did. Well, today was their big day (26 March). Of course, I did show my support by ordering a dozen of Big Apple Donuts (I had been voicing my excitement in Plurk and FB since a day before. Lol..) The best thing is, I get free delivery to my faculty. Isn't that great? I could skip away from the scary UV sun rays, sweat and energy.

I should really thanks to my junior, Wayne for delivering my big box of donuts. I knew him ever since we were in secondary school.

So, here is my donuts... ;D
I know, some of my friends in Plurk and FaceBook are craving for this... Sorry that I can't post them to your house, but I can post some photos of these gorgeous donuts here. Haha.. See, how nice of me.. :P

My favourite so far:
1) Chocholic
2) The Alien

3) Mango Tango

4) Chococinno

Oh my. All are chocolate!
Well, I always believe in the power of chocolate in making one happy - that's me!

Guess what?
1 dozen of Big Apple Donuts costs me RM21.
Yeah. 12 pieces of doughnut cost me RM 21, which means RM 1.75 each.

Great deal??

24 March 2009

Too Obsess With Curregg

Hey guys!
I am back again, finally...

Urrggg... Well, I just couldn't believe that I have successfully stopped myself from blogging for... 3 days? That's enough seriously. I can't ignore my blog more than the figure. Or else, those spiders, cockroaches (Oops.. I don't mean you, dead cockroach) and rats will start crawling on my blog.

Lol.. That's too much Curryegg.

My disappearance was due to my preparation for my test. Obviously, the test has just over and I am here to update my blog. Lol.. . Those struggles and hard work are paid off because I could answer those questions pretty okay. Thank God. It is good to be free again (at least for these few days..sigh..)

Ok. So back to my topic: Too Obessess With Curryegg.

Unexpectedly, I am really too obsess with my own species lately and I just don't understand, why? My mind, my behaviour and even my smell- pose how a curryegg should be. Is this some kind of... curry disorder?

Uh.. Better not. I can't imagine having a new disorder, namely curry disorder in DSM-IV. No no... no..

Anyway, there is something I wish to share with you, due to my serious obsession with curryegg. Lately, I seemed to love drawing and sketching egg on my note book. I guess it was a result of the Boring Class Creates More Cartoonists post which has motivated my production of art work. The fact is, I didn't draw them during classes (I know it is a 'crime), but draw them purposely during my free time.

Wanna peep on my work?
Haha.. XD


So, how are they?

The happy hard-boiled-egg which has been cut into half is my mascot now. It is my own design and creation. Frankly, I really love it. I guess, this big, oval-shape-body with skinny hands and legs egg looks funny to me. Haha.. That's why I like drawing it so much.

As conclusion, I think I am seriously obsess with Curryegg.
Oh my~

21 March 2009

In The Car

I'm on my way back to my dad's hometown now. What a bright sunny day. It's good to make a small trip out from the hectic city for couple of days. Although I've not finished my assignment and revision, it's still good to escape from my busy schedule for a while. Hoping to gain back my fresh and inspirating mind.

I have a great time now in the car, chit chatting with my family. It's good to update our news among us. But I kinda feel uneasy with the 'crowds' around my seats. All those stuff are for the praying ceremony.

Herm.. Will reach in another few minutes.. :)

P/s: Will visit my granny's graveyard tomorrow morning. Miss her... :(

20 March 2009

My Style Of Blogging

Good morning everybody. How are you?
Believe it or not, I feel so excited today, so energetic, so positive. Friday has never been so beautiful as far as I remember. I guess my positive feeling is due to my long resting hours. I slept like 10 hours, could you believe that?

Well, I believe my body need a good rest ever since months ago. Next two days will be my busy days as I am going back to my granny's house in order to do prayer - Cheng Beng. Unconsciously, granny has left us for about 8 months now and it will be my first time visiting her graveyard during Cheng Beng.

Better save up this story for Sunday and let's move on to my findings.

I have this sudden urge since couple of days ago to announce about my discovery on my style of blogging. Being a 2-years-old blogger, I realize that my style of blogging is influenced by my university schedule. That's mean, the environment which I am exposed to at that particular moment affect the way I blog.

Since this is a personal blog, it reflects whatever things or incident which is going on in my present life. Thus, I found out this style of writing and let me explain it using picture (one of the best way in presenting my point, right? haha..)

The months which are typed in black colour are the time where my classes begin and they are my stress moment. Assignment, test, project, presentation and chit-chat moment conquering most of my time. Eeerrr.... So, that is when self-talk, psychology and random posts 'conquering' my blog. Ok. What to do? This is the student life which I am facing now. I should enjoy it, right? :)

On the other hand, the red highlighted months are my semester break. Which mean, more fun and adventurous posts will shine my blog! Yeah! I just can't wait. Holiday is always the greatest time in a student life (although it might be boring sometimes especially when one has no plan).


  • Jan-May & July-Nov = Random + Pyscholgy+ Motivational Post
  • May-July & Nov-Dec = Event + Gathering + Travel post

P/s: Don't worry, each post which I blog here will lead you to the way in knowing me better - anything you want to know about Curryegg's life. I know you love me so much.. XD

At the same time, this post is hinting you something..
If you want to treat me and take me for a trip, do choose May-July or Nov-Dec. Hahaha.... Ok. I am just joking.. :P

Better get back into my work. Oh ya. Do help me in completing the poll which is next to my sidebar. Do allow me to know your opinion..

Thanks and Happy Friday!


17 March 2009

Boring Class Creates More Cartoonists?

Sometimes, people around me perceive that I am such a hardworking student - especially my ex-classmates from secondary school and my course mates (now). Most of them will say things like..

"Wah.. Kelly. Why you never fall asleep one?"
"You look so motivated in class all the time"

"Why you always seemed busy jotting down notes?"

"You're sooooo hardworking"

Well.. well.. well.. I should claim that they are actually not knowing me well enough. If they are willing to spend a little more time on me, digging and exploring my notes from paper to paper, I believe they will change their perception immediately.

I have rarely fallen asleep in any class throughout my whole life no matter how boring the class might be. I just don't like making my teacher, lecturer or speaker to feel unappreciated and disrespected. Thus I don't snooze nor snore.

Wait. Did you ask me how I keep myself awake during in dull-boring-class?

What's the secret?

I guess you just have to keep scrolling down your mouse and continue reading...

1) My work on my notes:

Never judge a book by its cover - remember. Lol..

So yes.
I draw to keep me awake. I did this since I was in primary school or maybe in elementary school? Well, I can't remember the exact time when I first started this activity. As far as I know, I do love to sketch. Besides, sketching and drawing can activate my cognitive system. I always believe that drawing will improve one's memory. It is like turning words into graphic which require lot of mental process.

I remembered once I heard a news in the TV not long ago, stating that teachers should not stop their students from sketching while the teaching process is taking place. The finding has shown that this sketching or drawing activity will actually improve the student's cognitive system (see! see!) which is good.

Further studies should be conducted by me in order to prove it right. Yeah. I want further proof both qualitatively and quantitatively... =P

So anyone of you here do or did this so called 'illegal activity' in class? Any juicy story or finding from you? Haha... I believe I can get quite a number of you here because I do meet with classmates and course mates who are in the same shoes as mine. We sketch during classes (especially boring one!) and this is one of the example:

2) My friend's work:

P/s: Shhhh.... To my dear course mates who read this. I believe you know who this person is. Don't report it or I will die of being tortured by S-Huan.

Of course, her sketches are way better than mine. I just simply love her drawing so so much. So cute, so real. I have a strong feeling that she can be a cartoonist if she develops herself in this field.

Boring class creates more cartoonist?
What do you think?

16 March 2009

Malaysia Won Badminton Swiss Open!


Those were the echoes which I could hear from my room while I was trying to concentrate in my work. Obviously, they were originated from a nearby mamak stall -my dad's favorite after-dinner-spot.

At first, I thought those screaming were for the football match. Well, I didn't care for the football now since Manchester United had lost (4-1). Unexpectedly, it was for the Badminton Swiss Open 2009.


How could my dad never mention anything about the badminton match? I have missed the great games between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei won!!!!

Ahh... man!

I've missed it.... >.<

Photo Link: Chong Wei & Lin Dan

Anyway, I managed to watch the badminton double match between Malaysia and Denmark. And we won!

Oohh gaga malimali omom chacha kalikali chiak!

Oh my. I am so excited right now.
It is a double happiness for Malaysia, us, me!

Seeing how motivated they were in the match, I should motivate myself as well. Yeah! Go go Curryegg. Another 6 assignments to go!

Allow me to shout these phrases out:

"Malaysia Boleh!!!!"
"Curryegg Boleh!!!!!!!!!!"

Much better... =P

14 March 2009

A Big Wow To Law Conference 2009

Law... sounds so strange to me..

As I am not a kind of girl who is aware of the act and law. Well, I mean I know the existence of laws and acts in Malaysia but I just don't bother much about the contents. I just feel like it is boring, so formal.. That's why I didn't take Sejarah (history) subject after my SPM. Not even interested to become a lawyer although my mum did suggest me.

Anyway, after attending the Law Conference 2009 which was held in Law Faculty 2009, University Malaya this morning, the idea of ignoring law and act dismissed. I have realized that I should really take serious precaution if I still want to be Curryegg in the blogosphere for another few more decades. Or else, I might just be a broken egg - any minute from now.

P/s: Curryegg is my identity in the blogosphere. Thus, I am trying to protect it by following the law. Will that help? Emm...

As what I can see, the awareness among the Malaysian bloggers about the do's and dont's in blogosphere is still very low (included me as well). This is the reason why this conference is organized in order to build the awareness among the Malaysian bloggers and I shall really thank to the organizers and sponsors for making this event possible.

Right now, I should really aware of my writing, photo grabbing, linking page and video sharing. There are so many acts out there and I should really further my studies in law. I guess, it is time to make a new course for blogging. It is a part of the media and communication, isn't it?


Thus, NO MORE:

Photo grabbing - accept if you give credits to the owner
Copying others content - accept if you the link the author back
Video stealing - stealing is bad. Again, give credit to the owner
Using others trademark - or you might be sue


Keep your copyright - as you don't want others steal your work.
Moderate your comment - you're responsible for every comments


All of the sudden, I feel the pressure in blogging. The limit of speech..
So scarrrrryyyy.... >.< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 153, 0);" size="4">

Oh my God!

He looks smart.
Haha... Serious. Luckily Suresh managed to recognize him, or else I might miss the opportunity in grabbing a few pictures with him. So Kruel, it is time to change your profile picture. Haha.. XD

Besides Kruel, I was blessed to be able to meet Diese (the lovely friend), Joshuat, Suresh, Flyguy (finally met the flying guy. Lol..) and Soon Seng.

I had a great time with them.
Thanks guys. You guys are so nice. Can't wait for another meeting.

Photo link from here.
P/s: I am practicing here. Lolx..

12 March 2009

Stress Egg

==I am under stress right now==

All of the sudden, I realize my breathing becomes inconsistent while my muscles are contracting.
I guess I am nervous with the preparation for the conference - TOMORROW.

The happy news is, I can attend the conference (fees: RM150) with no charge at all and even get free meals. The bad news is, I may have to be the MC of the selected room. Dang.

I never expected to be one as I have no experience at all. Wait. I did become a MC (Master of Ceremony) for my primary school and secondary school. Well, that was like ages agooooooooo...
And this is the international conference which means, there will be presenters and participants from foreign countries.

Ok, girl. Take a deep breath...

Breath in..

Breath out..

Breath in..

Breath out...

"Yes. I can do this. Just be whoever I am and no one is going to eat me if I did any mistake. They can't hurt me neither because I am protected by right. By the way, no one is going to remember you if you speak his/hers name wrongly. Right. Good!"

I feel much better. By the way, I was given a tips from a friend of mine: Think of the penguins? Great. Perhaps, I should think of my curryegg. Better... =P

While I was stress awhile ago, I started to think of this picture which I did last year.

I have the spooky feeling.... uuuuhhhhh~~~~

What a funny one... Great! I can laugh finally.. Lolx..

The clock has struck 12am and it is time for curry bed.
Night night everyone. Wish me luck.. ;)


Oops. Now I realize that I had made a huge mistake. It is chair person not MC.
Thank God. I was doing good and everything was fine. Thanks for the blessing.

11 March 2009

Grab RM1100 From SurfLoft?!!

What's this about?

I questioned myself when I first saw this website link in my email box, few days ago. Well, in order to satisfy my curiosity (I have this all the time), I clicked the link and started exploring myself about SurfLoft.Com. It didn't take me too long to learn about this website because anyone can immediately get the message about this website from first glance.

SurfLoft.com is simply about technology, gadgets, products and the internet. Seriously, I think the content is useful especially for people like me who is trying to keep up with the trend. Ok la. I confess I am not an updated person and I know little about the IT world. Anyway, that doesn't mean that I can't learn right?

As a blogger, I have the urge to learn anything which can help me to connect with the internet world better. Yes. Anything!

1) If I can get a better internet connection, I may stop subscribing to Streamyx.

(I am thinking of P1 Wimax lately. I shall start surveying the price)

(Photo link)

2) If I know early that Lumix is better than CyberShot, I may go for Lumix.
(Confession: I am still a fans of Cyber-Shot. What to do? Red is too gorgeous!)

3) If I know I can win a prize for N96, I may not buy my current Axus laptop.
(My N-eggie works pretty well so far. Thank Nokia!)

Let's stop bugging myself with all sort of 'if' questions....

If someone can tell me early, I may....
Ok. Stop that curryegg!
This is not healthy.

Discovering SuftLoft.com has opened a new direction for me in learning more about the electronic world. Other than just a website, there is a corner for discussion (forum) in which members can discuss any topic and at the same time making new friends. I guess it is a good place for me to seek opinion and suggestion about gadgets from the expert. Right?

Before signing up as a member, I was attracted with their contest: Win RM1100???

Gosh! Why am I so-so-so late?

Today is the deadline and I don't think I manage to grab anything. Well, it is ok then. I believe there is always 'next time'? Haha..

What are you waiting for?
Visit here and explore yourself. You will find the truth.

P/s: Am I potential enough to be a geek in future? Now, it's your turn to tell the truth... If you are one, tell me. I shall learn from you.. :)

10 March 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Love It!

I am glad to spend my entire 2 hours for this wonderful movie, today with my family.

It is just too beautiful. No wonder this film won 8 Oscars, another 71 wins and 26 nominations (link). It has really touched my heart. Serious. I couldn't stop my tears escaping from my eyes. Eeerr....

I love the part when Little Jamal dives into the toilet hole to chase his idol's signature. Lol... It is really hilarious.

Well, I am not going to make any review for this because you just have to watch it. Reading the summary or synopsis wouldn't help you in understanding the life of the people who live in slums.

So, go. Watch it if you haven't!
Trust me!